WWE New Years Revolution Results (1/09/05): The Elimination Chamber

Event: New Years Revolution
Announcers: Jerry "The King" Lawler & Jim Ross
Date: January 9, 2005

Tyson Tomko & Christian vs. Eugene & William Regal

The event kicks off LIVE from Puerto Rico. Tyson Tomko and Christian are making their way to the ring to get this night underway. William Regal & Eugene are next out to the ring. It looks like there is a nice crowd on hand tonight for the Pay Per view.

Eugene is in the ring and is terrorizing Christian and gives him a wedgie. Eugene has on a "Hulkster" shirt. Christian finally gets it going and attacks Eugene and then locks on a side headlock. Eugene is all over the ring, running around outside saying hello to the fans among other things. Eugene finally gets back in the ring where he knocks Tomko out of the ring and almost rolls up Christian. He then goes for the airplane spin. Tomko finally gets in while the ref is distracted and knocks Eugene to the ground and now Christian takes control of the match.

Tomko gets the tag and he is now back in the ring. Quickly Christian is back in the ring and he "hulk" up and blocks Christian's offensive attempts. He then makes the tag to William Regal, but Regal runs into Tomko who almost takes his head off with a big clothesline.

Tomko then lands an elbow and goes for a quick cover, but Regal is able to kick out. Tomko now isolates Regal in the corner with his front face lock and takes control of the match. Regal's nose is busted open. Ross comments that he would be surprised if it was not broken. Regal is still in trouble as Christian and Tomko continue to work on him. Tomko hits a back body flip. Regal continues to bleed out of his nose. Regal finally gets a knee up and gets some offense, but Christian gets in a cheap shot which stops all of that.

Regal almost gets a tag, but he is pulled back in the ring by Tomko. Regal again gets free and is trying to get to the right corner to make the tag. Regal just can't make the tag. He keeps going to the wrong corner. Regal is barely able to stand, but somehow makes a tag to Eugene.

Eugene is in the ring and scoring with several right hands as he ducks a clothesline. He then hits a dropkick. Eugene looks like he hurt his leg as he is barely able to get the rollup pin to retain the title for his team. That ending seemed to be botched, so Eugene may have really hurt his leg in that match.

Winner: William Regal & Eugene

They show Christy Hemme outside by the pool in her bikini earlier today talking about everyone being down in Puerto Rico.

King and Ross talk about the upcoming Women's Championship match, that looks like it will be up next.

Trish comes out wearing all black and looking very nice and she is followed by Lita who is wearing a pink top with camo pants.

Lita vs. Trish Stratus

Lita quickly sends Trish over the ropes and out to the floor. Lita takes a huge leap through the ropes and now she is holding her knee. No offense, but Lita's boobs are about to pop out of her top as you can see below. I can't tell if Lita really hurt her leg, but it looks like it may also be a legit injury as she can barely stand also.

Trish is now hammering away on Lita's other leg in the middle of the ring. Trish goes for a quick cover, but Lita is able to kick out. They continue to show the replay of the injury to Lita. It looks like it may be legit. Trish then quickly pins Lita now. It looks like the injury may be legit as Lita was not even able to stand up. People are now out in the ring looking at Lita's leg.

Winner: Trish

Not sure if that was a botched match either, but I would be willing to bet that Lita is hurt. That match was VERY quick as you can take a look at the replay and see where her leg buckles. They are trying to help her out of the ring as I type this now.

Back outside we see Maria taking off her clothes by the pool. We get a good look at her. Backstage we see Edge trying to convince Eric Bischoff to let him out of the Elimination Chamber tonight and let Christian in his place, but only under the circumstances that Edge gets a shot at the title tomorrow night on RAW. Bischoff says NO. Edge argues that there is no way HBK will let him win this match tonight. We then see HBK walk backstage, saying he is gonna call tonight's match down the middle.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Maven

Shelton Benjamin makes his way down to the ring. Maven makes his way down to the ring next for this IC Title matchup. It appears that Eugene's injury was legit. Ross just announced he has a dislocated kneecap. You can check out the injury via the live images below. As this match gets started, Shelton gets the fans into the match as they start to really get on Maven's case. Maven gets out of the ring and walks around the outside.

