The Rock's New Movie Debut Numbers, Ultimate Warrior, Jack Brisco's New Book

* The Daily News in Galveston, TX has posted an article about Jack Brisco's new book. Click Here to check it out.

* For all those Ultimate Warrior fans in the world, "Warrior" has posted a new online commentary. Click Here to check it out and attempt to understand the language that is "Warrior".

* The numbers are in and The Rock's new movie, "Walking Tall", made its debut at number two at the box office for the weekend. It generated $15,300,000 in gross sales, finishing second to "Hellboy", which brought in $23,500,000 in what was also its debut weekend. The Rock's new movie did manage to beat the two other debuting movies, "Home on the Range" and "The Prince & Me" while also topping the second week numbers of the Scooby Doo movie.

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