WWE House Show Results (4/3/04) - Monterrey, Mexico

Report by: Alfonso Rivas

Hey there, I just wanted to give you a report of the Sat show at Arena
Monterrey (brand new amazing arena) in Monterrey, Mexico. First of all, I
want to say the show was awesome. It was the first WWE show in Mexico and
the Raw brand (and special guests Rey and Chavo) gave it all. The fans (sold
out arena) and the WWE left extremely happy. and they said they are coming
back for sure.

The show started on time, etc.

Lights out, Fink came out, big pop. He said the usual stuff about not doing
unproper during the show. He welcomed us in spanish.

First match

Hurricane vs. Venis
Both came to a good pop, but then the crowd turned on Venis (he tried to
flirt with mexican girls in spanish), short, decent match, ended with
Hurricane getting the pin after a kick to the head.

Victoria/Lita vs. Molly/Jazz
Jazz comes out with boos, so does Molly. The Lita and Victoria for a good
pop. Good match, a lot of hot tags, ends with Lita taking the wig out of
Molly and DDTing her (nice DDT) for the pin.

Tajiri vs. Kane
Decent pop for Tajiri. Lights out, BOOM! Enourmous pop for the Big Red
Machine Kane. The crowd loves him. Tajiri got a few kicks, tried the
Tarantula and the spring elbow from the rope, but ended getting the
chokeslam for the pin.

Then Fink was about to say something, and Eric Bischoff came out with boos.
He said he has a lot of special matches for us. But the crowd was booing
him, and chanted for Austin with Austins and Whats. Eric insulted the crowd
and then Benoit came out. Eric said that Benoit cheated for the title, and
Chris said he earned the shot by winning the Rumble and making HHH tap at WM
XX. He then put Eric into the Crossface. Venis and Kane came for the save,
for Chris escaped. Kane got pissed and chokeslammed Eric Bischoff for a big

Rey vs. Chavo - Cruiserweight Title
Rey came out with a Mexican flag outfit and the Mexican flag for a big pop.
Then Chavo and his dad came out with a lot of heat. The crowd really hated
them. Chavo Sr got the mic and talked in spanish, asking for some class and
respect for Chavo. He got a lot of heat and insults. Then Rey pointed at a
sign that said: "Chavo y su papa son putos", which means Chavo and his dad
are pussies. Rey modified so he didn't said "putos" which is a strong curse
word here. And said "Chavo y sus papa son jotos". "Joto" is a word for gay,
but not as strong as "puto". So the crowd chanted "Jotos" all the match.
Very cool. Then we had an amazing cruiserweight match, Rey did the jumping
on the referee to the outside. But ended losing after setting Chavo for the
619, Chavo Sr interfered and Chavo did some move on him (looks like a
modified electric chair, might be a new finisher) and got the pin.

Then both Chavos attacked Rey and Hurricane came for the save. They setted
them up for the 619 and we got Rey 619ing both suckers.

Cade vs. Rhyno
Garrison Cade came out and runned his mouth about being a future superstar,
he was booed. And then Rhyno came out for a decent pop. He instantly crushed
Cade with a Gore, and got the pin.

Y2J vs. Christian w/Trish
Christian and Trish came out with boos. Y2J got a enourmous pop. He got the
mic and called Christian a "culero" (typical mexican chant for somethign
that bothers them) and Trish a "puta" (which means bitch)! They had a great
match, with Christian splashing Trish and Jericho setting him up on the
Walls. Christian tapped out.

Fink came out and thanked us and said we were the best crowd in the world.


Dark match - Some local Monterrey luchador vs. Damian 666 (another one)
No one cared really, but Damian hitted and amazing move which looks like a
neck breaker on your shoulders (I think it's called Ganso Bomb, pardon my
ignorance). And the other masked wrestler performed and amazing dangerous
flip (with spin) to the outside. Orange masked dude won after a pin. Again,
no one cared.

HBK/Shelton vs. Batista/Flair
Evo comes out, enourmous pop for Flair, a lot of wooos troughout the night.
Shelton comes out and not everybody knows him, but got a decent pop. HBK
came out for the biggest pop of the night. Awesome tag team match, lot of
wooos, lot of hot tags, Shelton is amazing in the ring. Batista hitted some
great slams and spinebusters. Lots of great Flair moments, like the walking
and his body dropping. I one part, HBK did a small package and grabbed his
shorts, and his full ass came out, the short was almost down, I thought his
whinner was coming out, but something was helding it. The crowd was laughing
their ass off. He didn't care. He stayed like that and then climbed the
turnbuckle only to bet grabbed and thrown and land on his ass. Match ended
with Batista hitting Shelton with the belt. And putting Flair on top of him.
Great match.

Matt vs. A-Train
Matt came for a big pop. Train came out with boos. Train tried to squash him
on the corner, Matt moves, rolled him and got the pin. That short. But oh
well. The crowd hated Train and booed him a lot.

Benoit vs. HHH - World Heavyweight Title
Amazing. HHH entered and got a big pop. But then he tried to get heat with
the crowd and wow, did he got it. A lot of people were insulting him, with
middle fingers and stuff, so he started shouting at some fan, who took his
shirt off and was going for him!!! HHH went down and was almost jumping the
fence to go get him. Security took the fan, and the fan got an enourmous
pop. The crowd then hated H. Benoit came out for a good pop. But HHH went
out and into the ring, and the crowd started the hate him more and more. He
started getting into more confrontations with some fans, until the whole
arena was like crazy, they wanted to kill him. I guess that's what he
wanted. It was great. The match was excellent. Lots of moves, great timing,
everything. HHH was going to pedegree him but got countered with the
Crossface. He tapped out. And the crowd was sent home very happy. Everyone
was talking about what a great night it was and what a great show.

the crowd was hot top to bottom. I've never seen a crowd like this. So
energetic all night long. They chanted everything. Everything.

The WWE said they are coming back soon. And that it was a great success.

Man what a night. My favorite part was the the crowd. And the matches were

Top pops
2. Y2J
3. Benoit

Top heat