4 Horsemen Returning At WrestleMania?, ECW PPV, Shane McMahon; more

Barry Werner is no longer with WWE as of last week and has been replaced by Shane McMahon. Werner had worked under McMahon, who will now oversee the department without a middleman.

Bruce Pritchard will be taking more personal time off. His backstage behaviour lately has been a hot topic among those who have worked with him.

According to sources, Dean Malenko reportedly has heat with the cruiserweights. Certain cruiswerweights don’t believe he has been truthful with them. According to one complaint put forward, when someone pitches an idea to him, he presents it to management as if it was his idea. Malenko is also said to be pitching a reformation of the 4 Horsemen for Wrestlemania, with the group including Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Chris Benoit, and Dean Malenko. Malenko has reportedly claimed that those four men made up the most popular version of the Horsemen. Malenko is also said to be pitching the idea that he should come out of retirement for one match at the ECW pay-per-view.

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