WWE Velocity Report (01/15/05)-Taped in Tampa Florida

WWE Velocity Report-15th January 2005
By Shaun Best-Rajah.Com Reporter

Welcome aboard everyone I am your host Shaun Best. Josh Mathews and Steve Romero are on commentary and Tony Chimel is the ring announcer. We start this week with….

Hardcore Holly vs Spike Dudley
Hardcore comes out and plays to the crowd as Josh proclaims Holly's miserable. He doesn't look it. Spike enters looking to improve on his last efforts against Booker T last week and against Holly not so long ago. Spike's cat and mouse game didn't work then so what will his tactics be this time? Spike gets in Holly's face flexes and slaps him in the face. Dumb move as Spike realizes and tries running but Holly grabs ahold and hiptosses him to the canvas. Spike is positioned in the ropes, Holly sets up and hits his customary kick to the groin which sends Spike sailing to the floor. Holly comes out chases after Spike and lifts him onto his shoulders. Spike wriggles free, falls back, drives his head into Holly's midsection then pushes Holly's back into the ringpost. Back inside Spike jumps onto Holly and punches and chokes him on the mat before connecting with an elbow to the back of the head, wrapping his body round Holly's and tries choking him out. Holly gets up throws Spike off his back to the canvas clotheslines him down and follows up with the best dropkick in the business. Holly chops Spike in the corner signals for one more Spike ducks so Holly punches him in the back lands the chop and Spike cowers. Spike bides time and rakes Holly in the face, Holly comes back with a punch and chop, Irish whip to Spike, Holly charges Spike moves and Holly hits the turnbuckles. Spike goes to the top rope but Holly catches him flips him onto his shoulders and hits the Alabama Slam and covers. 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: HARDCORE HOLLY.

Still to come Charlie Haas vs Rene Dupree.

Up Next Fatal Four Way Elimination Tag Match for Tag Team Titles from SmackDown!

Raw in The UK Promo.


The Basham Brothers become new Tag Team Champions on SmackDown! when Doug Basham "injures" Rob Van Dam & Danny Basham switches with his brother and pins Rey Mysterio via a Sitdown Powerbomb. The Cabinet celebrate afterwards.

Don't Try This At Home

Scotty 2 Hotty vs Jet Trablowski
The Worm has returned apparently. I didn't know he had gone, I just thought he wasn't being used. Scotty is armdragged down and the jobber mounts the corner to celebrate. Scotty gets backed into the corner and is kicked and punched down and then Trablowski does a few jumping jacks to rile up the crowd. Scotty off the ropes, ducks underneath lands two dropkicks and an armdrag and applies an armbar. Jet up, knee to the gut and Scotty is rammed shoulder first into the ringpost. Trablowski takes Scotty down by the arm and works away at it before clotheslining him down. Trablowski comes from the IWA in Puerto Rico by the way. Jet gets a nearfall and applies an armbar to Scotty, Scotty punches out but is punched down again. Trablowski signals for the end and Irish whips Scotty. Scotty dodges a splash in the corner ducks a clothesline attempt and connects with a crescent kick and both men are down. Jet gets up using the ropes, Scotty nips up looking all fired up ducks the oncoming Trablowski punches him down, gets reversed into the ropes but connects with a flying forearm. Scotty points at Trablowski and comes towards him but Trablowski drops Scotty into the second turnbuckle and punches him into another corner. Scotty reverses an Irish whip hits the bulldog coming off the ropes, gets psyched up and ready and delivers The Worm. Scotty covers and gets the 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: SCOTTY 2 HOTTY. Josh sarcastically calls The Worm the most devastating move he's ever seen. LOL. I think I've got this jobber's name wrong too but so did the commentators so LOL again.

Up Next John Cena vs Kenzo Suzuki for US Title from SmackDown!


John Cena buries Kenzo Suzuki on SmackDown! FU Kenzo.

