WWE Makes An New Offer To Goldberg, Decision On Paul Heyman

- WWE has made a new offer for Goldberg to return to the company. The deal would include limited dates and build to a huge program with Steve Austin. Right now, Goldberg seems to be debating on if it would be better or worse for him if he stays off TV for awhile. The general feeling is that Goldberg will be back when the time and money is right.

- Vince McMahon made the decision to "fire" Paul Heyman as the Smackdown General Manager once he decided to hold the draft lottery. This decision was made to open up a spot for Kurt Angle where he would not have to wrestle.

WWE is hoping that using Heyman as a heel manager would not only add some strength to Smackdown's weak heels, but get involved with Eddie Guerrero and John Cena's programs to help get both more over as a face. WWE would like Heyman to be a modern day version of Capt. Lou Albano and Freddie Blassie.

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Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter