WWE Smackdown! Report (4/1/04) - Taped in Columbus, Ohio

Smackdown! Report | Columbus, OH | April 1, 2004

By Sebastian Kumali

"Ladies and gentlemen, the General Manager of Smackdown!, Kurt Angle," says ring
announcer Jason Roberts. The show begins with Kurt Angle coming down to the ring to
make an announcement. It seems that there will be a tournament held to crown the
winner of Kurt Angle's Great American award! This person will embody what a true
American is and become a role model to all, such as the new GM. Angle lets everyone
know that Eddie Guerrero is not eligible to win the award. Don't get him wrong
though, the winner of the Great American trophy will get a WWE Championship title
shot against Guerrero. Kurt announces the first match in the tournament will start

"Weeeeeeeell, it's the Big Show!!"

Big Show vs Rikishi (nomination match)
The two large men lock it up in the ring with Show taking an early advantage and
keeping it through most of the match. Show takes down 350 lb Rikishi with a
shoulder block, then stomps on the big man. Rikishi is in visible pain as he cries,
"my ribs!!" On the offensive, Big Show gives Rikishi a head butt however, it
backfires. Show stagers a bit as Rikishi hits him with a sabat kick followed up by
another! Show falls to the corner where he gets a stink face. Big Show pushes
Rikishi off and comes right back with a huge choke slam for the finish.
Winner - Big Show

The camera cuts to the parking area where John "Bradshaw" Layfield pulls up in his
limo equipped with bull horns. The driver gets out and opens Bradshaw's door only
to get put down. Bradshaw tells him to speak English because this is America. He
then gives the driver some advice on how to become as successful as he is.

Commercial Break

Rey Mysterio and Spike Dudley vs Los Guerreros (Chavo Jr. and Chavo

Chavo Jr. comes out to his new theme song and titantron! Cruiserweight champion,
Chavo Jr. and Rey Mysterio start off the tag match. Chavo Jr. takes the offense
through most of the start but Rey fires back with a few moves of his own. At the
three minute marker, Rey tags in Smackdown's! newest prospect, Spike Dudley! Spike
cleaned house on both Chavo Sr. and Jr. hitting a nice headlock takedown on the
champion. Chavo Jr. tries to regain control but gets knocked down once more by
Spike. Chavo Sr. tries to get involved in the match but gets drop kicked into the
ropes by Rey, setting up a 619. Chavo Jr., however, had Rey scouted and
clotheslined him to the outside. After some back and forth offense, Spike and Chavo
Jr. went at it in the final minutes of the match. Spike surprised Chavo Jr. and hit
him with a Dudley dog after bouncing off Chavo Sr. to get the pin! Could Spike be a
contender for cruiserweight gold?
Winners - Rey Mysterio and Spike Dudley

While the two celebrated their victory, financial analyst John "Bradshaw" Layfield
comes storming to the ring and lays the two cruiserweights to waste, finishing Rey
Mysterio off with a vicious powerbomb. Layfield then celebrated with a grin on his
face, standing atop the turnbuckles.

Commercial Break

Charlie Haas vs Rob Van Dam (nomination match)
Action quickly resumes with another nomination match! Things get kicked off with a
rematch from last week pitting The World's Greatest Singles Superstar, Charlie Haas
vs Mr. Thursday Night, Rob Van Dam. Van Dam had a loud pop going into the match
with the audience totally on his side. Haas comes out with some new in-ring gear.
Charlie and Rob show that they have great chemistry, even with their clashing
styles. Haas uses some technical maneuvers in the early goings in the match but Van
Dam comes back with some kicks to the head. Charlie goes on the offense once more,
working Van Dam's legs after he missed an enziguri. When Van Dam finally gets out
of Haas' submission holds, he hits a spiral legdrop and then goes for the rolling
thunder! Van Dam follows up with a monkey flip on the all American. Haas gets back
on top and keeps the man with the educated feet grounded. He attempts a knee drop
from the second rope but Van Dam counters, giving Haas a kick to the back of the
head. As Haas walks around frustrated on the outside, he goes for a chair but the
referee is quick to hinder that. The two go at it for another several minutes and
Haas gets knocked to the outside again! Van Dam goes for the springboard dive to
the outside but Haas hits him with the chair and in the process injuring himself.
The referee calls for the bell after a ten count with both men, still getting to
their feet. Jason Roberts announces that this match is a draw. General Manager
Kurt Angle comes out and says "this wont cut it". He is going to determine the
winner based on points. He goes on to award the victory to an elated Charlie
Winner - Charlie Haas