SmackDown! in The UK Promo

Paul London vs Akio
This is a rematch from not so long ago on Velocity and if it's anything like it then by god we are in for a treat. Two of my favourite WWE Superstars going at it. London sprints down to the ring and he beats Rhyno's time and slides his way across the ring and to the outside which is now his trademark entrance to a crowd laugh. Pops for London anyway as he runs the ropes and stomps around in anticipation. Romero likens him to Rey Mysterio and Josh says he needs to find himself, whereas Rey is an established superstar who has held championships, and Paul needs to get to that upper eschelon and then he can start comparing himself with Rey Mysterio. Er he already is as good if not better than Rey, for example watch ROH Josh as Paul puts on amazing matches and has done well considering he's never gotten a serious push in WWE apart from a short tag team title reign with Kidman that went awry anyway after the Chavo injury. Rey has had a massive push more than any other Cruiserweight and it is stupid to pass judgement when we all know all other Cruiserweights aren't treated as good but I like so many others live in hope that they get their fair shake in the "Land of The Giants". Hey it's Yang Time folks. Akio enters and Josh rabbits on at their last match being match of year candidate and contradicts himself totally via his last statement in the process and then idiocy takes over when he talks about him trying to talk to Akio about his new closecut haircut but then saying but I don't speak Japanese and that Akio doesn't speak English when during the match and every other Akio match you clearly hear Akio taunt London and his opponents in English. I think that Kayfabe is good in today's world but statements like that are just daft you idiot. The only Japanese words Josh knows is sushi and roman and he doesn't know what they mean. Be quiet Josh. Ok enough crap on with the match. Akio and London briefly lockup, Akio armdrags London and encourages him forwards. Akio and London lockup again and jostle to the ropes and corner before London shoves Akio away. Both men exchange shoves before Akio applies a side headlock, London works a reversal, Akio reverses again, London with kicks, Akio off the ropes and a shoulderblock puts London down. London kicks at Akio, Akio kicks back and again no London catches him takes him down and applies a headlock on the mat. Akio gets up lifts Paul who goes up and over and surprises Akio with a dropsault no not a moonsault Romero which sends Akio under the bottom rope to the outside. London attempts a Pescada, Akio moves, London lands on the apron, Akio grabs a leg, London swats him away and scores with an Asai Moonsault. London throws Akio back in, vaults on top of him with a splash and gets a nearfall. London with a forearm, Akio reverses an Irish whip charges, eats boot, London to the second rope, moonsault, Akio dodges, London lands on his feet charges and Akio hits a belly to back suplex sending London crashing into the turnbuckles. Akio stomps on London and applies a sleeper. London punches free, Akio throws him to the ropes, London lands a kick to the head but misses an enziguiri kick, Akio drops an elbow performs a standing moonsault and grounds London with a camel clutch. USA chant erupts, London tries to rise so Akio drops London back down and taunts the crowd. Akio Irish whips London, charges, Matrix flip by Akio, Akio comes back at London who hits a kick to the jaw and both men are down. Akio gets up stomps London and unloads with punches and chops. Akio taunts "Come on Paul What You Got Huh" which leads to a London retaliation. London hits back with punches and kicks of his own sending Akio to his knees, Akio off the ropes, backbodydrop by London, who follows up with two kicks an Irish whip and London clocks Akio with a heel kick followed by a nearfall. London Irish whips Akio charges eats an elbow, Akio goes quickly to the top rope and connects with a corkscrew moonsault and gets the duke 1-2-3. Josh calls the move Akiotime. I prefer Yang Time what it was originally called. Here is Your Winner: AKIO. Post Match in a show of class and respect London grabs Akio and offers his hand to which Akio accepts before taking his leave as London looks on.

Still to come Who kidnapped Joy Giovanni on SmackDown! Who cares? Why does each show have to be built around Joy/Amy. Yawn! We want Wrestling.

SmackDown! Promo Airs.


Kurt Angle one ups JBL and Big Show by kidnapping Joy Giovanni and framing JBL in the process. Big Show takes out JBL and his cabinet as Angle, Reigns and Jindrak look on smiling in the back before walking off. SmackDown! brand matches for Royal Rumble are shown and quickly hyped.

Undertaker vs Heidenreich Royal Rumble Promo Airs.

Rene Dupree w/Fifi vs Charlie Haas
Rene enters with a grey Fifi this week as Josh debates who's walking who. Steve announces Charlie Haas, Booker T and Daniel Puder have qualified for the Royal Rumble Match as Haas makes his way out. They must have qualified at House Shows. Haas looks motivated and focused as he has gotten rid of his women problems and can focus on his wrestling. Haas applies a side headlock, Haas off the ropes shoulderblocks Rene, steps over and then shoulderblocks him to the outside. Haas instigates a USA chant to piss Rene off. Rene steps onto the apron and argues with the crowd, Haas vaults him back in and rams his head into the top turnbuckle. An armwringer is followed up with an armbar and another USA chant is started by Haas which the crowd slowly pick up on. Rene distacts the referee and lands a cheap shot closed fist on Haas to break free. Dupree pounds on Haas in the corner, Irish whip and Haas crashes into the buckles and falls to the canvas. Rene looks at the crowd admiring his work thus far and himself before raking Haas' face with his boot, snapmaring him down and hitting a jumping kneedrop off the ropes. Dupree gets a one count argues the count and applies a chinlock to Haas. Haas gets up attempts to axehandle free, Dupree yanks him back down by the hair and goes to the top rope. Dupree wastes time though and Haas recovers, leaps up and takes Dupree down with an armdrag off the top rope, wow. Haas gets up before Rene, both exchange punches before Haas regains the advantage catching Rene in an inverted atomic drop and then scoring with a dropkick, backbodydrop, clothesline and a flying forearm off the ropes. Charlie is cleaning Haas according to Steve get it? Rene is dazed in the corner, as Haas sets up and charges forwards, Rene dodges a Stinger Splash as Haas hits the corner. Dupree breaks into the French Tickler whilst stalking Haas, Haas turns round still dazed himself, Dupree sets up for the Dupree Driver, Haas slips behind, Dupree charges forward and Haas catches him and executes a T-Bone Suplex ala Shelton Benjamin. Haas covers and gets the 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: CHARLIE HAAS.

Steve signs off, while Josh says See Ya! Geek. End of Show. I'll be back with Heat.