The Best Damn Wrestling Column Period: The Wizard's Musings

For wrestling fans in the U.S., the only thing worse than having to return to work after a nice three-day Memorial Day weekend is realizing that there isn't another federal holiday for three months. (That's right, July 4th falls on a Sunday this year.)

So in honor of the downtrodden, overburdened American workforce, your Wizard is working overtime to bring you not one, not two or three, but five columns this week. Well, five mini columns anyway. Musings, if you will.

That's right, the sidebar you've come to know and love as The Wizard's Musings is finally getting its big push from the midcard to the main event. I've got some thoughts on Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, the Diva Search, and hey, there's even some TNA in the middle. So let's get started with a recent rumination I had on the state of the World Heavyweight Championship. Or to be more blunt . . .

Why the heck is Chris Benoit in a tag team?

To all the fans who argued for years that Chris Benoit was long overdue for a World Title run, the WWE has responded with a resounding "ehhhhhhhh, maybe."

Next up for Benoit: The Milford, Ohio, Pinewood Derby Championship.

Sure, he won the title cleanly against two of the best wrestlers of our time at the biggest event in history. Then a month later he beat the same two men again in another great pay-per-view main event. But what has Benoit been up to in the meantime?

In the 13 weeks that Benoit has been World Champion, he has defended the title only twice on TV