Sean Waltman Lashes Out, Smackdown!, Edge/Christian Reunite, Raw Special Match

-The following is from Sean Waltman's official website, where he lashes out against the producers of the Surreal Life for exploiting Joanie (Chyna):

"You and I both know what she was paid to do your show. That amount of money is nominal compared to what you are making by exploiting her making a spectacle of herself for 13 days and giving her the platform to become an even bigger joke than Anna Nicole Smith. How she was allowed to go on further representing your show after the Howard Stern appearance is mindboggling. If it was not obvious at that point that she was in no shape to go and do another media appearance, then I question the common sense of everyone involved."

-Smackdown did a 3.6 overnight rating last night.

-Edge & Christian's interviews with TSN Off The Record were recorded together, as the two re-united for the interviews. They will appear on the January 25th edition of the show.

-Commercials in Cincinatti are advertising a special dark match for the February 14th Raw, featuring HHH/Edge vs. Randy Orton/Shawn Michaels.

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