Goldberg Disappointed, Urlacher/NWA, Vince Russo, Jindrak Too Confident

-Management within the Chicago Bears organizations didn't look too fondly on the appearance of all-pro linebacker Brian Urlacher's on Wednesday's NWA-TNA pay-per-view. General manager for the Bears, Jerry Angelo, claimed in reports that Urlacher is contractually prohibited from taking part in such activities. Urlacher responded by saying, "I know a lot about wrestling, and it's a whole different thing than what we do in football. So I'm going to do what they tell me to do, try not to get anyone hurt or get myself hurt, and have a good time."

-Vince Russo was backstage at NWA-TNA again this week. Reports indicate that he was very hands on when working with and producing certain talent.

-Locker room reports are circulating that after being told so often for Mark Jindrak to have more confidence in himself, he now has a bit too much confidence considering he has so much more to learn in and out of the ring.

-When a few of Goldberg's closest friends in the business were asked to describe his feelings on his stint in the WWE so far, the general comment was "disappointed."

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