WWE RAW Notes: Edge, Tajiri & Rhyno Updates

- Edge, as expected since it was planned several weeks ago, will get a huge push on RAW and will probably end up feuding with Triple H before long. He may even end up winning the feud so that when Triple H regains the title, Edge will be elevated to the point where he can challenge him for the title. There is a long-term plan to have a Triple H/Randy Orton feud but most believe that it's way too early to go that route.

- Tajiri's move to RAW will hurt him since there is no Cruiserweight division on RAW. There's a chance he could be put into a tag team with Matt Hardy or Lance Storm by playing a comedic role.

- Finally, Rhyno should not see much of an improvement in his stock with a move to RAW - as evidenced by his quick loss to Benoit last Monday.

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