More On Lita & Eugene's Injuries, Maven/Shelton, Puerto Rico

*The latest update on Eugene is that he has suffered a dislocated patella. It was a freak injury that occurred on a dropkick. He is being evaluated today and it is not yet known if it will require surgery or how long he will be out.

*Lita suffered a sprained knee. She will not require any surgery and it is not known how long she will be out of action either.

*WWE was very happy with the PPV last night in Puerto Rico as far as fans go. With the success of last night's attendance, it looks likely that they will return there for an event in the future.

*Maven's match last night was booked to be so short, because of management's lack of confidence in Maven to carry a presentable match at this point. The feeling is that he is not applying himself in his matches recently on house shows. It is amazing that WWE management would go ahead and book this match, when they had concerns going into it.

Images of Both Lita & Eugene's Horrifying Injuries From New Years Revolution