WWE Confidential Recap (4/3/04) - The Rock, Chris Benoit, more

Tonight we take a look at a big WWE fan who was born with no legs and no arms, we
also Visit the Rock at the "Walking Tall" Premiere. We also see Chris Benoit at a
RAW Magazine Photo Shoot. But first....

Our Cover Story
Kyle Maynard goes to Collinsville High School and has wrestled for the past four
years. He was born with a rare condition where his arms and legs stop at the knees
and elbows. He acts like any normal kid, he plays football and wrestles. He made a
goal for himself to never get pinned and has kept his goal. He got into the WWE when
he was three and saw Ultimate Warrior in Fort Wayne, Indiana. His wrestling record
is 36-16. He recently went to RAW and met alot of WWE wrestlers.

Up Next: Walking Tall Premiere
WWE Rewind: RAW - Last Monday - Shelton Benjamin beats Triple H

The Rock says he loves the electricity of a movie premiere. Johnny Knoxville said
that he was tougher than The Rock. Shane McMahon was there for support. The Rock
talks about beating people with a 2x4. The Rock was talking about his kissing scene
and how much he loved it, that is until his wife Dany walked up - then he hated the
kissing scene.

Up Next: Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart
Backlash Promo

Mark Jindrak says his favorite match was from SummerSlam 1994 when Bret Hart put his
World Title on the line against his brother Owen in a Cage Match.
This match went back and forth with both men trying to escape the cage. There wasn't
alot of technical moves, just brawling. Biggest spot of the match was a superplex to
Owen from the top of the cage. Bret Hart wins the match after Owen gets hung up in
the cage.

Up Next: Chris Benoit in RAW Magazine

Chris Benoit recently did a photo shoot for RAW Magazine. The shoot took place in a
meat locker. Benoit said it was hard to stay warm because he didn't have a shirt on
and kept getting sprayed with water. Pictures were taking of him boxing and working
out, he said that showed his intensity.

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Edge Promo
RAW Calendar

The Rock goes Outside The Ropes with Mark Lloyd. Some of the questions included:
Would it have been harder to take out the shariff if the shariff were Steve Austin? Yes
Who swings a better stick, Chris Vaugn or "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan? Not sure.

Up Next: USO Honors WWE

The WWE recently recieved an award from the USO for all of the entertaining they
have done for the troops.

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