WWE International Sunday Night Heat Report (01/09/05)-Taped in Uniondale, New York

WWE International Sunday Night Heat Report-9th January 2005
By Shaun Best-Rajah.Com Reporter

Welcome One and All Shaun here back with you once again this time for Heat. It's New Year's Revolution weekend baby so let's get this thing rocking. For some reason Heat is only scheduled for 45 minutes today so let's see what's been edited out. The coach & Todd Grisham are on commentary but aren't live as no announce booth is visible and Howard Finkel is the ring announcer. No Pyro I think we will always be denied. We start out this week with………..

Simon Dean vs Val Venis
Yeahhhhhhhh! I'm starting to dig The Simon System and Simon Dean but the live audience obviously think differently. Simon enters with a smile on his face complete with fitness bag and cool entrance music. Simon looks in disgust at some of the fat fans near to the ring and he moves to his music a little when in the ring before getting on the mic. Simon introduces his name and shares his New Years Resolution. He's here to help us as we need it and he points to a fat fan at ringside saying he isn't too big but three big LOL. Simon says he's giving us his Simon System and that one day we can look like him because his name is Simon Dean and finally Simon Says he believes in us. Hellllloooooo Ladies Val Venis enters to pops from the crowd and he does his usual entrance schtick but actually throws his towel to a lucky recipient at ringside this week. Bell rings and Val backs Simon to the corner, Simon shoves Val away who then shoves Simon down. Simon cowers to the corner where Val applies a wristlock in the ropes and then backs away again as the referee steps in. Val works on Simon's arm and grounds him and twists away. Simon forces Val into the ropes who reverses a throw to the ropes, Simon ducks underneath and punches Val down. Simon comes off the ropes and is met by a Val punch to the midsection. Val lands punches and chops before driving Simon onto the ropes and following through with knees to the gut before taking him down with a side russian legsweep. Val stands over Siimon and after a little gyration proceeds to pound his head in with punches to the head. Simon rolls onto the apron, Val moves towards him but Simon drops Val's throat down across the top rope jumps back in over the top rope and clotheslinese the Big Valbowski down. Simon gets a nearfall before punishing the neck of Val with clubbing blows and a kick. Val punches back but Simon cuts off Val by dropping him with a neckbreaker onto his knee and he covers for another nearfall. Simon chokes Val while doing push-ups, chokes Val in the ropes and drops a knee onto his back. Simon applies a camel clutch stretching Val who gets to his feet and punches free but Simon lands a kick in the head to put Venis back down again. Simon taunts Val by standing over him and he does some moves of his own before Val surprises him with a rollup which gets him a two count and nearly costs Simon. Val reverses a whip to the ropes and clotheslines Simon down, Simon charges Val who retreats to the corner but eats boot and Val connects with a series of right hands, bounces Simon off the ropes, backelbows him down twice, kick to the gut, Val scores with a fisherman's suplex but Dean manages to get out at two. As Val argues the count Dean crawls to the corner where his fitness bag is takes out his Simon bottle and places it down, as Val grabs him and rolls him up for a two count. The bag fell back with Simon and as the referee deposits the bag, Simon grabs his bottle and clocks Venis with it, pushes it out of the ring and covers Val who is out cold as the referee turns around and registers the three count. 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: SIMON DEAN. Post Match Simon grabs his bottle from the arena floor, stuffs it down his tank top and walks off up the ramp. Yeah!

Chris Jericho Y2J Promo Airs.


