WWE Sunday Night Heat Report (01/30/05) Pre Royal Rumble Edition

WWE Sunday Night Heat Report-30th January 2005
By Shaun Best-Rajah.Com Reporter

Hey yo everybody Shaun here with a belated edition of the Pre Royal Rumble edition of Sunday Night Heat. I personally thought the Rumble was good and the card didn't disappoint. It was an obvious build towards Wrestlemania and things are looking good in the world of WWE.

The build to three of the four Rumble matches is hyped and recapped. (All bar HBK vs Edge). The making of the Royal Rumble commercial was shown and the Royal Rumble theme is "Find The Real" by Alter Bridge which is available now. A focused Big Show is shown arriving arm in arm with Joy Giovanni and Maria interviews Shawn Michaels asking him his thoughts on his big night. Shawn responds by saying he's had many big nights and that the road to Wrestlemania starts tonight with the Rumble and how careers are made and broken at the Rumble. He says Edge is looking to make a name for himself wrsetling HBK but his career will be broken as he has to wrestle the standard and that means wrestling HBK. We will find out what Edge is made of and where he stands. Onto bigger and better things the Rumble match he speculates his chances, who knows he ain't no soothsayer, no prophecyor of the future. He's been there before and hopes to be there again, he steals the Road Dogg's old boys and girls DX schtick before telling everybody to get ready because HBK is ready for action See Ya!. Maria gushes at HBK the whole time. Stone Cold goes Hollywood is recapped again. It's match time now as we go to............

Rhyno vs Maven
Rhyno's music hits whilst Coach is in mid speech in the rafters and cue the man beast as he charges down to ringside and the nearly full arena pops for him. Maven gets heat as he comes out and we go to..........


We come back and join the match in progress with Rhyno press slamming Maven. The referee gets in between both competitors and Maven takes advantage with a punch and DDT and gets a nearfall. Maven lands stomps and punches while goading Rhyno to get up, Maven pulls him up, Rhyno punches back, Maven elbows and slaps Rhyno's head before an Irish whip and a clothesline puts Rhyno back down. Maven gets three successive two counts and he can't seem to be able to put this one to bed. Maven resorts to choking Rhyno with his elbow twice, brushes off the fans negative reaction and picks up Rhyno. Rhyno punches Maven, Irish whip, Rhyno charges into the corner as Maven moves and Maven covers with his feet on the ropes but Rhyno gets out at two. Maven chokes with his elbow again and in desperation wrenches the neck and pulls at Rhyno's hair in the ropes. Maven with a neckbreaker, two count, Maven applies a chokehold and we lose transmission due to a technical fault. We come back and see Maven punching the back of Rhyno's head and slapping on the chokehold again. Looks like they've been told to replay the missing action. Rhyno nearly fades but rises up elbows and punches free, Maven reverses Rhyno into the ropes no Rhyno counters Maven by reeling him in, getting him on his shoulders and hitting a modified facebuster and both men are down as the count is started. Both get up at five, Maven blocks roundhouse attempts connects with a few of his own but Rhyno eventually lands a breakthrough and his punches give him the momentum. Maven reverses Rhyno into the ropes, Rhyno lands a flying clothesline, clothesline and a backelbow followed by an Irish whip and a baby gore. Rhyno hits abelly-to-belly suplex and sets up for the Gore. Rhyno charges forwrad, Maven dodges by rolling to the outside. Rhyno gives chase Maven rolls back inside, Rhyno fakes getting in and Maven drops an elbow which misses. Rhyno gets on the apron drives his head into Maven's midsection attempts a sunset flip but Maven using the ropes drops down and holds the ropes for leverage and the referee doesn't see this and registers the pinfall 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: MAVEN.

An extensive highlights package showing clips of Rumbles past airs with a reminder of this Rumble to close the show. I'll be back next Sunday with the weekend shows. Take care and have a good week. Later, Shaun.