WWE Smackdown! *Spoilers* (3/30/04) - Columbus, Ohio

Report by: wrestlingobserver.com

Cole and Tazz come out for SD!

A few stage guys put some black things in the ring
which we find out now when Kurt Angle comes out and
talks about the sacrifice he made to become G.M. He is
looking for someone to step up and is having the Kurt
Angle Great American trophy Award. Winner will become
#1 Contender. There is 4 matches for it tonight and
first one is now.

Big Show comes out then Rikishi.
Big Show dominates then tries to head butt Rikishi but
hurts himself instead. Rikshi stink face on Show then
Show pushes him and gives him the chokeslam for the
pin. Nick Patrick tried giving him Rikishi's tag team
belt for some reason.

Cameras to the back and a white limo with longhorns on
it pulls up with JBL on the side, and Bradshaw gets
out and his driver talks spanish so Bradshaw tells him
to learn english and become succesful like himself and
thats why he rides in the back.

Walking Tall promo

Rey Mysterio comes out then Spike for a tag match
against Chavo Sr. and Jr. Spike hits dudley dog on
chavo after running up the corner on Chavo Sr.
Bradshaw comes out and closeline from hell on spike
and powerbomb on Rey. Doesn't talk, just gloats and
walks away.

RVD comes out to a big pop. This is a nominee match
for the great american award. Charlie Haas comes out
with neon green trunks with Haas on the back. End
comes with Haas is on the outside and holds a chair as
RVD tries a planch but hits the chair and its a double
countout. Kurt comes out and says this is SD, there
are winners and losers and says the winner is who was
ahead of points and according to him it is Haas. Match
was pretty even.

Booker and Kurt in the back. Kurt says Booker is in
the great american tournament and can be #1 contender
if he wins. He will face Hardcore holly.

Booker does another interview with Josh Matthews
dissing Columbus which was just to get heel heat and I
doubt it will air.

The Legacy of hope thing from Raw was shown again.

Great american nominee match Booker vs Hardcore Holly.
Book end for 2 count. Booker T wins after a rollup and
grabs the tights.

Dudley Boyz vs Akio and Sakoda. 3-D and pin.

Hardcore Holly runs back out and says Booker come face
me like a man and he runs out and they re do the
finish of their match for some reason with Booker
still winning with a handful of tights.

Spike in the back and his "brothers" come in, then
Theodore Long comes in and says he can help them in
their new begining get the dollar bill and gives bubba
and dvon his "playa" cards but tells Spike he just ran
out lol

The Raw recap is shown.

Eddie pulls up outside in a orange lowrider and talks
to the limo driver who is cleaning the limo off from
rain. Limo driver says its senor Bradshaw's limo and
eddie walks off.

Rene Dupree comes out to do color with cole and tazz.

John Cena comes out to a big pop with Buckeye Gear on.
A #40 jersey (Cassady) Funny rap about giving out FU'S
and pumpin up his shoes and disses the other
qualifiers for the great american award. Throws in
Ohio State for a good pop and tells cole and depree to
choke on deez nutz and tosses a nutz bar to them.

Cena vs. Nunzio and Johnny the Bull in a qualifier

Cena wins after FU on Da Bull

Angle in the back talking about Great Aamerican award
and tells some guy to tell Eddie to meet him in the
ring for a hug announcement.

Another Walking Tall Promo

Angle out with tropy in ring, says he is proud of the
locker room and HHH wouldnt last 3 mins he says. Gives
the fans the power to vote online till monday at
midnight to pick the #1 contender and winner of the

Eddie out in lowrider and tells kurt if he has a
problem with him, to do something about it. Kurt: Im
the G.M., Im not going to fight you.

Kurt introduces Bradshaw, Kurt makes him the 5th
nominee for the award. New intro music with a stock
market bell and heel music.

Limo comes out and Bradshaw gets out the sunroof and
stand on the limo talking for ever about his schtick
and says he will be on Fox this Sat. at 11:30 am. Says
he wants the belt, just business.

Eddie says he will make it personal and goes after him
and grabs his hat and takes it back to the ring and
wipes his ass with it lol Eddie goes around the ring
and tells fans to put stuff in it beer, fries,
popcorn, pop, few people spit in it and then takes it
in the ring and stomps on it. Bradshaw says it was A
$10,000.00 hat.... Eddie throws the hat in the crowd
right infront of my row. Taping ends somewhere around

After Eddie goes to back Bradshaw gets in ring and
tells Eddie to come out but THE UNDERTAKER does and
the crowd goes crazy. UT comes out to biggest pop of
night and not even gonna be on T.V. Bradshaw talks for
5 mins and tries to punch UT but he counters and choke
slam then tombstone to end the evening.