WWE RAW Report (3/29/04) - Cincinnati, Ohio

WWE RAW report for 03/29/04

Welcome to the new RAW.

Hello again everyone. My name is Jason (Jason_of_RajahWWF on Yahoo Messenger) and this is YOUR Rajah.com RAW report. Strap in, my babies. Here we go . . .

We begin with a video recap of last week's landmark draft lottery and the trades that followed.

The music plays, the pyro blazes and we are LIVE from the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio. Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler will have the call as TONIGHT Chris Benoit and Shawn Michaels will team up to take on World Tag Team Champions Ric Flair & Batista and Chris Jericho will welcome Trish Stratus to the Highlight Reel. But first...

Randy Orton, Ric Flair & Batista Interview
-Let Flair make something perfectly clear, he and Batista are thrilled at the opportunity to defend the tag titles against Chris Benoit and Shawn Michaels. Evolution is also thrilled that Triple H is back in the RAW locker room. Flair will be the first to tell you that he was disappointed in the actions of the RAW locker room when Triple H was drafted to Smackdown, but he'll let Hunter deal with them when he gets here. Now, Flair is tired of the lack of respect for Randy Orton. Randy beat the Hardcore Legend Mick Foley at WrestleMania XX, and Flair is demanding Orton be respected for that. In fact, Flair wants more respect for all of Evolution starting right now. As bad as Orton's throat is, he's going to talk to you fans right now. Randy takes the mic and thanks Flair. Everyone will have to bear with Orton; he's just had his tonsils out. But the fact that Orton's in the ring right now proves he has guts, unlike Mick Foley. It proves what Randy's said all along, Mick Foley is a coward. SKKRREEEEEEKRASH! It's the coward in question, Mick Foley. Did Mick just hear Orton correctly? Orton's feeling disrespected and unloved? As far as Foley's concerned, Randy proved himself at WrestleMania XX. He proved that, in a three-on-two situation, he can beat a Hollywood actor and a guy who writes children's books. (That makes Rock look great, doesn't it? -J). Foley challenges Orton for a one-on-one match at Backlash, with Evolution banned from ringside. No problem, says Flair. Well then, how about we put Orton's Intercontinental Championship on the line too. No problem, says Flair. There's one other thing Foley wants banned, the rulebook. You can call it a Street Fight, or you can call it Hardcore, but rest assured, Randy gets hurt. Flair says Evolution accepts any of Foley's terms, but Foley wants to hear it from Orton's mouth. Yes or no, Randy? Yes. What'd Orton say? Yes! Then in three weeks, show up at Backlash three times tougher than you ever thought you'd be, or Foley will rip your ass up. Have a nice day.

In the back, La Resistance and Garrison Cade egg new arrival Tajiri on to give the green mist to the next guy who walks through the locker room door, no matter who it is. Jonathan Coachman walks in and, sure enough, he gets the mist. Coach runs out squealing, and the RAW vets tell Tajiri he's in trouble, Coachman is Eric Bischoff's boy.


WWE Rewind: Last week on RAW, Eric Bischoff selected Nidia in the draft lottery.

Nidia Vs. Molly Holly
-Molly's wig is pretty Nidiaesque this week. This is only the second time these two have met in a WWE ring, to my knowledge. Molly controls things with wrestling at the start before ramming Nidia's head into the post. Nidia tumbles to the outside. Molly fetches her back into the ring and chicken wings her arm around the middle rope. Molly key locks the arm on the mat, but Nidia fight her way up with forearms. Molly resumes control with a kick to the belly. Nidia with a roll up for two from referee Jack Doen before scoring some clotheslines. Slingshot into the buckle by Nidia, followed by a Northern Lights suplex. 1-2-Molly kicks out. Molly drives Nidia's arm into the buckle, but Nidia snatches the wig off Molly's head. Nidia tosses the wig to the referee and then rolls Molly up when she chases after it for the upset 1-2-3 at 2:53.
-HERE is YOUR Winner: Nidia

Ross and Lawler intro video highlights from last week of Edge being drafted to RAW, making his return, and spearing Eric Bischoff.

In the general manager's office, Eric Bischoff rants and raves to Johnny Spade about the Edge clip being played. It's time people remembered who's in control around here, starting with Edge. At Backlash, Edge's first match back will be against . . . Kane.


