WWE House Show Results (2/6/04) - Osaka, Japan

Osaka, Japan February 6, 2004
Report by: USJ Bob, rajahwwf.com reader

A packed house greeted the RAW superstars on a chilly
Friday night at Osaka-Jo Hall. Seats behind where the
wrestlers enter weren't sold (as usual at the Hall).

Lights out at 7:02pm. A loud roar went up as Howard
Finkle made his way to the ring. He introduces Stacy
Keibler (the flash bulbs went nuts as she bent over
and entered). She welcomes everyone and thanks us for
being here. Here comes our first match.

1. Matt Hardy and Molly Holly vs Rico (with Miss
Jackie) and Lita

Matt and Rico start off. Matt shouts stuff at Rico,
but Rico just blows him kisses. Matt sends Rico into
the ropes but Rico reverses. Toe drag brings Matt to
the mat. Rico mounts him and slaps his ass. Tag to
Molly. Tag to Lita. Good back and forth action between
the two. Rico and Matt back in and Matt gets the
Rico makes it to Lita and Matt tags Molly. Molly
takes over for a while, but when Lita makes a come
back, Matt
jumps in and goes for the Twist of Fate. Rico takes
out Matt and Lita pins Molly for the victory. Winners:
Rico and Lita.

2. The Hurricane vs Kane

Good cheer for Hurricane. Pyros catch all by suprise
and Kane makes his way to the ring. Hurricane overs
his hand to Kane. Mistake. Kane dominates Hurricane
for most of the match. When Hurricane gets a little
offense going, he goes for the choke slam but no
cigar. Kane choke slams Hurricane and covers for the
1, 2, 3 in the shortest match of the night. Winner:

3. The Dudley Boys vs Ric Flair and Batista for the
Tag Team titles.

"We want tables!" chants by the japanese crowd. Lot's
of "Woooo!"s too. D-Von and Flair start us off. D-Von
gets the better of Flair until Flair pokes D-Von's
eyes. For some reason that got a big cheer from the
crowd (nice to see it live, I guess). Bubba tags in
with Batista. Batista overpowers Bubba for a while and
tags Flair. Flair goes to work on Bubba's left leg. A
few tags between the champs and continued work on
Bubba's leg. Bubba gets a little offense on Flair and
pulls Flair's trunks down (good crowd reaction!).
D-Von finally gets in and clears house. Wazzup to
Flair. "Get the tables!" but the champs ambush before
that can happen and get the eventual 1-2-3. Winners
and still tag champs: Ric Flair and Batista.

4. Chris Jericho vs Randy Orton for the
Intercontinental title

Loud roar as Y2J's music hits. Boo's as Orton makes
his entrance. Very good action in this match. Too much
to remember. Orton gets Y2J outside and works his left
arm on the ring post and apron. Back in Orton hits the
RKO. Kick out. Jericho finally gets going and hits the
Lionsault. 1-2-kick out. Walls of Jericho. Orton makes
it to the ropes. Orton gets a small opening, hits the
RKO again and 1-2-3. Winner: Randy Orton

Finkle in the ring to make an announcement, but gets
interupted by Eric Bischoff. Bischoff gets to the ring
and asks Howard what he's doing. Eric says to
introduce him. Howard starts but Bischoff says to do
it like he means it, with feeling. He does. Bischoff
starts to thank the crowd for coming but, the glass
breaks and Stone Cold Steve Austin comes down. Hits
all the corners posing then lays into Bischoff.
"What?" at every pause and loud "***hole" chants to
Bischoff. Eric says he doesn't want to fight tonight,
just woprk together and drink a beer. Austin gets
beers (Asahi Super Dry tonight) and gives one to Eric.
Eric forgets to toast and just drinks. Stunner to
Bischoff. Beers for Austin and hits the corners again.
Austin says he needs some ladies to drink with him and
Stacy Keibler and Miss Jackie come on down. Out of
nowhere, Orton hits the ring, pounds Austin, suplex
and RKO. Orton gets beers and drinks. Austin comes to
and stunner to Orton. More beers for Austin until Matt
Hardy comes in and pounds down Austin. Matt gets
beers, drinks over Austin and gets 2 more and pours
them on Austin. Dudley Boys hit the ring and 3-D to
Hardy when he turned around. Beers for everyone until
the Hurricane hits the ring. He wants some to. Beers
to Hurricane. Lot's of posing, drinking and


5. Test and Christian vs Rob Van Dam and Shawn

Lot's of heat for Test. He played the crowd really
well. CLB chants to Christian. Best crowd reaction of
the night for all wrestlers here. Great match with too
much detail to write. Michaels pins Test for the win
and Test gets a five-star frog splash to boot.
RVD and Shawn Michaels

6. Chris Benoit vs Triple H for the heavyweight title.
Pretty slow paced match for the most part. The
highlight being Benoit giving not 3 consecutive german
suplexes, but 5! Triple H gets the win with the
pedigree. Winner and still champ: Triple H

Benoit addresses the crowd. Says thanks to everyone
for their support. If it wasn't for them, Wild Pegasus
and Chris Benoit wouldn't be where he is today. He's
sorry he let everyone down tonight, be he promises he
will walk out the world heavyweight champion at
Wrestlemania XX. Show end: 10:24pm Japan time

Biggest pops:
1) Shawn Michaels
2) Stone Cold Steve Austin
3) Chris Jericho

Biggest heat:
1) Test (especially during the match)
2) Eric Bischoff
3) Randy Orton

All in all an interesting night. Most interesting were
the pops and heat. A little different than back in the
states. Photos (up until intermission - batteries
died) can be seen at one of my webshots pages