Dark Matches, Sunday Night Heat *Spoilers* (4/19/04) - Calgary, Alberta

Report by: Sven H., rajah.com reader


I attended last night's RAW in Calgary. The show was awesome and the crowd was
really hot all night. Some upper sections were taped off, and the local newspapers
claimed the attendance was approx. 12,000.

Dark Matches:

Chuck Palumbo vs. Jobber (from Medicine Hat, Alberta)

Pretty short match, about 3-4 minutes. Chuck Palumbo won, cant remember how though.

Lance Storm vs. Steven Richards

Great reception for hometown hero Lance Storm, who portrayed himself as a face.
Storm won the match through a half boston crab manouver.

Sunday Night Heat:

Grandmaster Sexy vs. Jobber

Grandmaster sexy wrapped up the match after about 5 minutes.

Rosey vs La Resistance

Pretty good match, with La Resistance picking up the win after they hit Rosey over
the head with a flag. Hurricane was ringside with Rosey.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Rhyno

Pretty slow match really, never really took off. Match ended when Rhyno attempted
the gore but missed, Shelton then did a move and pinned him.

RAW Notes:

- Crowd was really into the Y2J and Christian match, as well as the main event. As
mentioned, the crowd was rampant, and the only dead period was during the Tajiri vs
Garrison Cade match. A big "Go Flames Go" chant started, a chant that dominated a
large part of the show.

- Chris Benoit got an enormous ovation, he is waaaaay over!!

- Shawn Michaels actually got a pretty mixed reaction, although TV made it sound as
if it was all boos.

- "You Screwed Bret" and "We want Bret" chants broke out several times.

- AFTER Raw went off the air, Edge and Benoit posed more in the ring, and Edge got
on the mic. He started by saying "Now i know you all wanna go see the Flames kick
the Canucks ass!", which got a huge cheer. He and Benoit then paid tribute to Stu
and Owen Hart. Benoit then said that he wants Evolution to come back out and eat
some more of this Canadian pie!! Triple H eventually makes his way out and talks
some trash, finishes by saying "Hey, i may have tapped out...but you jackoffs still
live in Canada!!".

Edge then thanks Benoit and says he could thing of no better tag team partner. They
pose a little more, Benoit's music hits and they leave.

Crowd left on a high. Overall, a brilliant show, better than the 2002 Smackdown
tapings, and they were good, so that says something!! Hope they come back to Cowtown
soon! GO FLAMES!