Complete WWE No Way Out Results (2/20/05): Barbed Wire Steel Cage Match

WWE No Way Out (Smackdown)
February 20th, 2005
Announcers: Michael Cole & Tazz

Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio vs. Basham Brothers

Pyro erupts as No Way Out kicks off from Pittsburgh, PA!

Michael Cole and Tazz welcome us.

Rey Mysterio makes his way down the ramp in an all white gear trimmed in red.

Eddie Guerrero makes his way to the ring in a loc'd out, baby blue, lowrider with white interior. You have to - check this out in the clicking the link below.

Eddie is sporting his traditional black gear with gold trim.

Now the Basham Bros. make their way down the isle. In red and black matching attire. Both teams are in the ring about to kick of the first of three title matches tonight!

Danny and Eddie start things out. They go around the ring with some chain wrestling. Eddie works his way to his corner and tags in Rey. Rey goes to work quickly on Danny. Rey throws Danny to the ropes where his brother Doug gets a blind tag and gets to work on Rey.

Rey side steps and makes his way to the Eddie and tags in Guerrero. Guerrero takes on Doug, they lock up, Eddie hits a flip and throws Doug out to the corner. They lock up again and Eddie rolls away and tags in Rey.

While the ref is ditracted by Eddie, Doug sneaks into the ring in Danny's place. The referee has no idea what the Bashams are up to. Danny goes to work on Rey just pounding the guy. Doug tags Danny back in and now goes to work on Rey.

Danny has Rey down with a choke hold and is just grinding that hold down. Danny is up and elbows Eddie off the appron. Danny now tags in Doug.

Danny and Doug do a series of in n' out tags. They are working quickly. Doug lifts Rey into the far left corner for a high risk manover off the top rope. Rey is facing the audience with his back to Doug. Looks like he's setting him up for a giant belly-to-back suplex. BUT NO!

Rey counters and knocks Doug off! Rey is weak though after the pounding and Doug tags Danny back in and Danny drops Rey down.

Doug now tagged back in and the Bashams set Rey up for a double team SLAM face down on the mat!

Doug goes to work on Rey, but Rey is feeling something! He rolls away and tags in Eddie! Eddie goe sto work on both Bashams. Goe sfor the pin on Doug... 1...2... Kicks out!

Eddie is out side now he's following Guerrero protocol and will not Cheat to win. Eddie has the title but Rey stops him. Rey says "no" he doesn't want to win like that.

Doug is laid out in the ring.

Rey and Eddie continue to argue.

Eddie says forget it, and climbs the Turnbucle for a Frog splash.

Danny is on the appron so Eddie quickly jumps off and pounds Danny. Eddie goes to work on Doug and Rey goes to work on Danny out side the ring. Danny gets away from Rey and nabbs the title. Danny tosses it to Eddie though!

Eddie tosses it quickly to Doug!

The ref snatches the belt goes to take out ring side as Eddie nabbs the other title to nail Doug! BAM!

Doug is down... Eddie covers


Danny is on the appron now


Rey goes for the 619 on the appron and nails Danny!


Winners and New Tag Team Champions: Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio

Backstage Theodore Long runs into Carlito with an unknown woman.

Carlito says she's a lawyer and he has a message.

If he doesn't sign Batista, she says "You're out of a job".

Joy, Rochell, Lauren and Michelle make their way down the isle in some of the hottest evning gowns (if you want to call that clothing) that I've ever seen as you can see below. The crowd cheers...

The wrap things up with the Divas. It was pretty quick. They just announced their names and announced you can vote for either Diva at They will continue with the contest through out the night.

John Heidenreich vs. Booker T

John Heidenreich heads out.

He reads a poem to a hushed crowed, when suddenly...


Booker T hits the ring.

Both men size each other up and lock up in the center of the ring. Booker T gains the upper hand, but Heidenreich overpowers him and goes to work.

The wind up into the corner and now out to ring side where Booker takes advantage. A veteran move by Booker.

Booker rolls Heidenreich back into the ring and gets in and quick to work.

The momentum moves back and forth.

These two are at it at full speed. Quick work by these two. Considering their size, its quite impressive.

Heidenreich is down!

Booker T is feeling it! SPINAROONIE!!!

Booker T to the ropes.

Heidenreich is back up.

Booker goes for the chop kick...NO!

Heidenreich counters and throws Booker outside. Outside the ring now Heidenreich grabs a chair but Booker chops him in the back.

Wait a minute...

Heidenreich isn't even fazed by it.

