Big Update On Vince McMahon Not Being At WrestleMania, His Injury, & Shane McMahon

-There is a lot of talk backstage right now about Vince McMahon not being at any of the television tapings and Pay Per Views since his injury at the Royal Rumble. It is said that Vince will not be at any of the tapings or Pay Per views for at least the next 2-6 months. This injury has taken a toll on Vince who seems to be at a lowpoint because he can not be at the tapings and cannot work out.

Vince has always wanted to set an example for his employees and was very proud of the way he looked for his age. With him not being able to work out then it is not likely that he will even appear at WrestleMania 21, because he doesn't want to be seen in the weakened state that this injury has left him in.

Also, Jim Ross has taken over many of the duties from Vince and while Shane McMahon was backstage to help his father after his injury at the Royal Rumble, he is not being labeled as the "go to guy" in his absence. Instead, Ross has taken over many of his duties helping coordinate the announcing of the shows and also Triple H and Stephanie have stepped up their backstage roles with the shows.

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