The Hurricane starts to come out for action, but Triple H appears on the stage and lays waste to him. Hunter heads for the ring for a . . .

Triple H Interview
-That was a message to the RAW locker room; Hunter saw how everyone laughed at him when he was drafted to Smackdown. But Eric Bischoff would have traded any RAW Superstar to get Triple H back; in fact he traded three of them. That's because Eric Bischoff is a smart businessman, and he knows to have the best show, you have to have the best guy. Bischoff does business the way it should be done, not like some general managers, like Kurt Angle, who do business with their egos. Angle didn't want Hunter on Smackdown, he's still mad that Triple H smacked him around a few years ago. Now, Bischoff is going to come on out here and change the Backlash World Heavyweight Championship Match from Chris Benoit versus Shawn Michaels to Chris Benoit versus Triple H. I'M BACK, here comes the RAW GM. Bischoff would have traded the whole RAW roster to get Triple H back. Eric can't go back on his verbal agreement with Shawn Michaels, because that would be "against the law." But, what Bischoff can do, is make the match a rematch of the WrestleMania XX main event. At Backlash, it'll be Chris Benoit versus Shawn Michaels versus Triple H in a Triple Threat Match for the World Heavyweight Championship.


In the back, Triple H celebrates his title opportunity with Evolution, when they spy Shelton Benjamin walking by. Batista gets in Shelton's face about laughing at Triple H last week, and Hunter beats Benjamin down from behind.

Lance Storm Interview
-Lance orders his awful hip-hop theme turned off. He's tried to please the people with that song and that awful dance he's been doing, and it's gotten him nowhere. Everywhere he goes, all people want to see is that hideous dance. Lance had a chance to start over last week, but he wasn't drafted to Smackdown. Speaking of Smackdown, here comes Rhyno and we're into . . .

Lance Storm Vs. Rhyno
-Rhyno steamrolls through a Storm dropkick at the start and wastes no time nailing the Gore for the 1-2-3 at :36. My God, when will the suppression of Lance Storm end?
-HERE is YOUR Winner: Rhyno

In the back, Tajiri practices his apology all the way down the hall to the general manager's office. He gets there and finds Jonathan Coachman telling Eric Bischoff not only about the green mist, but that Tajiri thinks Eric's incompetent as well. Want an initiation, Tajiri? How about a No Disqualification Match tonight against Kane? Bischoff leaves and The Coach laughs in Tajiri's face.


A video from last Tuesday shows WWE receiving the U.S.O.'s Legacy of Hope Award. The award is named for the late, great Bob Hope, without whom there would be no U.S.O.

Chris Benoit & Shawn Michaels Vs. Ric Flair & Batista for the World Tag Team Championship
-There's no referee in the ring. Lillian Garcia announces that spot will be filled by Eric Bischoff's apprentice, Johnny Spade. Spade dashes to the ring and informs Lillian that he now wants to be known as Johnny Nitro. The bells sounds and all four men brawl in the ring with referee Nitro doing not a thing about it. It settles into Benoit and Flair in the ring and Chris hooks in the Crippler Crossface, but Batista pulls Flair out. Tags on both ends. Michaels grounds Batista and works the leg. Batista powers Michaels down with a clothesline and makes the tag. Flair with a shoulder block, but Shawn works a drop toehold and cinches in a figure four on the hold's master. Referee Nitro lazily checks in, and Flair makes it to the ropes. Michaels suplexes Flair in from the apron and tags Benoit. Benoit with chops and punches in the corner, but Flair comes back with a few right hands of his own. Tag to Batista. Benoit with a throat thrust that sends Batista down. Tag to Michaels. Chops by Shawn in the corner, where he mounts Batista for punches. Snapmare by Michaels, tag to Benoit. Dropkick to Batista's knee as Michaels holds him on the mat. Benoit controls Batista in the face corner and tags Shawn. Batista manages a spinebuster and tags Flair. Ric drops the knee on HBK's bean and whips him hard into the corner. Butterfly suplex by Flair. 1-2-kickout by Shawn. Key lock on the mat by Flair, followed by a big chop. Tag to Batista. Powerslam to Michaels. 1-2-Shawn kicks out. Tag to Flair, and referee Nitro actually chases Batista out. Flair and Shawn chop it out, then collide head-to-head on a whip. Flair staggers to the top, but Michaels slams him back to the mat. Both men are down. Nitro gets to three before Flair rises, but he misses the elbow and Michaels makes the tag. Benoit chops the heck out of Flair and clotheslines Batista off the apron. German to Flair, and another, and another. Flair's chest is bleeding from all the chops. Sharpshooter to Flair. Batista comes in to break it up and all four men end up in there. Nitro tries to restore order, but Michaels backs him into a corner . . .


