WWE RAW Report (1/10/05) - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

WWE RAW Report
Aired LIVE! From Fort Lauderdale, Florida
January 10, 2005
Reported by: The Worm, rajah.com RAW reporter

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Does anyone else think it was a horrible move for Triple H to regain the title yesterday? I thought it was complete BS and made the whole PPV seem weak. Triple H does not need the belt anymore, and I'm tired of him being a belt hog. It made the entire month's storyline seem like a waste of time because what was the point of holding up the belt after that triple threat match between HHH, Benoit, and Edge if they were just gonna put it back on Triple H? That was just a huge "screw you" to the fans because they might as well have had Triple H be the champ going into the Elimination Chamber match rather than have it vacated for that entire time. Someone like Benoit or Jericho should have won and Edge could win it at Wrestlemania by using a cheap finish. Someone needs to end Triple H's career for good because I'm tired of seeing him as the champion.

RAW kicks off by having the douchebag champ come out with his butt buddy Ric Flair and he takes the stick. He wants to hear the fans' excuses. Is it politics? Favoritism? The fact is that the truth hurts and the truth is that there is no man alive on God's green earth that can do what the asshole does as good as he does it. Blah blah blah, shut up already. Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels, even RVD (if he was still on RAW), would make a much better champion than you, and that's just naming a few. I was hoping Edge would win the belt, but he was the first one eliminated yesterday (bad move, since it made it appear Edge didn't want the belt as badly as he's been letting on if he decided to go after HBK before anyone was ever eliminated. Edge should have stayed in until the end).

Triple H brings out Batista and he comes out dressed up like a Secret Service agent. Before things can get underway, it doesn't take long for Orton to interrupt the celebration. He slowly walks down the ramp and he stares hard at Triple H.

Sorry to interrupt your little love fest, Triple H, but as usual, you're only telling one side of the story. Triple proceeds to mock Orton.

Last night, Triple H, you pinned Orton in the Elimination Chamber with Batista's help after he had been eliminated. Now it's obvious Batista has his back, but it's a shame you don't have his. Orton has the footage to prove it. Triple H doesn't believe a word he says. Orton says Triple H had an opportunity to keep Batista from being pinned after Orton delivered an RKO. Triple H continues to deny it, and he tries to leave, but Batista grabs his hand to keep him from moving. Batista says he wants to see the footage and Orton tells them to roll it. Triple H clearly had an opportunity to save Batista, but he didn't take it.

Batista looks angry with Triple H, and Triple H tries to explain that the truth is by that point of the match, he'd been in the ring for 45 minutes and he's been getting his head bashed into ten tons of steel and he didn't even know where he was at. More excuses from the champ, but Batista doesn't seem to believe him. More footage rolls as Triple H celebrates with his newly won title.

Batista removes his jacket and if Batista doesn't want to do anything about it, Orton will. Orton is demanding a rematch tonight for the World Heavyweight Championship. Bischoff's music hits and he comes out and before it gets out of control, he's gonna set everyone straight. Randy Orton did defeat Triple H in a singles match last week, and after his performance in the Elimination Chamber last night, he deserves a rematch. Triple H tries to get out of it by using that agreement that Orton and he made before, but that was lifted when the belt was declared vacant.

Tonight, we'll see a #1 contenders match between Batista and Randy Orton.

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Match #1 (Royal Rumble Qualifier) - Shelton Benjamin vs. Maven:

Maven kicks things off at the start as he lays it into Shelton. Shelton fires back by trying to hit a Stinger Splash, but Maven low blows him when the ref wasn't looking. Maven begins to tweak Shelton's neck. Shelton tries to regain some offense and does when he hits an arm drag. Maven tries to come back with an elbow drop, but he misses and Shelton fires back with punches and a back drop. Shelton finally hits a Stinger splash and then tries to finish him off with a T-Bone suplex, but Maven counters. The end comes when Shelton hits the Dragon Whip and follows it with a T-Bone suplex to end this short match.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

We'll have a lingerie pillow fight between Christy and Maria as well as the #1 contender's match between Batista and Orton later tonight as we go to commercial.

Muhammad Hassan comes out and takes the stick. He revels in last night's victory and how dealt a blow to the biased media. Last night was the beginning and tonight his personal revolution continues and he'll show everyone what he thinks of truth, justice, and the American way. Daivari spouts off his mouth but he is interrupted by The Hurricane.