He looks at Booker T with a fierce stare. Heidenreich pounds Booker T in the throw with the chair! You have to catch this chairshot clicking the link below. The ref calls the match. But Heidenreich rolls Booker in anyway for a pin. The ref asks to have bell ranged again, and again. And now Heidenreich with a scarry look on his face walks slowly up the ramp while the referee tends to Booker.

WWE Cruiswerweight Championship Elimination Match

Next is the cruiserweight title match. All the wrestlers comeout almost at the same time here. Pretty quick.

It's Sho Funaki vs. Paul London vs. Shannon Moore vs. Spike Dudley vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Akio.

The current champion Funaki and Paul start things out here.

The are going back and forth going for some pretty big moves early.

Thanks to some interference from Spike Funaki is knocked off the turnbucle Paul quickly wraps Funaki up and gets the 3 count! Wow the champ is the first one eliminated.

Funaki drop kicks Spike from behind. Paul goes for the pin and gets the 3 count!

Funaki pays Spike back and gets him eliminated!

Paul and Sannon Moore are at it now. Moore wastes no time to get to work on Paul London.

Paul London gains the advantage back and now has Moore down on the ground.

London up to top rope and gets off a 450 splash and gets the 3 count on Moore!

Akio gets into the ring and goes to work on Paul.

Akio still going to work on Paul London.

Using some high kicks along the way, Akio gets London to the turnbuckle. Akio lifts Paul to the top rope and wants to set him up for a top rope suplex.

Wait! London counters with a HUGE forward suplex and both men are down now and the referee is counting them out!

The ref is counting down now. 6... Chavo counts along with him... 7!

Akio and London begin to get up... 8! London grabs the ropes for help...9! London is up! Akio is almos there! ... 10!

Akio didn't make it. He's eliminated!

Quickly Chavo goes to work on Paul London. He taunts Paul asking why will you make me work?!

London is out of it! But he is getting strength from somewhere.

London wraps up Chavo and gets a 2 count Chavo reverse and has the ropes and gets the 3 count!

Winner and New Crusierweight Champions: Chavo Guerrero

Rookie Diva 2005 Competition #2


Big Show was shown backstage and he looked deep in thought as he gets his shot at JBL and the WWE Championship inside the Barbwire Steel Cage later tonight. Tazz went through the rules of the match, and you can win by pin, submission or escape. He noted that the door will be padlocked shut throughout the match, so the only way to escape would be over the Barbwire.

Rookie Diva Contest – Second Round
Talent Contest
Rochelle Loewen vs. Joy Giovanni vs. Michelle McCool vs. Lauren Jones

Second round time, as Tony Chimel introduced the Diva’s again. Of course, the Diva's are looking very hot right now which you can see. Torrie got on the mic and welcomed us to round two. She said each Diva is going to show us their very special talents. Joy said her talent was massage, and she would like to massage Torrie. Joy started to massage Torrie and Dawn looked on in disgust. Torrie thanked Joy, and then Dawn got on the mic and said that she can give a better rub than that. Rochelle was next and told a couple of jokes, and she was horrid. Dawn stole the mic off her and told her she stunk. Lauren was next and did a dance. I am so glad this show was free in the UK. Dawn said Lauren shouldn’t quit her day job. Michelle was next and said her talent is a bit more physical. She said that she is tired of Dawn running her mouth, and then gave her a bodyslam! Torrie laughed and Chimel told us to go vote.

Luther Reigns vs. Undertaker


JBL is interviews and when asked if he is scared. He said hell no. Because he has this match in him. Big Show should be asking himself right now now "is it in me?".

Luther Reigns heads down to the ring accompanied by Mark Jindrak. The referee quickly halts Mark and orders him backstage. Luther is stunned and can't believe what just happened.

Taker makes his way down the ring to a now weary Luther Reigns.

In the ring now Taker takes off his gear staring down Luther.

The bell rings and Take goes to work quickly with some stiff right hands. Overwhelming Luther, Take goes for the "old school" pounce of the top rope. What balance by the veteran of 20 years now.

Luther is in the corner now but he's sneaky. He is untying teh turnbuckle and is exposing it, taking off the padding. The ref has no idea either.

Take capitalizes though and goes back to work. Luther is really taking a pounding here. Luther is down and Taker is dragging him towards the appron. Now Taker lands a big Apron Leg Drop!

Luther is feeling it now.

Luther gains the upper hand after a lowblow and the powerhouse is going off on take. Three big slams in a row on Taker.

Going for the pin, Luther makes the cover, NO! Taker kicks out.

Luther has Taker in a single leg crab and Taker his in pain and damn near "deader" after those slams.