. .We return to action with Flair in control of Benoit in the corner. Chris comes back with an inziguri as Flair is busy Woooing and both men are down. Two tags. Michaels and Batista slug it out before Shawn cleans house on both opponents. The faces clothesline Batista out and Shawn slams Flair. Benoit off the top with the headbutt. Michaels tunes up the band and WHAM, Sweet Chin Music. Michaels with the cover, Nitro makes the count. 1-2 . . .3! HBK and The Wolverine have won the match and the titles at 14:35. But wait. Referee Nitro tells Lillian Garcia that Flair was not the legal man, so the match must continue. The match restarts and Flair rolls Michaels up. Nitro tries to fast count, but Shawn kicks out at two. HBK takes exception to the double standard and nails Nitro. The faces unload on Evolution, but Nitro comes around and calls for the bell.
-HERE are YOUR Winners as the result of a Disqualification and STILL World Tag Team Champions: Ric Flair & Batista

Evolution hits the ramp as Michaels shoots Nitro into the ring for a Crippler Crossface.

In the general manager's office, Shelton Benjamin demands action from Eric Bischoff for what Triple H did, but nothing doing. Sheriff Austin shows up and encourages Shelton to challenge Triple H to a match for tonight. He does, and Bischoff grants it.


WWE Slam of the Week: At WrestleMania XX, Trish Stratus turns on Chris Jericho and shoves her tongue down Christian's throat.

Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel
-Jericho, looking pretty pissed already, congratulates Christian and Trish Stratus. They really got him; they humiliated him on the biggest stage in the world. Jericho's going to gets his revenge on Trish and Christian, but not tonight because Eric Bischoff will fine and suspend Chris if he touches Trish. Jericho intros Trish and Stratus comes on down. Trish takes the stick to resounding boos and taunts Jericho. Chris wants an explanation? Here's one, Jericho was never there for her. Last month, Trish was getting killed in a match with Christian, and where was Jericho? Limping around on his bum leg. A real man would have sacrificed his body for Trish's. You know who was there for Stratus though? Christian. He and Trish planned to humiliate Jericho on the grandest stage of all. Crowd hits Trish with the Slut chant, but she doesn't care. On WrestleMania night, Trish and Christian planned all night long, and that's not all they did all night long. How's that for an explanation. Wow, Jericho's impressed. Trish is a former women's champion, a three-time Babe of the Year and, judging by her speech tonight, a huge slut. Jericho makes a long series of oral sex jokes, Trish is appalled. Jericho is not in Trish's league? He's Chris Jericho; he's a sexy beast. Christian and Trish are made for each other. He's a Creepy Little Bastard, and she's a Filthy, Dirty, Disgusting, Brutal, Bottom-Feeding, Trash Bag Ho.

In the back, Tajiri nervously heads toward the ring.


In the back, Trish Stratus goes nuts about what just happened in Christian's arms. Christian has just come from Eric Bishoff's office, and Backlash is going to be the worst night of Chris Jericho's life.

Tajiri Vs. Kane in a No Disqualification Match
-Tajiri tries to get something doing with kicks at the start, but Kane clotheslines him down. The handspring back elbow bounces off of Kane, and Tajiri is slammed to the mat. Kane goes to the top, but Tajiri dodges the clothesline. Tajiri catches Kane coming in with a stiff kick and looks for the Tarantula, but Kane just throws him to the outside. Kane knocks Tajiri all around the outside as senior referee Earl Hebner counts. Tajiri tries to regain the ring, but Kane grabs his legs. Green mist! Kane staggers back as Hebner gets to ten and that's that at 1:44.
-HERE is YOUR Winner as a result of a Countout: Tajiri

Enraged, Kane returns to the ring and chokeslams Tajiri. He looks to do it again, but here comes Edge for the spear. Edge heads back up the ramp to a minimal little girl pop as Kane sits up in the ring.


