WWE Velocity Report (1/1/05) - Taped in New Orleans, Louisiana

WWE Velocity Report-1st January 2005
By Shaun Best-Rajah.Com Reporter

Hello everyone I'm filling in this week, so Happy New Year and let's get
started. Steve Romero & Josh Mathews are on commentary and there's no
Velocity pyro as instead we're treated to Torrie Wilson making her way to
the ring as Guest Ring Announcer wearing a black outfit with a figure of
eight around the cleavage and silver cinquan boots. Josh hits the nail right
on the head by saying "she looks good in everything but looks the best in
nothing". Yabba Dabba. Torrie wishes us all a happy new year, invites us to
party with her and kicks off 2005 with our first match

Kenzo Suzuki w/Hiroko vs Paul London
Kenzo enters and poses to Torrie and in the corner as Torrie looks on
disinterested. London sprints down and manages to slide across the ring and
to the outside and flips back to the canvas from the second rope to ready
himself for the bronze warrior. London stomps toward a bemused Kenzo who
greets him with a boot to the midsection and punches. London comes off the
ropes, ducks underneath Kenzo, and then takes him down with a series of
dropkicks and an armdrag. Kenzo gets up, London off the ropes again, another
duck and a flying forearm takes Kenzo down again. London gets a nearfall and
goes back to the armdrag, Kenzo gets up, knee to the midsection followed by
a kick and punch in the ropes. London off the ropes, Kenzo lands a boot and
a Japanese uppercut puts London down. Kenzo bounces London's head off the
turnbuckle and lands chops and kicks in the corner and plays to the crowd
which channels heat. Kenzo Irish whips London and takes him down with a
clothesline for a nearfall as a USA chant breaks out much to Kenzo's
annoyance. London tries to fight back but Kenzo takes control by gripping an
arm and applies a claw to the upper body. London hits a forearm and a kick
but Kenzo hits another knee to the midsection, slams him down and hits a
jumping kneedrop off the ropes to the sternum and gets another nearfall.
London helps himself up using the ropes so Kenzo sneaks up from behind goes
to the outside and brings London's arm down across the top rope before
rolling back in and re-applying the claw/fist full of skin to the upper body
of London. London rallies to another USA chant with a few kicks to Kenzo's
head and he rises up and lands forearms to the head of Kenzo and judo throws
his way free. London fights off Kenzo into the corner with a series of
punches and kicks and mounts Kenzo ready for a 10 punch assault. London gets
to six before Kenzo moves forward with London still on top and as London
hits the other four punches Kenzo powerbombs him down. Kenzo raises his hand
as London gets to his feet and Kenzo executes the STO and covers for the
win.1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: KENZO SUZUKI. Post Match Kenzo celebrates
and blows a kiss to Torrie who isn't impressed and neither is Hiroko who
questions Kenzo's antics on their way to the back.

Still to Come RVD & Rey Mysterio vs Booker T & Eddie Guerrero from

Up Next John Cena vs Rene Dupree from SmackDown.


Raw & SmackDown are coming back to the UK and to The NEC Arena in Birmingham
on April 25th & 26th. I can't wait.

John Cena beats Rene Dupree via FU to retain US Title on SmackDown. The
Chain Gang go wild.

Up Next JBL defends his WWE Title on SmackDown against someone pulled from a

Don't Try This At Home.

JBL demolishes Shannon Moore on SmackDown in a Title Match. Theodore R Long
reveals all the names in the pot were Shannon Moore and names the SmackDown
Main Event for the Royal Rumble. JBL vs Kurt Angle vs The Big Show in a
Triple Threat Match.


