WWE Confidential Recap (4/24/04) - Final Show & Best Segments Ever

Well, Tonight is the very last Confidential. Mean Gene starts the show by telling us
that this will be the final episode, episode 101, so tonight will cover the best
segments from the first 100 shows.

Lineage Of The World Championship
The first person to hold the title was George Hackenschmidt in in the early 1900's
then the history got a little fuzzy until the 1950's when Lou Thesz unified the
titles. This belt started with the NWA. Some of the title holders mentioned were
Gene Kininski, Jack Brisco, Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes and Harley Race. Flair says that
when you won the title you had to put down a $25,000 deposit, which was returned to
you upon losing the belt. Jim Crockett sold the NWA to Ted Turner in 1988, Turner
then had the belt we see today crafted.

Up Next: On The Road With Bubba Ray Duddley

We now see a montage of WWE Superstars houses. First up, "Casa La Book". Booker T
shows us his many fish tanks and his golf course. Next, Rey Mysterio shows off his
living quarters followed by Tazz giving us a tour of the corporate jet. Now Jerry
Lawler shows off his Coca-Cola collection. Next, Al Snow shows off his collection of
"Odds and Ends". Ivory and Trish end the segment by showing off their houses.

We now begin following Bubba Ray for "A Weekend In The Life Of Bubba". It starts at
Penn State College at 10:15 on Friday. Him and Spike Dudley drive to Philadelphia in
2 hours. They check into their hotels at 1:50 AM. They sleep. They wake up at 11:07.
Bubba talks to his girlfriend. Bubba says that it's the "Most exciting, boring
lifestyle". They do the house show in Philly and return to their hotel. They wake up
on Sunday and get some breakfast. As they are driving to Hershey they talk about
Tommy Dreamer being the "Master of the Crane Game". He spent $3.00 and won 5 plush
toys, that's an amazing 5 wins out of 6 tries. After the show in Hershey, they drive
to Harrisburg and fly to Cincinnati.

Up Next: Rikishi Talks About Getting Shot
RAW Calendar

Rikishi talks about how he was hit by a drive by shooting. He was in San Fransisco
in 1987. He has a scar on his stomach from the shooting. He said he was in the wrong
place at the wrong time. It felt like a warm blade inside his stomach, and then he
passed out. He thought he was going to die. As he went into the ambulance he
remembers seeing his mothers image. When he awoke in the hospital he saw his wife
and kids. His wife told him he passed away for three minutes. He feels that God put
him back on this Earth for a reason and he loves his wife and kids very, very much.

Up Next: Around the World with The WWE Superstars
WWE Rewind - Confidential ( Last December ) - Cena and Guerrero eat Bull Testicles

We see a montage of WWE Superstars in other countries. Some of the highlights were
Torrie Wilson in England, John Cena trades in his Guiness for some Chocolate Milk,
and Jericho sings with an oriental man.

Now we see highlights from DX invading WCW. It happened at the Scope in Norfolk,
Virginia. They showed up with a tank and tried to go in but they ( WCW ) shut the
doors so they couldn't get in. Triple H said that WCW should've let them in as that
would have made for some interesting tv.

Up Next: Ric Flair talks about his Plane Crash

We see highlights of all of the Divas' segments on Confidential.

It happened on October 4, 1975, which was a beautiful day. Flair said that it
would've been a very long drive so they decided to fly. Flair joked with Johnny
Valentine about low gas, knowing that there was a reserve tank. Then, the right
engine totally died. Nobody was talking during the crash. Nobody remembers anything
from the crash. Flair only rememers the ambulance.

Up Next: Outside The Ropes

We see a montage of all of the "Outside The Ropes" segments.

Well, Ladies and Gentleman. I would just like to say that I have enjoyed doing these
Confidential recaps ( up until recently ) and I would really like to thank anyone
who ever read these reports. I would like to thank Rajah for giving me the
opportunity and I appreciated it very much.

I have been printing all of my recaps out and putting them in a book so I could
always remember doing this and I would like to ask everyone who is reading this now
to send me an e-mail telling me what you thought of all of my recaps.


Thank You Very, Very Much