WWE RAW Report (4/19/04) - Calgary, Alberta

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Live from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, RAW starts off by jumping right into the action with Chris Jericho and Christian (with Trish Stratus) both making their way down to the ring for their one-on-one match tonight.

Chris Jericho vs. Christian
-Jericho dominates much of the intial parts of the match and gets two near falls, including one after a missile dropkick off the ropes. He puts Christian into a side headlock before the two roll around in various pinning attempts. Jericho prepares for the Walls of Jericho, causing Trish Stratus to come into the ring so Jericho grabs her and gives her another spanking. Christian pulls Trish out and as they comfort each other outside, Jericho hits a high-cross body from the top to the outside, dropping both to the mat.


Chris Jericho vs. Christian -- Continued
- We come back to see Christian in control and the action heading back into the ring. Christian distracts the ref, allowing Trish to size Jericho up for a big right-handed slap but as she approaches him a second time, Jericho grabs her by the head, prompting Christian to run over for the save. Again, Christian distracts the ref and on the outside, Trish kicks Jericho before Christian covers for a near fall. Match proceeds until both competitors are knocked out after a double clothesline but Jericho gets up first and knocks Christian down with a shoulder block and a drop toe hold. He follows it up with a modified bulldog but misses the Lionsault. Christian counters another modified bulldog and hits an inverted DDT but Jericho kicks out at two. Jericho then hits a double arm suplex from the top rope and rolls over on Christian who also kicks out narrowly at two. Elbow by Christian and another reverse DDT, this time from the second ropes, but Jericho won't stay down. Christian goes for a Texas Cloverleaf but Jericho rolls him up into another near fall. Trish stands up on the apron and tries to nail Jericho but he ducks and she levels Christian instead. Jericho tosses Trish into the ring and as the ref is occupied with her, Jericho tries to lock on the Walls of Jericho. Out of nowhere, a relatively large and bald individual runs in and kicks Jericho in the face, allowing Christian to cover him for the pinfall victory. The unknown man then follows Trish and Christian up the ramp and to the back.


Backstage, Christian introduces Trish Stratus to her "problem solver" (the bald man) who is apparently known as Tyson Tomko. A couple readers already have emailed me to say that this person is Travis Bane from Ohio Valley Wrestling. Click here for more info on him.

Chris Benoit Interview
-World champion Benoit makes his way down to the ring to a great ovation and takes the mic while holding up his title belt for all to see. Benoit immediately talks about where it always begins for every wrestler - Stu Hart's Dungeon. Even though he's no longer around, Benoit thanks Stu on behalf of all the wrestling fans worldwide. Benoit talks about how when he left the Dungeon, he heard all the whispers of how he'd never be able to win the big one. But he won the big one at Wrestlemania and also made Triple H and Shawn Michaels both tap out. However, he still heard people talk about him as a fluke but he proved them wrong because Chris Benoit is for real.

Shawn Michaels Responds
-This prompts Shawn Michaels to come out to a chorus of boos and "you screwed Bret" chants. Shawn takes the mic and says that over the years, he has always thought Benoit was for real. They are a lot like but he questions where deep down, Benoit believes he's the very best. Benoit says he does believe that and he has the title to prove it. Michaels points out that in a one-on-one match, Benoit has never beaten him and he calls for some footage from two months ago to roll to prove his point. Michaels then challenges Benoit to a match tonight for the world championship and Benoit says "let's get it on". As they prepare to start wrestling, Eric Bischoff and Johnny Nitro come out to stop the fesitivies. Bischoff says he can't let this match happen in Calgary of all places so Benoit tells him to basically get lost. Bischoff says that a match of this calibre needs at least two weeks of promotion so he books the match in two weeks for RAW in Phoenix, Arizona. Benoit and Michaels shake hands and stare each other down.


Victoria vs. Molly Holly
-Molly attacks Victoria immediately and hits a snapmare and a dropkick before getting a two-count. She misses a handspring splash allowing Victoria to kick her. They head outside for a few seconds before coming back in where Victoria hits a standing moonsault which gets a two. Victoria tries to throw Molly by her hair but Molly's wig comes off so she gets really angry and aggressively starts choking Victoria. Molly refuses to let go so the referee is forced to disqualify her as Victoria loses consciousness. Molly finally lets go and walks away angrily as refs tend to Victoria.

Backstage, we see a white limo pull up. The driver gets out and opens the door to let Randy Orton, Batista, Ric Flair and Triple H get out. Triple H is stopped by that new interviewer guy Todd who informs him of the match in two weeks between Benoit and Michaels. An upset Triple H simply says "that's my match" and storms off, presumably to look for Bischoff.


Backstage, we see Kane. He says that over the last few weeks he has shown human compassion and it has weakened him. But starting tonight, his appetite for agony will awaken and he will feast on the fear of the innocent. Tonight, he hungers for a sacrifice.