In the back, Shelton Benjamin tapes up for his match tonight, when Chris Benoit walks in. Benoit says that whatever happened between them on Smackdown is in the past, this is RAW. Benoit is proud of Shelton for standing up to Triple H, get out there and take it to him. Shelton heads into the hall, where The Hurricane tells him to win one for the RAW locker room. Shelton continues down the hall, where Mick Foley tells him you never get a second chance to make a first impression on RAW.

Ross and Lawler introduce a Smackdown Rebound, which highlights what happened on RAW's sister show last week. Bradshaw rules now, by the way.

In the back, Ric Flair pumps Triple H up for his match with Shelton Benjamin.


Triple H Vs. Shelton Benjamin
-Shelton has new music. It needs a lot of work. Referee Mike Chioda calls for the bell and we're off. They exchange cocky grins before tying up in the corner, where Triple H gives the clean break and a light slap in the face. Benjamin takes Hunter down with a waistlock and wrestles him into the ropes for a clean break. Shelton waistlocks Triple H down again and Hunter wriggles to the ropes, where Benjamin slaps him. Crowd chants for Shelton as they tie up again and Hunter grabs a side headlock. "You Tapped Out," chants the crowd, as Triple H shoulders Shelton down. Hunter hits the robes, but Benjamin kips out and Triple H hits the brakes on the rebound. Shelton reverses a whip, but he puts his head down and Hunter looks for the Pedigree. Benjamin gets loose and slides across the ring. Hunter does a "you were THIS close to a Pedigree" with his fingers and looks to go back to work, but Shelton works a tight backslide. 1-2-Hunter kicks out. "You were THIS close to getting pinned," say Shelton's fingers. Triple H charges in, but Shelton traps him in an armbar. Hunter forces things into the corner and attacks on the break. Shelton goes for a kick, but Triple H catches his foot. Hunter spins Benjamin around, but Shelton follows through and nails Triple H with a spinning heel kick. 1-2-Hunter barely kicks out. Here comes RIC FLAIR. Triple H tosses Shelton to the floor, but CHRIS BENOIT comes out before Flair can do anything to Benjamin . .


. . We come back with Triple H controlling Shelton with a top wristlock. Benjamin reverses things and puts Hunter on the mat. Shelton switches to an armbar, but Hunter fights up. High knee by Triple H. Inside cradle by Benjamin. 1-2-Triple H kicks out. Hunter posts Shelton's shoulder in opposite corners before working a reverse neckbreaker. 1-2-Benjamin kicks out. Triple H with punches on the mat before jawing at Benoit. Hunter hammers away on Shelton in the corner, then works a vertical suplex. Knee drop by Triple H. 1-2-Shelton kicks out. Triple H takes his time, measuring Shelton with kicks. Benjamin pulls himself up Hunter's body, only to be nailed with a right hand. Shelton blocks another right and scores some of his own. Triple H reverses a whip and hooks in the sleeper. Benoit urges Shelton to fight it, but Benjamin starts to fade. Referee Chioda checks the arm, but Shelton fights out and leverages Triple H's bean into the buckle. Shelton charges into the corner, but Triple H gets the boots up. Hunter off the ropes, but Shelton catches him with a flying reverse elbow. Backdrop by Benjamin, followed by a Russian leg sweep out of the corner. 1-2-Triple H kicks out. Benjamin hooks in a sleeper, but Hunter back suplexes out. Hunter climbs to the second rope and leaps, but he catches both of Benjamin's boots right in the face. Both men are down. The referee gets to four before they rise and Shelton clotheslines Triple H to the outside. Benjamin to the apron, and he clotheslines Triple H on the floor. Flair distracts Shelton for a moment, which allows Hunter to get the thumb to the eye. Benjamin recovers though, and shoots Triple H back in. Shelton to the top for the flying clothesline. 1-2-Hunter BAREly kicks out. Benjamin mounts Hunter in the corner for punches, but Triple H drops down and Benjamin's face hits the buckle. Triple H with a powerslam. 1-2-Benjamin kicks out. Shelton comes back with a Northern Lights suplex. 1-2-Triple H gets the shoulder up. Shelton crawls to the corner, where Flair lands a cheap shot while Hunter detains the referee. Benoit charges around the ring to attack Flair. Triple H goes to the corner to yell at Benoit, and Benjamin nails him with a huge splash from behind. Shelton with the roll up. 1-2-3! He did it! Benjamin has pinned The Game at 19:45! My God, what a match!
-HERE is YOUR Winner: Shelton Benjamin