Commercial Break

Footage of Bradshaw's heel turn airs and his attack on Eddie Guerrero from last

Kurt Angle and Booker T are shown in the back room discussing Bookers dislike of
Smackdown! Kurt lets Booker know that he wouldn't have traded Triple H back to Raw
if he didn't value Booker's talent. The two come to the agreement that Booker is
the best superstar in the locker room. Booker considers Eddie the champion of the
minor leagues but if he were to become WWE Champion, he would show Smackdown! what
it's all about. Before the two part, Kurt enters Booker in the tournament with
Booker's approval. His next match will determine that as he will face off against
Hardcore Holly, the man who told him where to go last week.

Hardcore Holly vs Booker T (nomination match)
Booker T comes out to an excited crowd. No matter how much they push him as a heel,
the audience still cheered for him through most of the match. Holly comes out to a
nice face pop and faces off against Booker. The two ground and pound on each other
for a few minutes with Holly taking the lead in the match. Booker hits a nice arm
wrench hook kick combo on Holly sending him down. Holly regains control with an arm
bar, weakening Booker. The action goes back and forth with Holly reapplying the arm
bar as needed. Booker comes back with a devastating knee drop on Holly's neck and
face! Holly manages to get his spot in and lands a huge drop kick, "The best in the
business" as Tazz says. The competitors kept on top of each other going back and
forth with Booker clotheslining Holly to the outside. Before the commercial break,
Michael Cole and Tazz argue about loyalty to Smackdown! Cole accuses Tazz of
disowning his brand by cheering for the anti-Smackdown! star. Tazz rebuts that he's
just a fan and cheers for who he thinks should win.

Commercial Break

They battle in and around the ring where Booker removes the top level on the
staircase. He goes for the suplex into the exposed steel but Holly counters and
suplexes Booker on the thin pad! The two get back in before the referee counts them
out. After more back and forth action, Booker catches Holly with a bookend and goes
for the pin but Holly kicks out! It looked as if Holly was getting back in the game
but Booker rolls him up, grabs some tights, and gets the pin fall and advances!
Holly is now enraged and stairs down Booker.
Winner - Booker T

Commercial Break

Akio and Sakoda vs Bubba Ray and D-von Dudley
Now that Sakoda and Akio are without Tajiri, this is their chance to prove
themselves. What better way to do it than against seventeen time tag team
champions! Sakoda and Bubba start the match off. Bubba quickly powers down Sakoda
with a huge shoulder block. Sakoda goes on the attack, wrenching the neck of Bubba
Ray. Bubba manages to tag in D-von who lays Kyo Dai to waste. The four men go at
it in anarchy as the referee has trouble controlling the match. Bubba and Akio
brawl a little before Bubba pops Akio with an awesome spear! The spear is so strong
that it flips Akio over and inside out! Akio gets up after some recovery and gets
some help from Sakoda. The two double team on Bubba while the ref is holding back
D-von. Sakoda holds up Bubba and Akio goes for a spinning leg lariat. Bubba ducks
and Akio smacks Sakoda. Akio turns around only to be met up with a 3D! The Dudleyz
score the win.
Winners - Bubba Ray and D-von Dudley

Commercial Break

After their win, the Dudleyz check in on Spike. Their old Raw adversary Teddy Long
comes along to pass on his player's card. He wants to bury the hatchet and start
off new. Meanwhile, Eddie Guerrero pulls up in his low-rider and chats it up with
Bradshaw's limo driver. After finding out it was Bradshaw's limo, Eddie's face
beamed with concern. At ringside, Ren