Backstage, Johnny Nitro and Eric Bischoff react to Kane's interview. Bischoff says he knows what Kane is capable of and he won't let himself be the sacrifice like Kurt Angle on Smackdown!. There is a knock on the door and William Regal walks in. Regal says taking care of Eugene is too taxing and stressful and he wishes to serve Bischoff in a better way. Bischoff then wonders where Eugene is and Regal says that's a funny story. When they arrived at the arena, Eugene wanted to play hide-and-seek and he hasn't seen him since. Bischoff isn't amused and says that this job is not optional. If Regal does not take care of his nephew, he will make sure he doesn't work in this company again. Bischoff orders Regal to go find his nephew as soon as possible and he then proceeds to book Regal in a match tonight against Kane.

Randy Orton Interview
-Orton starts off by saying that everyone out there though that Mick Foley was going to destroy him last night and probably thought they'd be congratulating Foley tonight for beating up that punk kid. But it didn't happen, and the victory last night was the biggest of his career. However, as strange as it seems, he wants to thank Foley because he didn't face a retired children's author, he faced a true hardcore legend, Cactus Jack. Orton talks about all the punishment Foley dished out last night but he took it all and still beat him. After that, something amazing happened - he realized that he turned into something he despises. Randy Orton, legend killer turned into Randy Orton, living legend.

Edge Responds
-Edge's music hits and he comes out to confront Orton. He congratulates Orton on the victory speech, possibly his best one ever but he's been watching him all along. Edge says that simply put, he doesn't like Orton. Edge says he might not be a legend but he dares Orton to spit into his face right now. Orton says no, he's tired and beatdown but if he wasn't, he drop him right there. But the truth is, Edge isn't even worth it. This causes Edge to attack Orton, knocking him down but Flair and Batista come out for the save after which Chris Benoit runs down and goes nuts on Batista. Finally, Triple H runs down and assaults Benoit, hitting him with the Pedigree as the other members of the Evolution look on. As Evolution walks away, Eric Bischoff comes out and announces that tonight, Ric Flair & Batista will wrestle Benoit & Edge in a tag team title match later tonight.


Garrison Cade vs. Tajiri
-Jonathan Coachman comes out before either competitor and introduces Cade before joining Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler for commentary. Coach informs us that Cade helped him prepare for yesterday's match against Tajiri and he continues to hype him up for the whole match. The finish sees Cade hit an elbow drop from the top rope which was enough to get a pinfall victory.


They air the Smackdown! Rebound.

In the ring, Eugene is standing with Lilian Garcia. He shoots some t-shirts to the audience with the t-shirt gun before William Regal comes out asks him to put it down. As Regal turns around, Eugene picks it back up and shoots Regal in the groin. Eugene and Regal leave.


Backstage, Edge and Chris Benoit talk about their upcoming match. Benoit tells Edge that Bischoff thinks that they will lose to Batista and Flair. But tonight, they're going to go out and prove him wrong by not only winning the titles, but by sticking the final nail in their coffin.

Lita & Val Venis vs. Gail Kim & Matt Hardy
-Matt is the final participant to be announced but before he can get to the ring, Kane's music hits and out he comes, apparently ready to sacrifice someone. Val protects Lita but Kane just picks him up and chokeslams him to the mat. Lita tries to escape, but Kane grabs her and throws her to the ground. Before Kane can do anything, Matt Hardy comes to her rescue but Kane easily beats him up as Lita for some reason, cowers in the corner even though Matt told her to get out of the ring. Kane ends up staring Lita down before leaving as the ref tends to Matt.

They air a promo, apparently hyping the debut of a Japanese wrestler named Hirohito.

Edge & Chris Benoit vs. Batista & Ric Flair (Tag Team Title Match)
-Benoit and Flair start things off and Benoit gets the upperhand with a series of chops and a big back bodydrop. He isolates Flair in his corner and then tags out to Edge who continues the onslaught with another bodydrop. Flair begs for mercy so Edge mocks him and then backs him into a neutral corner with more knife edge chops. Thumb to the eye by Flair, which allows him to tag out to Batista who greets with a punch and a series of shoulder blocks in the corner. For some reason, everything I had written from this point until the finish got deleted so I'll just summarize and skip to the end. Triple H ends up coming out and distracts Benoit who has Flair in the Crippler Crossface, forcing Benoit to let go. This gives Flair & Batista the advantage before they break for commercial.


Edge & Chris Benoit vs. Batista & Ric Flair (Tag Team Title Match) -- Continued
-As we come back, Batista is all over Benoit and he and Flair make a couple quick tags until Benoit is finally able to make the hot tag to Edge. Edge cleans house but is eventually slowed down by Batista who attempts a powerbomb. However, Edge counters it and nails Batista with his cast before Benoit hits a flying headbutt from the top rope. This prompts Triple H to once again interfere and pull Benoit out but out of nowhere, Shawn Michaels comes flying out and nails Triple H with the Sweet Chin Music. Inside the ring, Edge hits Batista with a spear and covers him for the pinfall victory as he and Benoit become new tag team champions.

End of show.