WWE House Show Results (2/8/04) - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Feb. 8th
Blair Farthing

Just got back from the afternoon house show, and it was awesome. This was my third
house show, all being Smackdown, and I would have to say this one was the best.
Before the show my friend and I saw a white limo pull in, and in it were Big Show
and Paul Heyman, who waved to us and went inside. Show started right on time at
1:30, with Chimmel coming out to explain the rules and they played the National
Anthem. Crowd was about 4000, and Sask Place sits around 13000, but this is the
third show here in a year and a half, so it was a smaller than usual crowd. On to
the results.

Billy Kidman vs. Chuck Palumbo
This was a fairly good match, but a little slow and off at times, due to the size
difference. Chuck hit a nasty looking right hand at the beggining, and little kids
were screaming that Billy was hurt. The crowd was hot because this was the first
match, and it did have some good moves, which included a beautiful looking Billy
enziguri. Billy gets the win after a rollup. 5/10

Dawn Marie comes out next, and she talks about how much she loves Saskatoon while
the corwd yells for puppies. She asked us if she should lift up her skirt or pull
down her top, but then she said she will call Heyman out. Paul came out, and he and
Dawn talked about how Rey Mysterio would lose his title today. Rey comes out and
gets into an argument with Paul, calling him fat boy and saying he doesn't have
balls, and then Rey kisses Dawn. Dawn slaps Rey, and Chavo comes out and attacks
Rey. Paul says the next match is Rey vs. Chavo vs. Jamie Noble, and it starts now.

Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo vs. Jamie Noble for the Cruiserweight Championship
A very good, fast paced match. The heels double team Rey before Chavo tricks Noble
into trying to run at Rey, and then Chavo nails Noble. The men take turns hitting
various high flying moves on each other, before Rey tries a 619 on Noble, only for
it to be broken up by Chavo. Rey eventually gets both men down in position for the
619, and he nails a double 619. He boots Noble out of the ring and hits Chavo with a
spring board splash for the 3 count to retain the title. 7/10.

Orlando Jordan, The Cat and Lamont vs. Tajiri, Akio and Sakoda
This was actually a fairly good match, even if it did have the Cat and Lamont in it.
Tajiri was great, doing his screams and giving fans the finger. Akio and Sakoda hit
a very nice double enziguri on Jordan, but it only got two. I had fourth row seats,
and you could clearly hear Tajiris kicks, which looked deadly. Orlando nailed a
powerslam on Sakoda for the win. 5/10

Ultimo Dragon vs. Shannon Moore
Surprisingly, this was a little slow at some points, but they kicked up the pace
near the end. Ultimo rolled out of a sunset flip and nailed Shannon with a loud kick
to the chest. Shannon hit a nice flipping neckbreaker off the top for two, and
Ultimo picked up the win after ducking a roundhouse, hitting Shannon with a kick and
hitting the Asai DDT. Ultimo also did a Asai Moonsault in the ring, which was cool
to see. 6/10.

Worlds Greatest Tag Team vs. Rhyno and Matt Morgan
Before the match, Shelton gets on the mic and talks about how he offered to drink a
Labatts with Rhyno this afternoon, but he refused because he doesn't drink canadian
beer, which gets some boos from the corwd. During the match Rhyno was chanting USA
while the fans were chanting Canada, and he kept yelling at a little kid in front of
me, and at a guy behind me who told him he had a wedgie. Matt Morgan is nothing
special in the ring, but Rhyno is good to see live, as are Shelton and Charlie.
Rhyno misses the Gore, and the WGTT tosses Matt and hits Rhyno with the manhattan
drop/superkick combo for the win. After the match, Matt is yelling at Rhyno, and
Rhyno gets ready to leave the ring while Matt has his back turned. The fans were
chanting Rhyno, so he came back in and Gored Matt to huge cheers. 8/10.

Kurt Angle vs. Hardcore Holly
Kurt was originally scheduled to fight in a triple threat match for the title, but
this was still a very good match. Surprisinly, there were quite a lot of Hardcore
chants, and a lot of booing for Kurt. This was a fairly fast paced match when Kurt
was on the offensive, and it slowed a bit when Holly locked on chinlocks and the
full nelson. Hardcore slipped out of the Angle Slam, Kurt escaped the Alabama Slam,
and Kurt picked up the 3 with an Angle Slam. No Ankle Lock though, which sucked.