Rhyno vs Danny Doring
Big pops for Rhyno as he runs to the ring, yes he doesn't sprint this week. No Tajiri to run against LOL. Doring gets no reaction. He's jobbed before to Rhyno in a tag match and more recently got beaten by Gene Snitsky so let's see how he fares here. Bell rings and an ECW chant erupts and this is a match between two ex -ECW wrestlers. I hope the ECW PPV happens. That would be cool. Cheap Plug, The Rise & Fall of ECW is one of the best WWE produced DVD's ever. Doring grabs an arm, Rhyno reverses kicks Doring in the midsection and throws him to the mat by the arm. Rhyno off the ropes Doring manages to avoid him twice but when he tries a hiptoss, Rhyno blocks twice and clotheslines him down. "Who's The Man". Rhyno kicks at a fallen Doring in the corner picks him up bounces off the ropes attempts a sidewalk slam, Doring goes round Rhyno and down, kick no Rhyno grabs Doring's leg and punches him in the gut. Rhyno Irish whips Doring charges and eats turnbuckle. Doring lands a punch and kick, Rhyno punches back kicks Doring to the ropes and a club to the back puts Doring down. Rhyno throws Doring to the ropes puts his head down too early, Doring kicks it ducks a Rhyno clothesline and dropkicks him down. Doring gets a cover in clubs Rhyno in the neck and back and squeezes Rhyno's head in between his arm. Rhyno punches out, Doring gets a reversal to the ropes, Rhyno takes him down with a flying clothesline then again with a shove, Irish whip, Rhyno charges in and lands head to the midsection. Rhyno reels Doring in and hits a spinebuster and gets ready for the Gore. Doring gets up in one corner starts to move forward but Rhyno smashes into him with the Gore and pins him 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: RHYNO. Note all through the match Grisham called Doring Morrison, I know that's his real name but he was announced as Doring so get it right.

Later Tajiri vs Steven Richards.

Up Next Batista vs Chris Benoit from Raw.

Raw Comes to the UK and The NEC Arena in Birmingham on Monday April 25th.

Beat The Clock Night is recapped and Highlights of Batista vs Chris Benoit from Raw are shown. Batista wins with a Sitdown Powerbomb after powering out of the Crippler Crossface. World Heavyweight Title Match graphic is shown and hyped for New Years Revolution.

Don't Try This At Home.


The Hurricane & Rosey vs Wagner Brown & John Rosello
The crowd love the superheroes. The jobbers get no reaction as always although Wagner Brown I know of from 3PW fame. He has the name Slyck on each side of his pants. Sign is shown Chicks Dig Masks as the bell rings to get us underway. Rosey & Wagner lockup and jostle to the corner. Wagner shoves Rosey who responds with a shove of his own sending Wagner backwards. Wagner ducks Rosey's charge but his punches have no effect, Rosey catches Wagner's kick attempt and clotheslines him down. After a Rosey headbutt knocks him back down Wagner is the recipient of a kick to the gut and a gutwrench/throwaway slam. Wagner tags out & Rosello enters and wants The Hurricane and taunts him. Hurricane wants in, Rosey tags him but shakes Rosello's hand first and twists it before whipping him to the corner. Now Hurricane enters, Rosello off the ropes, Hurricane connects with a leg lariat, lateral press gets one. Hurricane with a punch, Rosello knee to the gut, punch, Irish whip, Hurricane goes up and over the charging Rosello. Rosello turns to face a Hurri-Pose and a charge results in him eating an uppercut. Hurricane tries bringing Rosello to the canvas from the corner but Rosello lands on his feet poses and taunts the Hurricane "Wasupwidat". Hurricane responds with a poke to the eyes looks back at Brown trying to come in, punches Rosello looks back again as Brown is now on the apron, Rosello reverses a whip to the ropes, Brown holds the ropes and Hurricane falls through them to the outside. Brown throws Hurricane back in Rosello kicks him down and tags in Brown. Brown stomps away at Hurricane while Coach scoffs at his name Slyck saying he doesn't have time to talk to these people instead rabbiting on about how his schedule is full. Yeah right. Brown lands a sitdown slam cover gets 0. Brown kick to the gut, Hurricane off the ropes, tilt-a-whirl backbreaker finds its mark and this time Brown does get a nearfall. Rosello tags in and he kicks the superhero and drives his head into the Hurricane in his corner and snapmares him down, cover gets two. Rosello signals to Brown who hangs his feet inside but Hurricane thwarts Rosello's plans and rams Rosello into Brown's boots instead, uppercuts Brown off the apron but turns round and is met by a vicious clothesline by Rosello. Rosello gets another two count and wrenches away at the neck as Coach again spouts nonsense saying how you can't afford a loss if you want to get on the card for events such as New Year's Revolution. The crowd get behind Hurricane who rises up and both exchange blows, Hurricane into the ropes Rosello puts his head down, Hurricane counters into a reverse neckbreaker and both men tag out. Brown gets shoulderblocked, clotheslined and slammed down as Grisham repeats Brown Down and Coach sarcastically repeats Rosey rocked Roselli aarrrggh how annoying. Rosello charges in and receives a downward spiral for his troubles. Brown off the ropes, kicks Rosey in the head, off the ropes again Rosey takes him down, sitting kneedrop into a cover 1-2- no Rosello breaks up the count with a dropkick to Rosey's head. Hurricane rushes in to punch Rosello who reverses an Irish whip charges, Hurricane backbodydrops him to the outside and executes a Shining Wizard to Brown who is crouched up but doesn't sell it well. Rosey splashes on top of Brown and covers for the 1-2-3. Here are Your Winners: THE HURRICANE & ROSEY.

