McMahon Still Performing, JR/Tazz Announcing Team, Pre-Show Meetings

* After hearing that Tazz would be paired with Jim Ross for the 30-Man Royal Rumble, Jerry Lawler was said to be more energized for the undercard. Tazz was reported to be rather nervous since he had reached a good comfort level working with Michael Cole, but was concerned that he wouldn't do well or that JR would make him look bad as an announcer. When all was said and done, everyone backstage felt the two meshed well and things couldn't have gone better.

* With the recent implementation of pre-RAW and Smackdown meetings for all staff and wrestlers, many found it interesting that there was no such meeting before the Royal Rumble PPV.

* In similar pre-show news, some wrestlers have come up with the idea that since McMahon isn't performing on TV anymore, this is his way of still being able to perform in front of an audience.

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[News derived from the PWTorch newsletter]