Maven goes and gets on the microphone. He says that he can't understand what they are saying? He tell's Shelton he will deal with him in a minute. Maven then makes fun of the crowd and say's he will talk real slow for them. He tells the crowd he can't concentrate with them screaming. This is nothing more than a time killer if you ask me. They are running short on time because of the previous two injuries that occured. Maven continues to mouth off saying he is gonna leave the ring etc...

Maven pretends that he is leaving and then quickly jumps back in the ring, but as he does, he is rolled up and pinned by Shelton. That was VERY quick.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

Maven then gets on the microphone and say's that did not happen. He want's a REMATCH right now. He then taunts Benjamin saying they now have "two women's champions." Maven acts like he is disgusted because of what has happened. Shelton starts to walk back towards the ring. Shelton runs back to the ring and hits a T-Bone suplex and defeats Maven again!

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

Out by the pool we see some of the WWE Diva's we see one unknown woman who is oiling up Christy Hemme, while Chrisy lays on her chair topless. They say they will have some shocking footage later on tonight, whatever that means.

Backstage we go to Hassan who is talking about the match later tonight with Jerry The King Lawler. Hassan then goes on a tirade about how Puerto Rico citizens are second class citizens compared to those of the United States and talks about how he has been treated so badly there since he has arrived.

Hassan vs. Jerry Lawler

Hassan hits the ring first, followed by Jerry Lawler. J.R. has left the announce booth, so we have no announcer for this match, which is weird. Lawler gets in a bit of offense as this match starts off slowly. The King is able to get in some offense. Hassan tries to take the turnbuckle off the top rope, but as he does, Lawler rolls him up. The ref was distracted so he was unable to make a count.

Hassan now gets advantage in the match and goes for a quick cover, but Lawler is able to kick out.

Hassan now hooks Lawler into a submission move in the middle of the ring. It looks to be a version of the camel clutch, but he lets Lawler out of it. He then continues to beat down Lawler.

Hassan goes for a cover, but Lawler is able to kick out. Hassan now hits a suplex in the middle of the ring for another cover. Lawler finally begins to fight out, but as he does Hassan counters and again goes for another cover attempt. Hassan then hooks on a reverse neck breaker as Lawler is laid out in the middle of the ring. Hassan then sends Lawler into the turnbuckle and the crowd begins to chant boring, as this match is very slow paced.

Hassan nails Lawler with a right hand, but Lawler fights it off and looks upset. He begins to "hulk" up and nails Hassan with a few bigshots. Lawler then hits a nice dropkick. Lawler goes to the second rope and hits Hassan, but Hassan is able to kick out.

Lawler almost gets a 3 count, but Hassan gets a leg on the rope. Lawler then goes on the outside, but gets distracted and when he gets back in the ring is decked and covered for three.

Winner: Hussan

Backstage we see Orton and Batista. Orton questions whether Batista is in the match for the title tongiht or to help Triple H win the title. Batista says he should quit worrying about himself and worry about what he is going to do to him tonight.

Then Batista lets us know, if he has his shot at the belt tonight, he is going to take it.

Next up is Kane vs. Snitsky as they show highlights leading up into the match.

Kane vs. Gene Snitsky

Kane and Snitsky are both in the ring as they stare each other down. Snitsky goes right after Kane, but Kane reverses and sends Snitsky to the mat. Kane now scores with several right hand uppercuts and then a hard slam by Kane. Kane then hits an elbow. Kane then hits a huge legdrop. Kane now goes for a choke hold on Snitsky.

Snitsky is finally able to get a little offense in as he hits a sidewalk slam. Snitsky now hits a clothesline which sends Kane to the mat. Snitsky goes outside the ring and starts taking up the padding. The concrete is now exposed on the outside of the ring. Kane crawls outside and gets a shot in from behind. Snitsky tries to go for a piledriver, but is flipped over Kane's back onto the concrete floor.

