WWE RAW Report (1/31/05) - San Jose, California

Live from San Jose, California...it's WWE RAW.

Along with Ric Flair, World champion Triple H comes down to the ring decked in a black suit and with his belt in tow. Flair takes the mic and says that there once was a man in this business who just knew his was the greatest and went through his life knowing nothing else. Then along came a man like Shawn Michaels and the world "arguably" the best came along. But now, that word doesn't exist because of Triple H - the greatest wrestler alive today.

Triple H takes the mic and says "so much for destiny, Randy Orton...I control destiny." Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, he's the best. Triple H then talks about the man who went through 29 other men, the winner of the Royal Rumble: Batista, who also comes down to join the two. Triple H then compliments Batista, saying he had a dominant showing despite some controversy. Batista already knows this says Triple H, but he's damn proud of him - everything they talked about in the beginning, he's accomplished. And why? Because of loyalty. Look at Orton, he has no destiny. Triple H says when he found Batista, he was just a huge man walking around in jeans not knowing what to do. But look at him now - he has got it all.

Triple H then says it will be his personal to do the one thing he promised to do - at Wrestlemania, in the greatest match in the history of wrestling, he will defend his title against Batista. Batista decides to talk and says he's ready to tell him what he feels about him. Before he can say anything, we see JBL on the Titan Tron, saying he will beat Batista if he decides to move to Smackdown!. As good as Batista is, he's not in my league says Bradshaw. Triple H takes exceptions to some of JBL's comments saying he's the only God in wrestling and if Batista wanted that title sitting around your waist, it would be done just like that. Triple H warns Bradshaw to be careful what he wishes for. Triple H then promises that nobody will ruin Evolution's night at Wrestlemania 21. That's that and let's go. And Triple H decides to leave before Batista has a chance to speak.

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Shelton Benjamin vs. Simon Dean
-Benjamin is in control at the beginning, until Dean uses his bag behind the referee's back. Shelton gets the win after Simon misses a move from the top allowing him to be put into the leg lariat. After the match, Simon grabs the mic and says the only reason Benjamin won is because he used his Simon System. This angers Benjamin who runs back in and hits the Stinger Splash and the T-Bone before leaving for good.

Backstage, Eric Bischoff is trying to calm down Triple H who wants to know who put JBL's interview up on the Titan Tron. Bischoff says he's trying to find out but Triple H says if he finds out that Bischoff is behind it, he will make his life a living hell. Eric says he doesn't respond well to threats and just who the hell does he think he is. Triple H pops out his belt and says he's the champion and he calls all the shots. After Triple H leaves, Bischoff says "we'll see about that."

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In the ring, Christy Hemme comes out to shoot some t-shirts but Edge is out to yell at her, saying she is embarassing him. She asks Christy to pull out a t-shirt and as Edge guessed, it is a Wrestlemania 21 shirt which sends Edge into a near convultion. He asks Christy if she is trying to rub it into his face because he came so close to winning the Royal Rumble despite dominating it. Need he remind you that he beat Shawn Michaels too and he came this close to main-eventing the biggest show of the year. Edge says Christy may have tried to embarass him but he has no problem doing the same to her.

Before he can do anything, HBK's music hits and out comes Shawn Michaels to confront Edge. Michaels says if Edge wants to talk about embarassing, embarassing is coming out and looking Edge in the eye and admitting that he got one by HBK. What's also embarassing is that the man he eliminated, Kurt Angle, came back and took him out and also busted his head. Shawn concludes that last night wasn't a good night for him. The good news, however, is that tonight he's looking to alleviate his pent-up frustrations. He already has a tag-team match tonight but since he pulled double duty last night, he's willing to do it again. How about Edge vs. Shawn Michaels, rematch - right here, right now?

Edge responds by saying that everyone would probably like to see it, but forget it. He has nothing to prove since he beat Michaels last night and he's done with him. Edge wants Michaels to be a man of his word because he said that if he won, Shawn would shake his hand. Edge offers his hand and Michaels reluctantly accepts. As Edge begins to say "now get the hell out of my ring", Michaels backs up and hits the Sweet Chin Music.

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Next week, RAW emanates from Tokyo, Japan.

Maven vs. Hurricane
-Maven gets the pin after some sort of weird head slam maneuver. All I know is that it looked pretty cool.

Backstage, two of those diva women I think (maybe they have names, but I haven't watched RAW in a while so I don't know) are walking towards the women's lockerroom when Gene Snitsky walks out looking for someone. The girls ask why he's in there when Snitsky looks down and compliments them on their shoes.