Match #2 (Singles) - Muhammad Hassan (w/ Khosrow Daivari) vs. The Hurricane (w/ Rosey):

They lock up and Hassan backs Hurricane into a corner. Hassan gets the offense after Daivari trips up Hurricane. Hassan continues to punch Hurricane into submission. Hassan gets Hurricane into an aggressive cobra clutch and Hurricane fights out of it, but Hassan comes back with a kick to the gut. Hurricane manages to hit a running calf kick and then follows it up with an Impaler. He signals for the Shining Wizard, but he misses and Hassan hits the Complete Shot (the same move Scott Steiner was using a few weeks before his release) for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Muhammad Hassan

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The Wrestlemania Recall recaps Wrestlemania from 1998 where Pete Rose talks some trash and Kane comes out and Tombstones him.

We see Batista thinking to himself in his locker room. Triple H comes in and Batista is still a bit pissed. Despite all of the things that have been said, Triple H just wants him to know that he has his full support tonight. Triple H would consider it an honor to stand in the ring with Batista to defend his title against him. Batista says that eventually we all get what we deserve and then leaves. We see a seething Edge making his way towards the ring for his Royal Rumble qualifying match as we go to commercial.

Match #3 (Royal Rumble Qualifier) - Edge vs. Rhyno:

They go to lock up, but Edge pounds on his back and then immediately tries for the Edgecution, but Rhyno lifts him up and rams him into a turnbuckle. He delivers a backdrop and then whips him into the ringpost as Edge is standing on the apron. Rhyno goes to charge, but Edge nails him and then gets into the ring. He hits a baseball slide and then Edge wraps him around the ringpost.

Edge chokes Rhyno on the middle rope and then Rhyno tries to fight back, but Edge takes him back down with a right hand. The two begin to exchange blows. Edge counters a whip, only to be hit by a flying shoulder block. Rhyno delivers a clothesline and then hits a scoop slam. Rhyno goes for a pin, but Edge kicks out. Rhyno hits a back suplex and he goes for another pin, but Edge kicks out again.

Rhyno is signaling for the Gore, but Edge counters it with a boot to the face. Edge stands over Rhyno and punches him and then he signals for the Spear. Edge hits the Spear and then decides to lock in the Edgeucator. Rhyno is forced to tap out.

Winner: Edge

Edge grabs the mic and he guesses that they all think that he must be pretty happy that he qualified for the Royal Rumble, but what would make him really happy is if he wasn't superkicked and cost the title by Shawn Michaels. Edge is fed up, and he calls out Shawn Michaels so they can settle this matter once and for all. Edge isn't leaving until HBK gets his primadonna ass down to the ring.

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Edge is still bitching about all the times he was screwed as we return to the show. HBK finally decides to come out and he says that his problem is that he complains about everything and how Edge wants everything handed to him on a silver platter. HBK was like that once, but the thing is that....HBK is interrupted by "You Screwed Bret" chants and he acknowledges them. HBK doesn't want those Canadians messing with his TV time, but if Edge keeps travelling down that same road, he might have some success, but that's not good enough for Edge. Edge should stop talking and take action, don't win yourself a nice little spot in the Royal Rumble, win the whole thing. Then go to Wrestlemania and earn yourself a World championship.

Looks like Edge has been listening, and he feels he should slap some sense into himself, but he likes a different idea better. Edge proceeds to attack HBK and the two get into a fight. They're broken up by officials, but HBK leaves the ring to continue the fight. They take the fight into the crowd as we go to commercial.

Note: I feel that the direction they have Edge going in is the best idea the WWE has had in a long time. If he stays along that same road long enough, Edge will become a World Heavyweight Champion in no time. He's got what it takes, and when he does win the coveted title, I'm gonna throw a party and you're all invited! :-P

The fight has been taken outside into the arena's lobby as the officials continue to keep it broken up. Back to the ring, Simon Dean is making his way out.

People, the state of Florida is known for so many great things. The weather, the beaches, and apparently a large populace of ugly fat people. Your beaches are filled with Floridians with physiques so horrible that they resemble a group of beached whales. He's here to change all that with his new Simon System fat burning pills.