Snitsky gets back in the ring and Kane goes to the top rope. Kane flies off the top rope, but gets caught by Snitsky. Snitsky then takes Kane and wraps him around the ringpost and begins to bend him. Kane begins to scream and finally Snitsky lets go of Kane. Kane is now down on the mat as Snitsky goes to work on him.

Snitsky goes for a cover, but Kane is able to kick out before the three count. Snitsky hooks on a bearhug as Kane tries to fight out of it. Kane fights out of it with several right hands. Finally Kane hooks on the chokeslam, but Snitsky counters. He hits a huge bodyslam. Kane sits right back up. Snitsky kicks him back down. Kane sits right back up again and again Snitsky sends him right back down. Kane continues to sit back up and once again Snitsky sends him back to the mat. Now Snitsky takes him to the corner and then drops him on the steel steps.

Snitsky gets a steel chair, but Kane gets a leg up and sends it into Snitsky's face. Kane now gets control and rolls Snitsky in where he goes to town on Snitsky and then hits a sidewalk slam.

Kane now hits the big boot on Snitsky and now he is going to the top rope. Kane hits the clothesline. Kane now has a smile on his face. Both men are now down as they continue to fight off one another's moves. Kane locks in the chokeslam, but now Snitsky grabs Kane's neck. Snitsky reaches over and starts to bite Kane's ear. Kane goes for a kick, but falls back as Snitsky runs at him. Both men are now down. Kane sits right back up however.

Quickly, Kane hooks on the tombstone and drops Snitsky on his head.

Winner: Kane

They show a promo for The Royal Rumble. King is back at the announcers table now. Coach is also at the announce table as they go poolside. There we see Stacy Keibler laying out in her bikini. We then see Maria taking off her clothes by the pool. Again we see Christy untying her top and getting oiled up. We also see Simon Dean walking around out by the pool. We see Val Venis playing in the pool with Stacy. All of the Diva's are shown in the pool with several of the WWE Superstars. They are all wearing bikinis and look great as you can see below. Lawler starts talking about how bikini tops might start coming off as they begin to chicken fight in the pool. Then all of the sudden Christy rips off Maria's bikini top as her top flies off and she tries to cover her boobs!! The camera's quickly cut off after Maria's top flies off and she falls into the pool! Good stuff as you can see.

We see a highlight package for the Elimination Chamber. It will be up next.

Elimination Chamber: Special Guest Referee Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Randy Orton, Batista, Christ Jericho, Chris Benoit, Edge

We got backstage too see HHH and Batista talking. Batista ensures HHH that he is with him on this match, BUT if HHH is eliminated before he is, then all bets are off!

Bischoff comes down to the ring and talks about the Elimination Chamber and has it lowered to the ring and then we hear HBK's music kick up as he makes his way to the ring.

Edge is next out...

HHH is next out to the ring...

Randy Orton is out next...He then gets in Triple H's face, but Triple H is already locked up in his cell.

Batista is next out to the ring. The crowd is really into every single person who has made their way to the ring. Batista will be released from his chamber last.

Chris Jericho is next out and last is Chris Benoit as each of them are locked into their cells before the match begins. Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho drew #1 & #2 so they will begin the match. It will be five minutes before the next person is let into the match. The only way someone can be eliminated is via pinfall or submission.

Benoit and Jericho tie it up as Jericho brings Benoit down to the mat. Jericho now has a headlock on Benoit.

Jericho and Benoit nail each other with thundering chops across the chest. They are lighting each other up. Benoit goes for the sharpshooter and Jericho reverses. Then Benoit hits the crossface and Jericho fights out. Both men continue to reverse one another's moves. Benoit goes into the ropes, but is caught by Jericho.

Jericho hits a nice suplex. Jericho goes for a cover, but Benoit is able to kick out. Jericho now has Benoit down on the mat. The countdown begins and HHH is in next!