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Backstage, Eric Bischoff asks the Coach who is behind JBL's impromptu message. Coach directs Bischoff to look behind and out comes Teddy Long who says he happened to drop. Long says he has nothing to do with Bradshaw's interview tape. Long asks Bischoff if he remembers last year when Chris Benoit used a loophole to jump to RAW...well, he wants Batista to do the same. Long reveals that he's made Batista a tremendous offer to come to Smackdown! to face JBL for the WWE title. Long says it might even be Batista vs. Big Show because at No Way Out, JBL will face Big Show for the title in a barbed wire, steel cage match. Long leaves and Bischoff orders Coach to throw Long out of the arena.

Backstage, Randy Orton is getting ready for his match when Stacy Keibler wonders if he's ready to wrestle tonight after last night's ordeal. Orton says this is life and one day he will become champion again. But tonight, there's something else on his mind. When he's in the ring with Triple H and Ric Flair, he'll prove that he's still the legend killer.

Backstage, we see Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit in the back walking and getting ready for their match against La Resistance.

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Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit vs. La Resistance (World Tag Team Title Match)
-Jericho and Conway start things off and Jericho dominates before tagging out to Benoit, who continues the assault. A hit from behind gives Grenier control and he tags out to Conway, who is put into the Crippler Crossface almost immediately. Grenier breaks the hold so Jericho takes care of him on the outside. Back in the ring, Benoit is in some trouble and Grenier cheapshots Jericho. When Benoit goes to tag, no one is there but he recovers and hits an enziguiri on Conway before making the hot tag to Jericho who takes down both La Resistance members. Soon thereafter, Jericho catches Grenier in the Walls when Conway runs in with the belt. Jericho lets go and attacks Conway and puts him in the same move. Chaos ensues as all four men in the ring but Benoit and Conway head outside while inside, Jericho tries for another Walls of Jericho on Grenier. However, Conway beats up Benoit and runs in and hammer Jericho across the back of the head so the ref decides to disqualify both teams...not sure why. I guess the ref lost control is what JR and Jerry Lawler would like us to believe.

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Later tonight, Randy Orton & Shawn Michaels battle Triple H & Ric Flair while Kane and Gene Snitzky go at it inside a steel cage.

Another promo for Chris Masters (The Masterpiece) is shown.

Muhammad Hassan comes out and complains about how he was eliminated last night at the Royal Rumble. He challenges anyone involved last night to a match but Sgt. Slaughter comes out instead. Slaughter puts the Cobra Cluth on Hassan immediately but has to break it when Hassan reaches the ropes. Hassan ends up winning the match by putting Slaughter in the Camel Clutch and causing him to submit.

Backstage, Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho act weird and agree that they bring the best out of each other. Or something. They go nose-to-nose and seem to have some underlying trouble.

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Backstage, a concerned Triple H is seen pondering when Ric Flair comes out to encourage him. Triple H asks Flair if he knows how much he wants to wrestle Batista. Flair says yes, it will be the greatest match. Triple H says he's started to think that maybe he's being selfish and thinking of himself. Teddy Long offered Batista a lot of money to wrestle JBL at Wrestlemania, but why should he hold him back? Triple H is feeling bad because that's a championship he could win. If Batista won the title from Bradshaw, Evolution would own both RAW and Smackdown! and would run everything. Imagine Batista as the WWE champion and Triple H as the World champion. Flair is amazed and says that's why Triple H is the greatest. He would never have thought of that on his own.

Eric Bischoff comes out to the top of the ramp and announces that next week for the first time ever, RAW will be coming live from Japan. For such a momentous show, he has three special matches lined up. It will be Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho, William Regal will team up with Tajiri to take on La Resistance for the World tag team titles and finally, Triple H will battle Edge for the World Heavweight title. So Edge lost the Rumble, cried about not getting to main-event and now he gets a title shot next week? Logical.

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Randy Orton & Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H & Ric Flair
-Batista comes down to interfere and startings throwing chairs into the ring but referee Jack Patten has him removed from ringside right before commercial break. As Batista is leaving, he is shown to have a smile across his face, insinuating that this was his plan all along.

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Randy Orton & Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H & Ric Flair (Cont'd)
-Triple H goes for the Pedigree on Randy Orton but Shawn Michaels hits him with the Sweet Chin Music. Soon after, Edge comes barrelling down and attempts to spear Michaels, but he moves out of the way and Triple H takes the whole brunt of it. A very weak Orton then just puts on arm over Triple H and scores the pin.

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Kane vs. Gene Snitsky (Steel Cage Match)
-Trish Stratus comes out and stands half-way up the ramp and just watches for a few minutes before coming down to ringside to help Snitsky. Kane grabs Trish and brings her in but before he can chokeslam her, Snitsky kicks Kane in the face. Snitsky then helps Trish up and out of the cage but he doesn't step out himself, instead deciding to tear the door off its hinges. As he charges forward, Kane kicks the door back into Snitsky's face and then hits a modified Atomic drop on the upright door, crotching Snitsky. Kane then hits Snitsky with a chokeslam on the door and covers him for the pinfall victory.

End of show.