The Rundown DVD Selling Good, Wrestlers Upset With Draft Lottery

- The Rock's last movie, "The Rundown", has sold more than 1.5 million DVD/VHS copies in it's first 24 hours of release, putting it on track to be the biggest selling action movie of the year.

- Most of the wrestlers backstage were upset with how WWE handled the lottery draft. RAW wrestlers were not told about the decision to hold the draft until they arrived at the show on March 15th. Smackdown wrestlers were not aware of the draft until Vince McMahon made the announcement on TV. None of the wrestlers was told their status and where they would end up until they got to RAW on March 22nd.

The Smackdown wrestlers were especially upset due to their tough travel schedule. Following WrestleMania XX, they worked a house show the next night, followed by the Smackdown taping on Tuesday, and then left for an overseas tour. After getting back from the tour they were rushed back to be at RAW on Monday and then had to work the Smackdown taping on Tuesday.

WWE told workers that they kept everything low keyed so that none of the moves would be leaked to the internet. Most feel that WWE should have handled the situation much better when playing with the lives and schedules of their wrestlers.

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Credit:, Newsletter