The bad news is that he doesn't have enough for everybody, but he is willing to give away a free sample to a lucky superstar in the back. He has us thinking it was Rosey, but instead Kane's pyro explodes and he comes out, much to Simon Dean's dismay.

Simon is scared shitless and he doesn't want Kane to hurt him. Kane extends his hand, and Simon gives him his fat burning pills. Kane eats some, and Kane seems to be disgusted by them. Kane wants Simon to eat one and he plugs his nose as he does so. Kane shoves some more into his mouth and proceeds to beat the holy hell out of him. Simon slides under Kane as he goes for a boot, and Simon tries to punch him, but Kane no-sells and boots him in the face. Kane goes through Simon's bag and pulls out his weight belt.

Simon kicks Kane in the gut to knock the belt out, but Kane goozles him. Kane hasn't connected with the chokeslam yet, which allows Snitsky to come out and nail Kane with a steel chair. Snitsky proceeds to whip Kane with Simon's weight belt. Kane is helpless as Snitsky stands over Kane. Snitsky leaves as Kane is bleeding from his mouth and then we go to commercial.

Now, we see Triple H and Ric Flair backstage. Flair doesn't think Batista bought into what Triple H said, and he feels they need to motivate Batista. Flair is right, Batista needs to be motivated. Triple H tells Flair to go remind Batista that his record against Orton has not been stellar. Triple H says Batista is big on negative reinforcement and then Flair leaves.

Match #4 (Tag) - Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit vs. Christian & Tyson Tomko:

Fozzy's new CD, All That Remains, will be out next Tuesday, so be sure to pick it up.

One question: What is with Christian stealing AJ Styles' look?

Christian & Jericho start things off, and I'm interrupted by my cellphone. As I finish, Jericho has gained control from Christian as he stomps a mudhole into Christian. He chokes Christian with his foot and then whips him into the opposite corner. Christian jumps over Jericho, but Jericho hits his climbing enziguiri. Jericho goes for a pin, but Christian kicks out. Benoit is tagged in and he chops away at Christian. Christian is whipped, and Benoit hits a shoulder block. Christian sends Benoit into the corner and he attacks his injured ribs. Christian slams Benoit and follows it up with a pin cover, but Benoit kicks out. Christian tries for a big splash, but Benoit moves out of the way. Tomko is tagged in and he chokes out Benoit. Tomko whips Benoit, Benoit slides under Tomko, and the two hit each other. Tomko whips Benoit again, but Benoit kicks him in the chest, Tomko hits a high angle scoop slam and Benoit fires back with a couple of shoulders ot the gut. Benoit goes after Tomko, but Christian pulls the ropes down and Benoit spills to the outside. Christian gets in some cheap shots and then rolls him back in. Tomko goes for a pin, but Benoit kicks out. Tomko backs Benoit into a corner and connects with some elbows to the head. Tomko hits a running powerslam and he goes for another pin, but Jericho breaks it up.

Christian is tagged in and he proceeds to kick Benoit in the gut. Christian hits a snapmare and then starts to club on his torso. He tries to pin Benoit, but Benoit kicks out. Christian puts Benoit in a rear chinlock and Benoit is trying to fight out of it, but Christian comes back with an elbow to the face. Christian goes for another pin cover, but Benoit kicks out. Tomko is able to get in some cheap shots, and Christian chokes Benoit with his feet. Tomko is tagged in and he goes for a pin, but Benoit kicks out again.

Tomko puts Benoit into an aggressive chin lock, but as Benoit tries to fight back, Tomko clotheslines him. Tomko tries for a big boot, but Benoit fires back with a release German suplex. Both men are down and he makes the hot tag to Jericho. Jericho chops away at Tomko, and he cleans house of both men. He sends Tomko down into the middle rope and he hits his running knee. He connects with a springboard dropkick on Christian and follows it up with a bulldog on Tomko. Jericho goes for a Lionsault, but Tomko rolls out of the way. Tomko is able to hit a Rock Bottom move on Jericho, but Benoit breaks up the pin fall. The faces put the heels into their signature submission moves, and both men tap out at the same time.

Winners: Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit

We see Triple H backstage again and Flair walks in and he says that his talk with Batista didn't go too well. Batista is not in a good mood and he is questioning whether or not Triple H and Flair are actually going to support him tonight.

