RAW Reminder, Austin

RAW will re-air again tonight for those of you who missed it Monday or those who would like to see the draft lottery and the big RAW/SmackDown brawl again.

Longtime WWE developmental talent Nick Dinsmore began working under the ring name Eugene at the RAW house shows this weekend. The idea of the character is an easy going guy that just loves professional wrestling. He has been booked to film vignettes to introduce his character on TV soon.

Thank to reader Badseed for sending this in:

I just returned from the Stone Cold signing in Secaucus, NJ. I arrived at about 1:45pm and was number 195. I stood in line for about 15 minutes as the line really moved quickly. We got to the front of the line pretty quick. Austin was surrounded by like 6 security guards which was amusing as Austin could have kicked the shiznit out of all six of them at once. Austin seemed annoyed at first, but really wasn't at all. He was really a class act. My 5 year old nephew walked up to him and Austin shook his hand and asked him how he was. We handed him the picture and my nephew told him he was the best and a genuine smile came across Austin's face as he said "Why Thank You Big Guy". All in all Austin came across as a down to earth guy who is really nice to his especially kids.

Two more trades left to RAW? NWO-X? Discuss now!

[ Source: Pro Wrestling Insider ]