WWE Smackdown! *Spoilers* (1/18/05) - Montreal, Quebec

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Smackdown! Taping 01/18/05 - Montreal, QC
Matt - psyko514

Just got back from this week's SD! taping here in Montreal. It was a
pretty good show. I had floor seats in the 23rd row. But because
they're floor seats, I was able to leave my seat and go ringside in
between matches.

Before the opening, a new Smackdown diva was introduced. Some blonde
chick named Laura or Lauren or something like that.

The show started off with a recap of the whole Joy kidnapping thing.
Teddy Long announced that Angle would issue an apology to Joy in the
ring. No one was allowed to touch him before that. But afterwards, he
was free game.

First match was Eddie/Booker T vs The Bashams (w/Orlando Jordan) for
the tag titles. Bashams won via DQ when Eddie nailed a Basham with the
belt and the ref caught him holding the belt after.

Post match, Booker and Eddie argued and Eddie walked out. The Bashams
and OJ ambushed Booker, and Eddie ran back to make the save. Ended
with a spinarooni and a frog splash on OJ.

Next was a JBL promo trashing Angle for what he did, followed by a Big
Show backstage with Joy waiting to ambush Angle upon arrival.

Next match was Akio vs Scotty 2 Hotty. Scotty won with the Worm.

Cena promo about how he had a RR qualifying match vs Rene Dupree
tonight. He rambled on about his chain gang or something. This was
followed by a clip of Long backstage trying to convince Big Show to
relax and let Angle apologize first.

Carlito then came out with his petition against Long. After he blabbed
for a bit, Heidenreich came out. CCC was scared and dropped his
petition. Heidenreich picked it up and signed it, saying he wasn't
happy with Long either. He demanded that his match vs Taker at RR be
changed. He's not scared of Taker, but caskets scare him apparently.

The lights dimmed, the gong rang and Taker appeared on the screens,
telling Heidenreich the casket will be his final resting place. The
smoke started and Heidenreich ran out of the ring, through the crowd.
I managed to snap a few cool pics before he shoved me aside.

Next, Cena came out wearing a Montreal Canadiens jersey (with Chain
Gang 00 on the back). Rene Dupree came out with Fifi. Cena won the
match with an F-U. While celebrating, he was attacked by Kenzo Suzuki
and then helped out of the ring by the trainers.

Cut to Big Show backstage, still waiting for Angle. JBL approaches him
and says how disgusted he was with Angle's actions. He proposes to
Show that for tonight, even if they're facing each other at RR, they
team up against Angle after his apology and take him out. That way,
it'll be just them two at RR and may the best man win. Show says it's
the first time he ever heard JBL make sense and he'll think about it.

Who's that jumping out the sky? Next match was Rey Mysterio vs Chavo
in a RR qualifier. After several missed 619s, Rey finally hit it and
secured himself a spot in the Rumble.

Afterwards, Angle made his way from the back, through the crowd, to
the stage. He got on the mic, called Joy down to the ring (she stayed
on the ramp) and apologized first to her, then to Big Show. He told
Show he was prepared to face the consequences of his actions and
invited Show to come out.

When Show came out, Angle ditched the ring. "On second thought,
nevermind, I already apologized". As he was making his way back up the
ramp, JBL and his cabinet came out from behind the curtains. They met
Angle halfway down the ring, and JBL and Angle exchanged words and

Suddenly, it became obvious that Angle and JBL were working together.
Angle motioned to the back and Jindrak and Reigns came out to join
JBL, OJ and The Bashams.

They all attacked Show as Amy stood by on the ramp, holding JBL's
belt. Show put up a great fight, but was eventually overpowered (with
the help of a chairshot) and bloodied. They left him in the ring and a
stretcher was brought out. But he opted to make it to the back himself
and got big pops on the way out.

That was the end of the taping, but Teddy Long came out and told us to
stay in our seats. He ordered JBL and Jordan to come out in order to
face Taker in a casket handicap match. JBL whined about
"singlehandedly" taking out the biggest athlete ever, but he couldn't
get out of the match.

The match was rather boring (Taker's entrance was more exciting), but
Taker really did give it his all, even if it wasn't televised. We got
to see a Last Ride and a Tombstone. The match ended with Taker
chokeslamming JBL and shutting the casket on him.

Loudest pops went to Cena, Eddie and Taker. Biggest heat went to JBL
and the Cabinet, Angle, Kenzo and HBK (everytime his face was on the
screen in a WM21 or RR promo, the whole crowd booed). I guess it's
inevitable in Montreal, just like the "Your dad screwed Bret" chants
towards Brian Hebner.

Hormones must have been running rampant in my section because there
were 2 huge brawls right in front and right behind our seats. The
first one involved at least 10 people brawling in the stands after a
punch was thrown. The second involved a man running and jumping a
security guard from behind for no apparent reason. It took at least 6
guards to seperate the two. Pretty crazy.

I'll have pics up at www.wwedivas.us/gallery/ in
a day or two. If you check the site now, you can see some pics from
the 05/31 Raw taping, the 06/01 press conference announcing Summerslam
in Toronto, the 06/01 SD! taping and the 10/24 SD! house show.