WWE House Show Results (3/27/04) - Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Report by: HBK05, rajah.com reader

Sorry your just now getting them guys but I could never find the section on the site up til' today. Alright.

I got there a good 2 hours before doors opened. We passed Coach on the road and got at the arena the same time he did! Chuck Palumbo arrived soon after. Other wresters we saw arrive were Trish Stratus, HHH and Steph, Arn Anderson and Sgt. Slaughter, Matt Hardy, Tajiri, Chris Jericho, and Christian, Hurricane, and Rhyno. I got Molly Holly's autograph, by the time my friend gave me some paper Matt Hardy was on the other side of parking lot so I said screw it. Doors opened at 6:30 I'd say I got in about 6:50, and it started 5 miniutes early. It wasn't suppose to start intil 7:30 but started at 7:25.

The Coach came out and welcomed us all for coming, but, this poor man could hardly talk without getting the hell boo'd out of him, sometimes he'd get a cheer or two in.

Match 1:
Tajiri def. Matt Hardy
Matt Hardy was really over. Some guy sitting about 4 rows behind us goes "MATT WHERES YOUR BROTHER?!" If you care Matt Fact was Matt Hardy was gonna give a double does of Mattitude to any former Smackdown! superstar in the back but that didn't happen by a long shot because Tajiri won.

Match 2:
Garrison Cade def. Eugene
This match was 2 long for such a boring match. I mean, I'm sure atleast 15 'boring' chants broke out through the arena through the match. Eugene was funny I almost fell out of my chair laughing though.

Match 3:
Chuck Palumbo def. Rob Conway
I've never heard more "USA" chants in my life. The crowd was sweet all night. Once Conway had Palumbo in the corner and goes "USA Huh?" and I leaned over to my friend and go yea you sorry son of a you know . :-)

Match 4: Shelton Benjamin def. Horshu
Sad I didn't see much of this match. I went to buy some stuff. I heard Coach though, "AND THE WINNER IS SHELTON BENJAMIN!"

Coach says Smackdown! is been 3-0 and they need a monster to stop it. Rhyno said he was gonna give Kane an a** whoopin' ECW style!

Match 5:
Kane def. Rhyno
What I saw of this match was good. I was listening to Rhyno at the merchindise stand waiting for my friend to get done buying stuff. I got tired of waiting and went back to my seat. Thank God I was only about 10 rows back from there. In 2001 I spent atleast 15 miniutes getting back to my seat.

Coach comes out and says there is going to be a 15 miniute intermission. He fires off t-shirts but because I was so low down I didn't get one. Benoit comes out for an interview which resulted Coach getting a crossface in the end.

Intermission I went down to the 5th row and talked to some friends cuz if you went into the concession stands area it was so packed you were going to get pushed right back into the stands.

Match 6: Victoria and Nidia def. Molly Holly and Jazz
This match was cool. Molly got her wig pulled off. When I got her autograph she was wearing a do-rag.

Match 7: Batista def. Hurricane
Squash match no doubt. After its over Rosey comes out just to be beat up.

Match 8: Christian w/Trish Stratus def. Chris Jericho
This was my favorite match of the night. It ends with Christian rolling Jericho up.

Match 9: World Heavyweight Title
Chris Benoit (c) def. HHH
I loved this match! 2nd favorite no doubt. Huge "you tapped out" chant throughout the arena. HHH taps out to the crossface. After the match Benoit got on the mic and said, "Well looks like you tapped out."

After the event I stayed and watched the wrestlers leave. Got Coach's autograph. HHH SUV'd the hell outta there.