Up Next Randy Orton vs Triple H from Raw.

SmackDown! Comes to The UK and The NEC Arena in Birmingham on Tuesday 26th April.

Randy Orton pins Triple H via RKO on Raw. Shawn Michaels registers the three count after all 6 competitors in Elimination Chamber enter and brawl. Elimination Chamber match is hyped again.


Steven Richards vs Tajiri
Our GM is already in the ring as Tajiri is introduced. The bell rings and another ECW chant fills the arena. God everybody is psyched about the not yet announced ECW PPV, Damn straight. Richards works the arm of Tajiri, Tajiri rolls forward and reverses via an armdrag takedown and a rollup attempt gets one. Tajiri takes the leg of Richards, lateral press, Tajiri jumps a Stevie swat and scores with a kick to the back of Richards' head. Stevie shakes off the blow in the corners before locking up and backing Tajiri into the ropes then slapping the buzzsaw's chest. Tajiri kicks Richards in the ass. Richards lunges forward, Tajiri catches the leg and kicks Richards ass again. Tajiri with punches, bodyslam no Richards slips behind pushes Tajiri into the ropes, springboard backelbow attempt is shoved aside by Richards. Richards stomps the back, whip to the ropes, Tajiri with a sunset flip attempt, Richards drops on top of Tajiri who wriggles out but Richards catches him with a kick to the back. Tajiri comes off the ropes right into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Richards slaps and kicks the back of Tajiri in the corner before placing him on the second turnbuckle and standing on top of him before LOL he falls off to the outside and just misses the ring steps. Richards runs back in, charges and hits a dropkick to the back of Tajiri who was still on the turnbuckle. Richards drags him away and gets a nearfall. Richards picks up Tajiri and places him in a backbreaker. Tajiri manages to hold Richards' face off and slap his way free, Richards with a chop, whip to ropes, Stevie attempts a second tilt-a-whirl but Tajiri counters into a headscissors takedown. Stevie aims a kick which misses Tajiri but he sells it anyway and Stevie lands a vicious chop to the buzzsaw. Tajiri into the ropes, Stevie attempts yet another tilt-a-whirl but Tajiri lands on his feet ducks a Stevie swing and peppers him with stiff kicks to the midsection. Stevie off the ropes gets taken down by a spinning heel kick. Tajiri chops away, Stevie with a reversal into the ropes, Tajiri jumps up and brings Richards down with a bulldog. Tajiri covers 1-2- no Richards sneaks out of the back door and Tajiri can't believe it. Tajiri chops Richards in the corner, Richards reverses an Irish whip, charges, Tajiri goes up to attempt the Tarantula but no Stevie backtracks and hits a Stevie Kick to the midsection. Richards ushers Tajiri up charges and crotches himself on the second rope and crashes down and as Stevie favours his privates Tajiri is positioned behind him and knocks him silly with a reverse crescent kick. This one's over, 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: TAJIRI.

Coach & Grisham shill for New Year's Revolution and thank us for watching. End of Show. My predictions for New Year's Revolution are quickly, Kane, Maven, Christian & Tyson Tomko, Lita, Muhammad Hassan & Batista with Triple H regaining at Royal Rumble. I'll be back later on if Live Heat is shown in the UK with a quick recap but if not then enjoy New Year's Revolution and I'll see you soon. Laters Shaun. Note The Hassan Debate was edited out of this broadcast.