The Smackdown Rebound recaps Heidenreich & Heyman take on the Dead Man in a handicap match. During the match, Taker signals for the caskets to come out and Heidenreich hightails it, leaving Heyman to fend for himself.

Up next will be the lingerie pillow fight as we go to commercial.

The WWE Slam of the Week recaps Lita injuring her leg and subsequently, costing herself the title as Trish regains it after a Chick Kick.

Match #5 (Lingerie Pillow Fight, Special Referee: Candace Michelle) - Maria vs. Christy:

Christy decides to show off as the match starts. Maria nails Lilian, who decides to get involved with the match-up. I'm not going to bother describing this match as it's so cheesy and pointless. The divas do dance on the bed until Lilian interrupts them. Christy wins this one by pinning Maria with a jackknife pin (she sure did do an excellent bridge though).

Winner: Christy Hemme

We see Orton and Batista gearing up for their match next as we go to commercial.

We see a vignette for "Masterpiece" Chris Masters, which sounds and looks like it's gonna be just another Lex Luger ripoff, much like what they tried doing when they came up with "The Reflection of Perfection" Mark Jindrak.

Main Event (#1 Contender's Match) - Randy Orton vs. Batista (w/ Flair and Triple H):

Flair and Triple H come down to the ring first, who take a seat over by the timekeeper's table. Orton comes out next and then it's Batista.

It seems like these people love Batista more than Orton as Batista chants ring out. They lock up and Orton locks on a headlock. Batista whips Orton and knocks him down with a shoulder block. Orton fires off lefts and rights and then tries to whip Batista, but Batista sends him into the corner, which Orton kicks out of i. Batista counters a whip and Orton kicks his chest. Batista knocks down Orton again and he picks him up into a corner. Batista elbows Orton to send him down to the mat and then chokes him on the mat. Batista chokes him again and as he goes to pick him up, Orton recovers and regains the offense. Batista counters another whip and elbows him in the head. Batista goes for a clothesline, but Orton dropkicks him out of the ring. Flair and Triple H check on him as we go to commercial.

Back on RAW, Orton has Batista set up for the 10 punches, but Batista lifts him off and drops him. Orton knocks Batista out of the ring and now the men are fighting on the outside. Batista gets into the ring to break up the count and then tosses Orton back into the ring. Batista pins Orton, but Orton kicks out. Batista punches him in the head and then drapes him on the middle rope. Batista drops some knees on Orton and then chokes him with his foot.

Orton tries to fight back, but Batista hits a knee to the gut and then sends Orton shoulder first into the ringpost. Batista crushes Orton's skull with his foot into the ring post and then pushes up on his chin as Orton is draped over the apron. Triple H taunts Orton and Batista leaves the ring to attack Orton as he continues to lay over the apron (Amusing note: I heard some people chanting "You Screwed Chyna" to Triple H)

Batista hits a neckbreaker on Orton and he goes for a pin, but Orton kicks out. Orton is in a chinlock now and he is struggling to get to the ropes. He manages to grab the ropes, and Batista is pissed. He beats down on the back of Orton's neck and then stomps down on his head. He tries to crush his head into the mat with his foot. Batista picks Orton up and hits a powerslam. Batista tries to pin Orton, but Orton kicks out.

Triple H and the ref argue with each other and as Batista picks up Orton, he recovers and tries to mount some offense. Batista hits a spinebuster and then picks him up into the Batista Bomb. Orton punches Batista to get out of it and plants him with a DDT. Both men are down and Orton is trying to get up. Batista charges, who is met with a drop toe hold to drop him into the turnbuckle. Orton is trying to build some momentum, but now Flair tries to get involved who gets knocked off the apron. Batista tries to go after Orton, but he is met with an inverted backbreaker. The ref is distracted by Flair as Orton sets Batista up with an RKO, but Batista counters it by dropping him. Flair distracts the ref while Triple H tries to give Batista a steel chair. Orton recovers and sends Batista into Triple H and then rolls him up for the win.

Winner: Randy Orton

Batista has the chair in hand and he is pissed. Triple H is on the apron and Batista tosses the chair. Flair and Triple H try to smooth things over as Batista continues to look pissed at his loss.