10 minute intermission was now, with Chimmel telling us to visit the souvenier
stand. They did a drawing for a sterero, which a guy about 4 rows back from me won,
and the show T-shirts in the gun, and the woman next to me caught an Undertaker
shirt. I got my picture taken next to the WWE semi trailer, and the show started up

Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Basham Brothers with Shaniqua for the Tag Team Titles
Rikishi wrestled in street clothes, because apparently the airlines lost his
luggage. Bashams worked over Scotty for a bit, and the corwd was getting behind
Scotty by chanting his name, while Doug told us to shut up because it would'nt help
him. Scotty finally made the hot tag to Rikishi, who nailed both Bashams with
punches, a super kick for Danny and samoan drop on Doug forr the 3 count. After the
match the Bashams left while Shaniqua was left in the ring. Scotty bulldogged her
and gave her the Worm to a huge pop, and dragged her to the corner, where Rikishi
dropped his pants and stink faced her. 6/10.

Big Show vs. Bradshaw for the US Championship
Let me just say, Big Sohw is absolutely huge up close. Bradshaw came out, and took a
sign from a fan that said Don't Eat him Big Show, hes not a cheeseburger and held it
up. They squared off, and Bradshaw held his own until he called time out and left
the ring. He said he needed a beer break, and took a fans beer and chugged it down.
Big Show took a fans beer and chugged it down also. Big Show pretended to be drunk,
staggering around and falling down into the corner, and knocking Bradsaw down and
then elbow dropping the canvas about 10 feet away from where Bradshaw was lying.
Bradshaw left the ring and called out Lamont, who came out with about 5 boxes of
pizza. Bradshaw said it was Big Shows 45th birthday today, so he had some pizza for
him. He said Bradshaw should'nt eat pepperoni because it gives him gas, and you
should see the size of his craps. Big Show takes a bite, and Bradshaw takes it away,
saying he should go on the atkins diet, because he is sort of fat. Show choke slams
him for the three count, then grabs another beer and holds it in front of Bradshaws
face to wake him up. They trade beer for pizza, and both leave. We also sang happy
birthday for Show during the match. This wasn't much of a match, but it was
extremely entertaining, so I will say 7/10 for the whole thing.

Brock Lesnar vs. Eddie Guerrero for the WWE Championship (Main Event)
This match was awesome, and will probably be simialar to their match this sunday at
No Way Out. The crowd was going nuts for Eddie and booing Brock, while I held up my
Brock sign. Big stare down to start, and a test of strength, which Brock wins. Brock
locks in a gullotine sleeper, which he holds for a while, until Eddie breaks out.
Eddie works the leg, and fights to get the Figure 4 on, but finally does. He keeps
it on for about a minute, even using the ropes for leverage, until Brock finally
reaches the ropes. Eddie kicks out of a big spine buster, and locks on the Lasso
from El Paso, while the crowd chanted for Brock to tap out. Brock powered out, and
tossed Eddie around for awhile, and gave him the gorilla press slam. Eddie nailed
the triple suplex, and went up top for the Frog Splash, but Brock rolled out of the
way. Brock tries for the F5, but Eddie reversed it into a DDT. Eddie goes up top and
nails the Frog Splash, but Brock kicked out just before the 3 count. Eddie ducked a
clothesline which took out the ref, and when Eddie grabbed Brock in a rear waist
lock, Brock low blowed him. Brock got his title and hit Eddie in the face, then
hooked the leg while the ref counted 3. Awesome match. 9/10.

After the show, my friend and I went out to the chain link fence which leads down to
where the wrestlers parked, hoping to see some wrestlers. We saw Charlie Haas,
Shelton Benjamin, Rey Mysterio (without his mask), Brock Lesnar, Orlando Jordan,
Matt Morgan, the Bashams, and the Big Show, who got into his limo. When the limo
drove away he rollled down the window and waved at us, and we wished him happy
birthday. Charlie also thanked us for having them there. I also bought a Brock
Lesnar key chain. All in all, a great show.

Biggest Pops
1.Eddie Guerrero
2.Rey Mysterio
3.Dawn Marie when she talked about stripping
4.The whole Big Show/Bradshaw thing
5.Scotty and Rikishi (especially the Stink Face to Shaniqua)

Biggest Heat
1.Brock Lesnar (loud you tapped out chants)
2.Paul Heyman, when he said John Cena would not be there
3.Chavo Guerrero
4.Basham Brothers
5.Loud you suck chants for Kurt, but they eventually turned to cheers