WWE Sunday Night Heat Report (01/09/05)- From San Juan, Puerto Rico

Hello everybody Shaun here with a quick recap of what went down on Heat before New Year's Revolution.

Coach & Todd Grisham welcomed us to the show from outside Fort Elmaro castle and recap all the feuds/storylines leading up to the matches taking place at New Year's Revolution. Lita/Trish history is shown before highlights of the first Elimination Chamber match from Survivor Series 2002. Commercial.

The Intercontinental Title match is hyped and Shelton/Maven short history is recapped followed by a Raw in the UK promo. The World Tag Team Title Match is hyped up. Highlights of the last Elimination Chamber from Summerslam 2003 are shown. Commercial.

Kane/Snitsky history is touched upon followed by a Don't Try This At Home Promo. The American Arab Debate that turned ugly from Raw is shown and Muhammad Hassan makes his in-ring debut tonight at New Year's Revolution. Commercial.

SmackDown! in the UK promo airs and finally the history of the Main Event is recapped from the vacation of the title to the announcement of the Elimination Chamber, to the Beat The Clock matches and to the announcement of Shawn Michaels as guest referee. The Elimination Chamber itself is then hyped and then Coach & Grisham close the show by asking the question who will win the chamber match? End of Show.

No bonus match sorry people. Hope that you enjoyed the PPV. I'll be back next week with Heat and Velocity. Until then take care and have a good week. Later Days, Shaun.