Billy Kidman vs Chavo Guerrero
Kidman swaggers to the ring to a negative reaction while Oooohhhhhh Chavo
gets a nice pop from the crowd as Kidman cowers to the outside. Kidman gets
back in as a Chavo chant breaks out and Chavo motions to his ear to rile up
Kidman. Both lockup and jostle to the corner, ref steps in for a clean
break, Chavo dodges a Kidman attack and armdrags him down and Kidman backs
down in the corner while Chavo motions he's taking out the trash. Second
lockup, Chavo scores a go-behind, Kidman reverses, Chavo takes him down,
armbar and then a side headlock applied. Chavo comes off the ropes takes
down Kidman with a shoulderblock, and shows that it's muscular pose time.
Kidman reverses an Irish whip, Chavo vaults up onto a charging Kidman and a
Headscissors sends Kidman flying. Kidman's head eats turnbuckle before Chavo
scores with uppercuts. Kidman reverses another Irish whip, Chavo dodges a
Kidman splash comes off the ropes but Kidman recovers and surprises an
onrushing Chavo with a dropkick. Kidman kicks away at the kidney area of
Chavo and chokes him illegally in the ropes before punishing him in the
corner, snapmaring him down and applying a chinlock while keeping the knee
driven into Chavo's back. Chavo gets up tries to break free, Kidman punches
him in the back and whips Chavo hard into the corner and Chavo crashes to
the canvas. Kidman covers for a two count and then stretches Chavo and again
wedges his knee in his back. Chavo refuses to quit butts and elbows free and
unloads a few roundhouse punches. Kidman reverses into the ropes, Chavo
ducks Kidman's swing attempt and both then crash into each other with
simultaneous dive attacks and both men are down as the referee lays on the
count. Kidman gets up first using the ropes and charges at a nearly risen
Chavo who blocks Kidman's roundhouse attempts and unleashes some of his own
which send Kidman staggering into the corner. Chavo follows and proceeds to
stomp a mudhole into Kidman and then scores with a backbodydrop,
clothesline, shoulderblock and a spinning forearm and Chavo is on a roll.
Chavo covers but Kidman gets out at two. Chavo picks up Kidman, attempts a
suplex, Kidman wriggles behind and Chavo turns and gets hit with the BK
bomb. Kidman drags Chavo to the corner, goes up top and comes off with the
Shooting Star Press but Chavo rolls away. Kidman tries to get up and Chavo
lands a kick to the back of the neck and covers, wait a minute 1-2-3, that's
it. Josh thinks that Kidman had his shoulder up but Chavo is proclaimed the
winner as Kidman is sprawled on the canvas. Here is Your Winner: CHAVO

Up Next RVD & Rey Mysterio vs Booker T & Eddie Guerrero from SmackDown.

SmackDown Promo Airs.

RVD & Rey Mysterio retain Tag Team Titles on SmackDown against Booker T &
Eddie Guerrero when Mysterio rolls up Eddie after he is caught Lyin'
Cheatin' & Stealin' by the referee.

Up Next Hardcore Holly & Charlie Haas vs Mark Jindrak & Luther Reigns.


Hardcore Holly & Charlie Haas vs Mark Jindrak & Luther Reigns
It's Main Event time now folks as the faces enter first and they receive a
good pop. Fans seem to love Baldcore Bully, don't ask me why. The
commentators specuate on the newly focused Charlie Haas as he has now gotten
rid of the excess baggage and has winning on his mind. I wouldn't say Miss
Jackie was baggage and you're a winner alraedy if you have her if you ask
me. The heels get booed as Josh marvels over Jindrak's figure and dubs
Luther the "Demon from the Dirty Desert". All four men stare each other down
and talk trash before the dust settles and the bell rings and it's Luther
starting off with Holly. Luther and Holly engage in another staredown before
locking up and Luther backs Holly into a corner, clean break, no Luther
tries a kick but Holly catches the leg and clubs away on Luther with vicious
punches and Irish whips him. Hardcore charges into a Luther elbow, Luther
then charges Holly who attempts a hiptoss, Luther blocks it, Holly ducks
Luther's swing, rolls him up for a two count and chops away in the corner.
Luther with a reversal into the ropes, Holly ducks underneath, armdrag
takedown into an armbar, Luther gets up punches free, kick to the
midsection, club to the back and Luther tags in Jindrak. Jindrak charges
into a slam by Holly and then an armdrag takedown and Holly tags in Haas who
winds up the arm, hits an armdrag of his own and locks in an armbar to
ground Jindrak on the canvas. Haas drops a knee and winds Jindrak's arm
again, Jindrak retaliates with a knee to the gut and punches and kicks send
Charlie into the corner where Jindrak continues to attack and then choke
with his boot. Jindrak kicks Haas whips him into the ropes, Haas counters a
hiptoss attempt with a firemans takedown then lands a drop toehold and some
basic matwork leads him back to his corner where Holly is tagged back in.
Haas holds Jindrak in position for Holly to kick at the midsection and then
Holly chops Jindrak in the ropes. Jindrak reverses a whip to the ropes,
attempts a slam, Holly slips behind and armdrags him down. Tag to Haas who
rams Jindrak shoulderfirst into the turnbuckle then lands a shoulder blow of
his own and holds him in position as he tags Holly back in. Good frequent
tagging here by the faces, as Holly comes in, Haas grabs Jindrak's arms
climbs over the top ropes and holds him in position for Holly who grabs
Jindrak's legs to suspend him in mid-air readying him for the groin kick.
Holly lands the groin kick and as Jindrak is crouched down Holly goes to the
top rope and comes off hitting Jindrak with a clothesline. Luther tries to
enter but Holly clotheslines him down and signals for the end and gets
Jindrak in position for the Alabama Slam but Luther is up and as Holly turns
round with Jindrak on his shoulders he walks into a Luther kick and the tide
in this match has now turned as we go to a