WWE RAW Notes: Nidia, A-Train, & Chuck Palumbo Notes

- Nidia was moved to RAW so she could enter the women's division and compete for the title. She will join Victoria, Molly, Jazz and Lita in forming the core of the division and will also more or less take Trish Stratus' place as Trish has moved onto a bigger storyline as the manager of Christian.

- Chuck Palumbo's move to RAW was a way to split him up from the rest of the FBI since that's something WWE has wanted to do for a while. Palumbo's size and strength could result in a decent mid-level push.

- A-Train will likely get yet another push on RAW and may end up wrestling the likes of Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels so WWE can capitalize on some fresh matchups. He could also potentially be teamed up with Chuck Palumbo.

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