WWE House Show Results (1/5/05) - Chicago, Illinois

WWE House Show in Chicago, Illinois - January 5, 2005
By: Feras Ballout, rajah.com reader

The first WWE Show of the year from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois was
rocking! It was a great show from top to bottom and easily one of the best shows I
have ever itended.

I arrived at the Allstate Arena about 6:30, where the show would start at 7:30. I
didn't bother to go to the back this time to see if all the wrestlers were arriving
and such because one, it was freezing outside, and two it was snowing like crazy
out. Everyone was freezing their asses off, literally.

Anyway, after some disprespectful words to the staff members of the Arena to open
the door, the doors open at about 7:10-ish. I get into the arena where the I pass
through all the traffic called WWE Fans. I find my seat - section 3 (floor), row 8.
Pretty good seatings. Anyway, when I got in the arena, some WWE music was playing in
the background. I seriously was not expecting much from this show, but it delivered.
Especially driving to the Arena (which is normally 25-30 mins, was now increased 2
times from all the snow traffic.

After I get my nachos and drinks, the lights in the arena go out. We hear the "do
not post pictures anywhere witout permission of World Wrestling Entertainment" crap.
We hear the WWE Desire music, no video as there is no titan-tron. Tony Chemil and
this one dude from Q101 walk to the ring where he says it is freezing outside and
HOT in the arena. Anyway, we boo the Q101 dude, he walks off and we look at the US
of A flag in the arena and listen to the original National Anthem played by

Chemil brings out the referee. A few older men a few rows ahead of me called all the
referees that came to the ring so they can notice him. Hebner got big praise from
the fans. Anyways, Theodore Long kicks us off and makes a few matches. Including JBL
vs. Big Show for the WWE Championship, Heidendreich vs. Undertaker in a rematch from
Iraq, John Cena vs. Kenzo Suzuki for the U.S. Championship, Tag Titles. Theodore
Long promises to be a great GM in 2005.

WWE Tag Team Championships - Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio [c] vs. The Basham Brothers.

GREAT match to kick off this great House Show event. RVD and Rey Mysterio hit
everything in this match. Bashams were really boring in this match and Bashams vs.
RVD/Rey is NOT the way to go for the Royal Rumble. Anyway, the finish came when one
of the Bashams was going to hit RVD with the chair, but Rey dropkicks Basham to the
outside right with the chair to the face. Rey Mysterio hits the 619 on Basham. RVD
hits the Frog Splash for RVD and Rey Mysterio to retain their WWE Tag Team
Championship Belts! Great opener.

Daniel Puder vs. Hardcore Holly

One of Daniel Puder's first matches in the WWE takes place in the Allstate Arena
against the very tough Hardcore Holly. Lots of chops by Hardcore Holly to Daniel
Puder in the corner with lots of "one more" chants from the crowd. Holly delievered.
However, this match was boring and hence why the crowd chanted "boring" this match.
Puder gets the pin with the roll-up on Hardcore Holly with the 1-2-3.

WWE U.S. Championship - John Cena vs. Kenzo Suzuki

John Cena came out first to talk to the crowd before the match when Kenzo Suzuki
came to the ring. The end of the match came when Hiroko goes to hit Cena with some
white powder. Cena then hits the F-U to retain the WWE United States Championship.
The crowd went wild for Cena overall.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Fatal Four Way Elimination Match - Nunzio vs. Akio
vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Funaki

Not the best Cruiserweight Championship Match they have ever had, but looks at the
Cruisers minus Chavo Guerrero. Akio eliminates the first two guys - Nunzio and Chavo
Guerrero (w/ a cradle.) Chavo Guerrero gets pissed off and causes Akio the match for
Funaki to retain the Cruiserweight Championship.

WWE Championship - JBL w/ Orlando Jordanvs. Big Show

JBL and Orlando Jordan came out and of course JBL insulted the fans including the
Bears and the Bulls (who DO indeed suck.) Everyone booed JBL, instead, I cheered.
JBL is the MAN! However, this match was okay average. The first 5-10 minutes of this
match was simply mind games and fun time. JBL simply tried going at Big Show from
behind, but Show would turn around in time to laugh at JBL. This match ended with a
cheap disqualification. Orlando Jordan, and the Bashams went at it with Big Show,
but Show stood tall.


Eddie Guerrero & Booker T vs. Mark Jindrak & Luther Reigns

When Eddie Guerrero came out, the same few men I talked about earlier, one of the
guys began DANCING like crazy! It was really weird and I was laughing my ass off!
Anyway, onto the match. Pretty decent tag match action here with Booker T getting
the tag win with the Scissors Kick! After the match, Booker T did the Spinarooni
only for Eddie Guerrero to be able to do it. Eddie wasn't sure at first and kept
asking Booker T to do it so he could know. Funny stuff. Eddie ended up doing it.

Miss Jackie vs. Dawn Marie

Torrie Wilson was the "special" ring announcer for this match. HORRIBLE skills.
Anyway, not much to note here, Miss Jackie won this match and Dawn Marie was so
pissed off. Dawn attacked Jackie and Torrie and Jackie double team Dawn Marie and
strip her down to her bra. Dawn runs up the ramp, ashamed.

Casket Match - The Undertaker vs. Heidenreich

Just like any other Casket Match at recent Live Events, blood shed was dropped from
The Undertaker. Heidenreich flat out sucks. No question about it. This match was
about to finished when Heidenreich hit a sleeper knocking out Taker. Heidenreich
would throw Taker in the Casket, but Taker's hands stop the Casket from closing on
him. Undertaker would fight back, hit the Tombstone Piledriver on Heidenreich and
close the Casket on him to win this match. Cool match to see in person.

Overall, not a GREAT show, but it is very good to go to these Live Events because
these wrestlers come out and the show is strictly for you, the fans and for your
enjoyment. Great show. I love coming out to events.