Another pin by Luther and no! Taker kicks out!

Luther goes for a bell-to-back and then pin! No! Taker kicks out. He goes for another pin and NO! Taker kicks out!

Taker lets off now with some more right and left hands. Take has Luther up in the air and gets him down on the rope for a snake eyes neck drop!

Taker goes for the choke slam and he gets it! Now he sets up for the Tombstone and Luther counters with a swinging DDT! Goes for the cover and no! Taker kicks out!

Luther now back to work on Taker pounding the dead man back to hell as it seems.

Luther is kicking Taker's ass here. It seems as he can do this. Taker is down and Luther is on top...1...2...Thr...NO!

Taker kicksout. Luther sets up again for a swinging neckbreaker, Taker spins, counters and hits a DDT!

Taker signals the Tombstone piledriver!!! Taker lifts Luther up, and then down with a TOMBSTONE!

1..2..3! Taker wins with a Tombstone pildriver!

Winner: Undertaker

WWE Diva Round 3

Torrie made her way down, and Dawn Marie has refused to take part after being slammed by Michelle earlier on.

Torrie said they each have 15 seconds to show their swimsuits.

Joy was first and looks very hot, followed by Rochelle, then Lauren and finally Michelle, who was looking very which you can see below.

The crowd is pretty dead through all of this by the way. Michelle did a back flip which almost lead to her boobs popping out which was pretty good.

Torrie said while the votes are tallied on, she is going to poll the audience. Michelle got the biggest pop from the crowd. The votes show Joy as the winner.

Winner: Joy Giovanni

Kurt Angle vs. John Cena

John Cena is out first with a determined look on his face. He is followed by Kurt Angle who enters the ring with a calm and collect look on his face.

The bell rings and the two lock up. Kurt Angle gets John Cena down early and goes to work on the mat. Back up Cena counters and throws Angle to the rope, Angle telegraphs and has Cena back down on the mat with a head lock.

Cena works Angle to the corner and both men respectivly back off each other to regroup as the crowd chants "CENA, CENA, CANA!"

Cena whipped to the ropes Angel sweeps the legs and has Cena down again. Cena gains leverage and gets back up and rams Angle mid section with his shoulders.

Angle whips Cena, Cena hangs on to the ropes, Angle charges and is tossed out side!

Cena capitalizes and heads out side. He jumps Angle and they are up and over the announcer's table. Cena is taking to the street here. Cena is pounding Angle on the floor. The ref orders them back into the ring and Cena takes this brawl into the ring and goes for Suplex. Angle bounces off the mat and rolls outside to collect himself and Cena is standing his ground inside the ring.

Angle is back in the ring with aggression and goes for Cena with a bell to back suplex and Cena's head bounces off the top turnbuckle! Kurt Angle, in a German suplex style move, rams the back of Cena's head into the turnbuckle. You have to see this for your self folks. Click the link below for photos.

Angle goes to work on Cena on the mat and Cena is yelling for in mercy! But he is not gonna give it up. Angle gets Cena back up and goes for a Triple German Suplex. HUGE MOVE! Angle still to work with a neck lock, but Cena is slowly working his way back up.

Cena battles out with right hands, whips Angle and nails him with a shoulder charge! Both men are now down!

Cena battles back and goes for an FU, but Angle counters and rolls him up. Angle goes for the Angle slam and Cena counters with DDT. Cena goes for the count but Angle kicks out!

Angle is realing but is getting up. Cena goes for another FU, Angle counters, rolls down, flips Cena and comes back up with a Ankle Lock submssion. But Angle flips him out of the ring.

Trying to get back into the ring, Angle catches and standing leg drop from the stop rope from Cena...

Cena gets Angle up for the FU and executes it!

1...2....No! Angle kicks out!

But Cena is celebrating! The ref tells Cena Angle kicked out and Angle takes Cena's legs from upunder him from behind.

Cena now favoring his left knee. Angle goes to work on the knee in and out of the ring.

Angle hits the Angle slam! Angle gets back on Cena with the Ankle Lock and Cena is yelling!!! Cena was already favoring that knee now his ankle is in excrutiating pain. Cena slowly, slow gets to the rope and Angle breaks the hold, but brings Cena back to the center of the ring and really locks on the Ankle lock.

Cena counters the ankle lock and whips Angle into the rope but he hits the ref. The ref is down now! Angle realizes this and now goes for Cena's chain which is hanging in the corner of the ring on the turn post. Angle reaches out, grabs the chain, turns around and Cena gores Angle into corner. Angle is dizzy on his fit that was a big gore by Cena. Cena gets the FU! But the ref is out!