HHH goes to work on both men. HHH tosses Benoit to the steel on the outside. He then tosses Jericho to the steel on the outside. HHH is taking care of both Benoit and Jericho. BEnoit is completely busted open. He is bleeding very badly already. Blood has already covered Benoit's face. HHH goes for a cover on Benoit, as Flair stands on the outside clapping. Benoit is able to kick out. HHH goes for a peidgree, but Jericho is able to break that up. HHH goes for another pedigree on Jericho, but Jericho reverses and flips HHH onto the steel on the outside.

The countdown begins and the next person out is Edge. Edge gets out of his chamber and spears Jericho. There have not been any eliminations thus far. Edge then hits a big DDT on HHH and goes for the cover and HHH barely kicks out.

Edge is taking out everyone piece by piece as they are all already beaten up rather badly. Edge is finally tossed to the steel by Benoit. Benoit still has blood pouring down his face as you can see.

Edge is back up and he goes after Jericho as Benoit and HHH are trying to get back to their feet. Jericho is tossed into the steel chain face first and he is now busted open. Edge and HHH fight each other on the steel on the outside. HHH goes for the pedigree but Edge reverses and sends HHH into the steel face first. Everyone is busted open.

HHH hits a spinebuster on Jericho. HHH is bleeding across the nose, which looks like it was busted open by the steel. Jericho is bleeding from his forehead and Benoit is laid out on the mat with Edge. HHH hits a pedigree on Jericho. No one has yet to cover Jericho. Randy Orton is next into the ring.

Orton goes right after Edge and then jumps on top of HHH. He is beating HHH down in the corner. HHH is now completely busted open. Benoit jumps up and hooks on the crossface on Orton. Orton hangs on and HHH offers no help to Orton. Benoit then jumps up and hooks on the sharpshooter on HHH.

Orton saves the day and hits an RKO on Beniot. Edge then spears HBK. HBK gets up and hits the sweet chin music on Edge. Edge is out. Edge has been eliminated after a lionsault and a pin by Jericho.

All hell is breaking loose in the ring. Now Benoit goes to the top of the cage and hits the flying headbutt on HHH! Big Time Move! Awesome!

Then Jericho hooks on the sharpshooter and Benoit hooks on the crippler crossface. Batista is fighting to get out of his cage and he barely makes the save for HHH. All hell is breaking loose. Batista tosses Jericho into the camera man as the camera falls to the ground. All the men are hammering on each other, with Edge being the only one who has been eliminated so far.

HHH and Batista almost square off and then think twice about going after one another. Randy Orton and HHH are fighting on the steel. Jericho hits a bulldog on HHH face first onto the steel. Batista and Benoit are also fighting on the steel on the outside.

Batista hits a huge spinebuster on Benoit. Batista pins Benoit and Benoit is out. Batista then powerbombs Jericho onto Benoit. Batista is cleaning house.

We are now down to four men. Batista drops a knee into Jericho's head. Batista hits a huge Batista bomb on Jericho and rolls him up for the cover. That was a massive move by Batista. It is now down to Orton, Batista, and HHH.

Orton is now busted open and bleeding. HHH is bleeding badly. Batista continues to work on Orton. Now Batista holds Orton as HHH works him over.

Batista and HHH continue to hammer on Orton. Spinebuster is followed by a cover by Batista, but Orton is able to kick out. Orton is fighting two men as HHH are working with one another.

HHH goes for a cover this time, but once again Orton is able to kick out. HHH tries to cover again and again Orton is able to kick out.

HHH and Batista circle around Randy Orton and discuss strategy. Orton is able to get to his feet and tries to fight his way back into it. HHH goes down in the corner and as he does Orton turns around and hits the RKO on Batista. HHH is not able to get to Batista to help him out and Orton gets the three count. The crowd boo's as Batista is ushered out of the chamber.

Before Batista is able to get out of the ring he helps HHH. Flair runs in the ring while the cage door is open. Orton hits the RKO, but Flair distracts the ref and then Batista drills Orton.

Orton is knocked out. HHH barely gets to his feet as HBK tries to get Flair and Batista out of the ring. HHH then hits the pedigree and rolls over on Orton and gets the three count.

Winner: Triple H

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