Final SmackDown Rating, Al Snow on Radio This Sunday

Press Release: Voice of Wrestling
Subject:Al Snow Live This Sunday, Plus PPV Coverage
Date: 01/06/2005

The Voice of Wrestling goes once again this Sunday from 6:00-8:00 EST with your hosts: Chris Cash, Doc Young, and Legendary Les Thatcher. After the incredible interview with the always-controversial New Jack last week, it would take a very special guest to continue kicking the new year off to a great start. We feel we have done just that as WWE Superstar, Al Snow, will be live this Sunday on VoW. Al will join the program to discuss the PPV that also takes place this Sunday (more details below on PPV audio coverage), his latest involvement with WWE, and we'll take questions from the chat room that you can submit during the show.

R.D. Reynolds of and author of the newly-released Death of WCW book will also join Chris, Doc, and Les to discuss the premise behind this tell-all book about the rise and fall of WCW. Plus, if you haven't read yet, you will find out what Voice of Wrestling interview was used in the book! In addition to these two great guests this week, the Voice of Wrestling hosts will run down all the latest in professional wrestling this week including Brock Lesnar's latest happenings, Abyss leaving TNA, TNA's future, and much more. "Irish" Pete Doyle also joins the program to discuss the "Hot Topic of the Week".

If you think we're done...then you're wrong. This is just the regular two-hour programming the Voice of Wrestling is known for every week. We have much more! Immediately following the regular two-hour broadcast, Chris Cash and Doc Young stick around for Full Audio Coverage of WWE's New Years Revolution PPV. We will keep you updated on all that takes place during the PPV. If you're not ordering (and we encourage you TO order), then feel free to join us live for three solid hours beginning at 8:00 EST for audio coverage.

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This week's edition of SmackDown finished with a 3.4 rating. That's up from recent weeks.

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[ Source: Pro Wrestling Insider ]