Cena covers Angle... Now the ref is slowly moving towards Angle who is now covered and pinned down by Cena. 1!... Cena can barely hold on! 2! Angle's eyes are rolled back... But Cena can barely hold on to the pin!...three! Cena gets the 3 count and wins the match. Cena is going to WrestleMania to face the Champ!

Angle slowly gets up as Cena celebrates. Angle is pissed and rolls out side and kicks the crap out of the stairs.

Cena is celebrating, Pittsburg is going nuts, and John Cena, the IC champion, heads to Hollywood to face the WWE Champion!

Winner: John Cena

JBL vs. Big Show - Barbed Wire Steel Cage

JBL makes way to the ring as the Barbed wire cage is lowered. JBL is being driven as always to the ring in a JBLimo.

JBL doesn't look so confident right now. He looks about as worried as Feline in a dog pound.

Big Show is out next. Never blinking an eye he stares down the champ.

Both men are in the center of the ring. The ref closes the cage and locks the door. The bell now rings.

Both men trade blows back and forth. JBL gets boot up in the air Big Show is down to his knee. JBL goes to climb the cage, he makes it to the top, but is cut but th barbedwire and is no favoring his left arm. His arm is SLICED OPEN! You have to check out this cut in the photo gallery right now.

JBL goes for standing side splash but Big Show catches him and Show slams him down!

Show whips JBL, but JBL counters and Show goes head first into the cage and now he's busted open! Big Show is really bleeding here, the blood is every where and even the ref is assisting him.

JBL gets to the top of the cage and cames down on big show with a falling elbow.

Oh my god. Big SHow is really leaking at this point, not even 10 minutes into the match.

Big Show is in control now. And is working the champ with a number of slams and body drops. Show sets JBL up with a monkey flip head first into the cage! Now the forhead of JBL is beginning the leak.

Wait! Here comes JBL's Cheif of staff Orland Jordan and the Bashams and they have wire cutters.

Danny Basham trys to open the cage with the wire cutters, but here comes Theodore Long and he orders every backstage! But hey! Danny Basham tossed the wire cutters over the cage!

JBL nails Big Show with the cutters and now JBL seems to be in the driver seat. JBL goes for the pin. 1...2..No! Show kicks out!

Show and JBL both with bloody faces get to their feet and Show gets a choke slam on JBL! JBL is down!

Big SHow signals for another choke slam but JBL goes low with punch to the groin!

JBL goes for the cutters and now climbs the cage and begins to cut the barbed wire at the top of the cage!

Big Show grabs JBL but JBL kicks him off. Show is now climbing the cage and now JBL is ramming Show's head face first into the cage.

Big show is fighting back now. Both men trade punches. Show is gaining the upper hand and has JBL by the throat.

JBL is trying to fight him off but he just can't.

Show has JBL up in the air for a choke slam and JBL is slammed through the mat! OH MY GOD! Through the mat!

A bloody JBL is down and seemingly out!

JBL is out cold and Show is still clinged to the cage. Show slowly makes his way down. He is now on the ring's mat. He looks over to JBL who is motionless now under the ring, but there is a giant whole in the ring now.

Show muscles the strength to go over to the Cage door. But it's locked! Show kicks the cage door. He pushes the door. SHow then mustard up all his power and busted the chain!

All he has to do now is get outside. He is now through the ropes, making his way down the stares, right before he plants his foot on the ring side floor. JBL music hits!

JBL is now on the ring side floor near the isle! What the hell just happened!

It appears that while Big Show was making his way out the cage door. JBL was under the ring crawling to the ring side area and the ref saw that and proclaimed JBL the winner since he was there first.

Big Show is pissed! He gets JBL and back into the ring. JBL is already the winner but not if Big Show can help it.

Now Jordan and the Bashams are in the ring and they are beatting Big Show down Big Show is done for now. But Batista's music hits and now the Animal Batista is clearing house. He knocks out Danny and he knocks out Jordan. He then gets Doug in a Batista slam and the arean is exploding in cheers!

JBL is crawling backstage now throgh the isle but John Cena appears. Cena takes JBL out to the left of the entrance to a boom stange where all the speakers and pyro gear sites. Cena drops JBL off a 10 foot flat form onto a boom table!

Now Cena celebrates on the entrance stage while Batista celebrates in the ring. Cena signals that he is the next champ but now Batista signals his the next champ! They pose to eachother Cena at the entrance ramp and Batista in the ring as the crowd goes nuts No Way Out goes of the air.

Winner: JBL

End of show.

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