WWE House Show Results (3/28/04) - St. Louis, Missouri

Report by: Chris Grant, rajah.com Confidential Reporter

Hey, I just returned from the RAW brand house show here at the Savvis Center in St.
Louis. Here is what went down.

Coach came out and said he was the host for the show.

Matt Hardy vs. Tajiri
Match went back and forth, Tajiri got in alot of submissions. Tajiri got the victory
with a roll-up.

Chuck Polumbo vs. Rob Conway
Slow match, Conway got alot of heat and played to the crowd. Conway also had the
upper-hand most of the match. Polumbo ended up getting the win though.

Garrison Cade vs. Eugene
First off, Eugene is crazy, literally. He came out to some Doink the Clown type
music and kept leaving the ring. He was very Three Stoges-esque. At one point, Cade
and Eugene were running the ropes and Eugene slid out of the ring, Cade continued
running the ropes about five more times before realizing what he was doing. Garrison
Cade got the victory.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Horseshoe
Very long and boring match. There is a difference between a technical match and a
boring match and this was definetly boring. The fans wouldn't get into Horseshoe and
Benjamin got the victory.

Rhyno came out and said he wanted to kick some ass...ECW style. He then told Kane to
get his big, ugly ass out to the ring so he could kick it. Kane came out and
annialated Rhyno. Kane got the victory after a chokeslam.

Coach got in the ring and welcomed Chris Benoit. Benoit came out and was cut off by
Coach. Benoit then put Coach in the Crippler Crossface.

We then got a 15 minute intermission so Coach can gather his thoughts.

Jazz vs. Molly Holly vs. Nidia vs Victoria for the Women's Title
First Jazz got eliminated by Nidia, then Victoria eliminated Molly, after Molly's
wig was removed. Next, Victoria eliminated Nidia to retain the title. Then Nidia and
Victoria shook hands and hugged.

Rosey and The Hurricane vs. Batista and Ric Flair for the World Tag Team Titles
Flair got on the mic and dissed the Rams and the Blues and then proceeded to get
whupped by the Hurricane. Rosey then got tagged in and fought Batista. The end saw
Flair and Hurricane fighting outside and Batista finished off Rosey with a

Chris Jericho vs. Christian
Chris Jericho got a record in this match for the most times he almost got someone in
the Walls of Jericho. He almost got it on Christian, then Trish came in. Jericho
went after her and Christian rolled up Jericho to get the victory.

Triple H vs. Chris Benoit for the World's Heavyweight Title
Triple H wouldn't get in the ring and after about five minutes Earl Hebner called
for the bell. He then began the count and Trips ran in. Great back and forth action.
Chris Benoit got Triple H in the sharpshooter and Batista ran down, he distracted
Hebner and threw the belt to Triple H. Benoit ducked under the belt and hit Triple
H, he then took the belt and hit Batista in the face. Finally he turned and hit the
Crippler Crossface for the win.

Report by: Dan Felton, rajah.com reader

I just wanted to let you all know the results of the house shows in St. Louis on
3/28/04. First off there was a very good crowd...all in all I would say there were
about 8-10 thousand people in Saavis Center. Here's how the evening stacked up...
The coach was our host and received tremendous heat all night

Match 1-
Matt Hardy version 1 vs. Tajiri
Tajiri won the match with a roll up pretty basic (no tarantula, kick of death or
twist of fate) but
v-1 was over huge in St. Louis...very popular and fun opener. Hardy cut a little
face promo before the match

Match 2-
Rob Conway vs. Chuck Palumbo
Conway was very vocal with the crowd and recieved decent heat. Really standard
match with lots of rest holds. Palumbo wins with a super kick into a samoan drop
variation. Not too much excitement here.

Match 3-
Garrison Cade vs. Eugene (Nick Dinsmore)
This was a very strange match...first off Eugene kept trying to come down to the
ring throughout the first two matches....we thought he was just a crazy fan until he
came down for this match...he entered to music similar to doink's. This match
lasted close to fifteen minutes and I think there were maybe 10 wrestling moves the
whole time...Eugene kept basically mocking Cade and at one point he jumped into the
crowd and began taking pictures with the fans on a camera phone...It was
entertaining but definately not technical so I have no idea what this guy can really
do...It will be a hard character to get over I think. Cade finally wins the match
don't remember how.

Match 4-
Shelton Benjamin vs. Horseshoe
Benjamin got a really good face pop. Horseshoe looks like a 35 year old Lesnar
wannabe (crew cut and all). Horseshoe got most of the offense in but it was nothing
to impressive...Benjamin wins with a vicious super kick and a stinger splash type
move complete with the yell and all.

At this point Coach points out that the former smackdown wrestlers are 3-0 so what
we need to change that is a monster....Cue

Match 5-
Rhyno vs. Kane
Rhyno cuts a small promo with a mention to ECW. Really good match with lots of
crowd response. Kane wins with a chokeslam...

Coach then calls out Benoit for an interview that ends with coach in the crossface
After intermission coach is wearing an arm sling to sell the crossface

Match 6- Fatal four way elimination for women's title
Molly vs. Victoria vs. Jazz vs. Nidia
Very short match which sees elimination go Jazz, Molly (headgear was removed and she
looks pretty okay bald), then Nidia. Victoria and Nidia hug at the end of the

Match 7-
Flair and Batista vs. Hurricane and Rosey
This was a really fun match....Flair had to cut a heel promo in order to get the
crowd to stop cheering him...he dogged on the Blues and the Rams for cheap heat.
Crowd was really into this match. Batista hardly wrestled at all. Rosey was really
popular. End comes with a spinebuster on Rosey. Flair and Batista retain.
Scariest part of the match was when Hurricane pulled on Flair's tights and his
entire butt was exposed for a solid two minutes...he even went up to the top rope
with his butt hanging out. Needless to say alot of people have pictures of Flair's
butt now.

Match 8-
Chris Jericho vs. Christian w/Trish stratus
The crowd was insanely behind Jericho. This match was fantastic with so many near
falls and submission holds. I think this may have been better than their
wrestlemania encounter. Jericho nearly got ahold of trish but christian pulled her
out of the ring. Christian wins after interference by Trish. Again great match
nearly worth ticket price alone.

Match 9-
Chris Benoit vs. Triple H for the title
Decent match but a lot of stalling by Triple H. Nice close calls and end comes when
Batista comes down and tries to give the title to triple H but Benoit gets it, hits
batista and the puts Triple H in the crossface to which trips taps out. Lots of you
tapped out chants crowd behind benoit although Triple H had a fair amount of support

Well those are the results, sorry for being so long winded but it was a really good

Top pops-
Matt Hardy
Triple H (mixed reaction)

Top Heat-
Rob Conway
Flair (when he dissed the rams and blues)