Daniel Puder's First Matches In WWE & Brock Lesnar Return Update

*Daniel Puder is going to be working against Hardcore Holly for the short-term at Smackdown! shows. There is speculation that this was booked so that the WWE's "tough guy" could show a former UFC guy that the WWE is not as easy as he may think. Holly has been working with Puder in the ring for a few hours before each show both teaching him and getting him ready for their matches. It is expected that Holly will work very stiff with him in the ring and if Puder does not complain, he will be able to earn the respect of the guys. This is the same exact thing that was done with Randy Orton when he was brought up from OVW.

*Brock Lesnar and his fiance Sable (Rena Mero) both attended the Tokyo Dome Event on Jan. 4th as guests of Antonio Inoki. Lesnar still has a no-compete clause that runs past 2005 which would prevent him from "wrestling" with any other organization. It appears as if Lesnar has made attempts to call Vince McMahon about returning to the WWE, but at this time it is unclear whether or not Vince has even bothered to return those phone calls. There is a possibility however, that the WWE may try to keep this tight-lipped so that if Lesnar was to return that it would be a complete surprise. However, as mentioned earlier, Lesnar has been demanding alot for a return and it still appears that Vince is nowhere near giving into all of those demands.

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[Credit: Pwtorch Newsletter]