RAW & Smackdown Rosters Unhappy About Draft Lottery, Nidia's Roster Switch

* Nidia was moved from Smackdown to RAW in order to give her more of an opportunity to wrestler rather than just manager, which is what she had requested over the past few weeks.

* Both RAW and Smackdown rosters weren't happy about the way the WWE Officials handled the company-wide lottery draft. None of the wrestlers even knew the draft was a possibility until just before it was announced on the March 15 RAW. While the RAW wrestlers found out about it on the 15th day, the Smackdown crew had to rely on their counterparts on the RAW roster to pass the info along to them. They didn't learn who would be switching rosters until they arrived at the March 22 RAW.

One wrestler stated "Guys can't even tell their wives when they're going to be home next." Wrestlers who were part of the draft or involved in trades were told in private about the details and their future after the draft. The methods WWE Officials used in this instance showed the lengths they will go to in order to keep storylines from leaking out, but also the effects such measures have on their employees...the wrestlers.

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[News derived from the PWTorch Newsletter]