WWE Concerned w/WrestleMania Hype, Angle Discusses Storylines, more

* In order to help hype the upcoming Smackdown taping at the Tacoma Dome, The Seattle Times has published an article on Kurt Angle which can be read in its entirety here. In the article Angle states with regard to live events, "Right now we're not selling out (live shows) like we used to. We need to make wrestling what it was. When I started (with the WWE) in 2000, every show was full three hours early. We had that in the mid-1980s and early 1990s, and we're starting to see an upswing again, so I hope I'm part of it." He also commented on current storylines by saying, "The past couple of years have been a little stale."

* Expect to see a lot of developments and press releases come from WWE offices in the coming weeks as many in the company are concerned that the company hasn't announced anything as of this report that is worthy of a normal WrestleMania PPV, much less the 20th Anniversary. Cable companies are already gearing up for the PPV with media blitzes to promote the PPV as they are counting on it to provide them with a significant portion of this year's PPV revenue.

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