WWE Confidential Recap (3/27/04) - Hell in a Cell, Smackdown!, more

This week's edition of Confidential is a big-fat repeat. It was originally aired in
June 2003 as there were tons of hype for RAW's first "brand only" Pay-Per-View "Bad
Blood". Mean Gene welcomes us and tells the lineup for tonight - A history of The
Hell In A Cell, Smackdown's Finest Moments, and Stacy Kiebler is ( Was ) featured on
the cover of Stuff Magazine. But first...

Our Cover Story
A History of the most brutal match in WWE history, Hell In A Cell. The cage made
it's debut at WWF In Your House: Badd Blood on October 5, 1997...live from St. Louis
( cheap pop ). The first bout in the cell was Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker. HBK
took the first fall off of the top and through the announce tables. Triple H says
that preperation for the Cell is mental and Nash tells us that you can't prepare for
this type of match. Jerry "The King" Lawler says that Triple H has the advantage in
his match with Nash because he has done it before. Mick Foley says that he had some
of his most brutal matches inside ( and outside ) of the Hell In A Cell. HBK says
it's impossible to describe unless you're in one yourself. Foley says that something
special has to happen in each and every Hell In A Cell. Triple H says you don't win
Hell In A Cell, you survive it.

Up Next: Trish and Christian Visit England
Stone Cold Truth DVD Promo

Trish and Christian recently visited some spots in England. We start off with
Christian. He basically wanders around a field talking to sheep for a while, then
signs a few autographs, to people not sheep. Now we see Trish, who is dressed up
like Robin Hood. She takes a tour of Nottingham Castle. She also goes through some
of the hidden tunnels and secret passages.

Up Next: Outside The Ropes with Theodore R. Long
WWE Rewind: RAW - Teddy Long goes to Smackdown

Outside The Ropes with Theodore R. Long ( The R stands for Racist )
Host: Jonathan Coachman
1.) We all know that you manage Jazz, but, do you like Jazz music? Yes
2.) Is there a good white Jazz player? No
3.) What flavor does Hatorade come in? White, Vanilla
4.) Is Hatorade a good source of Vitamans? No, well, it's a good source of Vitamin W
5.) Who Is The Man? ( Long doesn't say directly, but refers to Stone Cold )
6.) Who do consider a good white leader? Myself
7.) Would ever consider running for Political Office and what would be your sloagan?
Well, I never really thought about it but my sloagan would be "Equal Opportunity"
for all because some white people are alright.
8.) How would one go about "Thuggin' and Buggin' "? Just Kick Ass
9.) Would Rodney Mack ever consider endorsing McDonalds and the Big Mac? Rodney Mack
would rather buy a chain of McDonalds.

Up Next: Smackdown's Finest Moment
Backlash Promo
RAW Calendar

We now see a video montage of Smackdown's Finest Moments:
Big Show throws Foley off of the Stage
Big Show throws The Rock through a glass window
The DX Express blows up
Arnold Schwarzenneger beats up Triple H
Rhyno spears Jericho through the titantron
Rey Mysterio jumps off of a steal cage
Vince McMahon kisses Rikishi's behind
Booker T vomits on Michael Cole
Edge makes Kurt Angle look stupid
Eddie Guerrero gets jealous and raids the Playboy Mansion
Kurt Angle kisses Stephanie McMahon
Billy marries Chuck
Gravy Bowl Match
Steve Austin and Kurt Angle sing folk tales to Vinnie Mac
The Rock cuts promos
Kurt Angle removes the olympic gold from Benoit's tight's and kisses them

Up Next: Sting vs. Ric Flair

Bill Demott says his favorite match was from the last Nitro, Sting vs. Ric Flair.
This was a very nice match, action going back and forth. Sting gets the win with the
Scorpian Deathlock. Then he helps Flair up and they hug and shake hands. They both
knew that was probably the last time they would ever wrestle each other. ***Give me
a moment, I can't type with my eyes all watery***

Up Next: Stacy Keibler Photo Shoot

Stacy Keibler was on the cover of Stuff Magazine. She said it was very fun to do and
she couldn't wait to wake up and take more pictures.

This was a great show and seeing that match from the last Nitro, along with making
me cry, makes me want to see WWE 24/7 and soon. We'll be back next week with a new
show, send your feedback to wrestlingprof@yahoo.com!