Smackdown Wrestlers Upset With Bubba Ray, Possible Paul Heyman Return Spoiler, more

- Smackdown wrestlers were upset with Bubba Ray Dudley being moved to the Smackdown brand. Bubba Ray is not popular backstage due to wanting to call all the shots in his matches and only being focused on getting his spots in.

- Many WWE wrestlers feel that bringing back the older WWF titles, such as the 80's Intercontinental title, which was held by Randy Savage and the Ultimate Warrior, would add historical significance to the titles themselves.

- The current plan is to have Paul Heyman return on Smackdown as a heel manager, and not comeback right away as the commissioner of the ECW brand.

If they do decide to bring back ECW, we could see Heyman stealing some of the talent from RAW and Smackdown during the course of his return.

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Credit: Newsletter