WWE Smackdown! *Spoilers* (5/12/04) - Reno, Nevada

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Report by: wrestlingobserver.com

(1)D-von Dudley w/Bubba Ray defeated Rob Van Dam when Bubba interfered. Rey
Mysterio ran in to save RVD from a post match beatdown.

Kurt Angle attempted to shout down Eddie for what he did last week. Eddie
simply ignored Kurt and walked off.

(2)Booker T beat Johnny Stamboli & Nunzio in a handicap match.
Stamboli and Nunzio were still selling theirbeating from last week.

Afterwards, Taker appearsi n an atttempt to intimidate Booker T.

In the back, Angle warns Eddie not to interefere in JBL's match tonight.

Eddie sees JBL's limo arriving and meets it...and attempts to destroy it.
JBL isn't actually in the limo, it was a plot, and JBL promptly has Eddie

(3) Hardcore Holly w/Billy Gunn defeated Rico w/Charlie Haas.

(4) John Cena defeated Sakoda.

A video to hype Mordecai aired.

(5) JBL pinned Rey Mysterio.
A slow match. Lots of heat for JBL. Finish was the clothesline from hell.

Afterwards, JBL ragged on Eddie (who was no longer there after being
arrested) until Taker's music hit.

Taker made his way to the ring with JBL clearly being intimidated. JBL
attempted to apologize but Taker delivers a tombstone to end the show.

Report by: 1wrestling.com

D-Von Dudley opened the show by beating Rob Van Dam when Bubba Ray Dudley interfered. No sign of Paul Heyman. Let me say here, right off the bat, Smackdown sucks. No "last week before the pay per view" promo by Heyman? Are they insane? Anyway, The Dudley's continue to beat on RVD after the match, until Rey
Mysterio ran down to the ring.

Kurt Angle, trying to be General Manager (the crowd does not want to see Kurt in this role) yelled at Eddie Guerrero, who ignored him and walked off. If Michael Jordan became the commish of basketball, or Nolan Ryan became head honcho of baseball, I could see where they get this idea of the former wrestler retiring into the GM role. But that's not how it works. Heyman was great as GM, Angle just doesn't fit the bill. No knock on Angle. Even Ric Flair couldn't pull it off. Vince did it great, and Heyman smartly called the show "Paul Heyman's Smackdown." But Angle isn't Vince, and he isn't Heyman. He's a wrestler in a suit. Just my two cents.

Booker T won a handicap match over Johnny Stamboli & Nunzio, who were still beat up from last week's thrashing at the hands of the Undertaker. Good to see the morons who write this show see so much in Nunzio. Excuse me while I vent. WWE writers (or whomever allows this to happen, Vince) don't understand today's audience nor do they understand who can turn on or off a crowd. So Undertaker plays his black magic tricks and shows up to scare Booker T. And I guess, in the long run, the WWE management feels this makes Booker a bigger star, because he gets to be in an angle with the Undertaker. Morons.

More from Kurt and Eddie. Now Angle warns Guerrero not to interfere in JBL's match this evening. All the chemistry from pre-Mania is down the drain, because it's not focused. Someone's sidetracked here, folks.

So JBL's limo pulls up, and Eddie attacks the limo. But Eddie is stupid, you see, because JBL wasn't in the limo. It was just a ploy, and Eddie gets arrested. This is like watching Memphis Wrestling in the early 1990s. You know, when it got really bad.

Hardcore Holly wasted everyone's time by beating Charlie Haas. Billy Gunn at ringside, Rico at ringside, and not one person in the arena outside of someone with a financial interest in this match gave two craps.

US Champion John Cena defended the country's honor, and yes I am being sarcastic, by beating Sakoda. Cena should have been given the chance to steal the show tonight, and he didn't. Where's the mentality here?

Mordechai's newest video was played on the screen. He looks so gimmicky, and no one takes him seriously. I wish I had something positive to say by now, but this show really sucks. Didn't they see this coming when they lost Lesnar as the big star and replaced Heyman as GM? This show is simply horrible.

JBL beat Rey Mysterio in a slow moving match that will do nothing for Mysterio. Lots of crowd heat for Bradshaw, but anyone against Mysterio could get a lot of heat. The crowd was not impressed with this edition of Smackdown. Still, those in attendance were pissed at Bradshaw for his treatment of Rey, so of course, off the air, they have Undertaker come down and tombstone Bradshaw. The whole thinking process is backwards, isn't it?

It's time for the WWE thinktank to be re-evaluated.