TNA Wrestling's Destination X PPV Results

TNA Destination X Results 03/13/05
By: Chris “The Authority” Schultz

The Naturals' Andy Douglas & Chris Candido vs. Buck Quartermain & Lex Lovett

The action got started tonight with one of TNA’s up and coming tag teams, Buck Quartermain and Lex Lovett. These two have recently had some success in TNA and were looking to make even more of an impact at the start of the pay per view. Their opponents, Andy Douglas of the Naturals and the veteran Chris Candido were out to make some noise of there own. Since aligning themselves with Candido, both Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas look determined to get back in contention for the tag titles.

Buck and Lex went to work on Candido early on in the match, but the new mentor/leader of the Naturals soon made his way to his corner for the tag. A fresh Douglas got his team back in the fight. Chris Candido hit a diving head butt on Quartermain which got his team the first victory of the night.

Winner: Chris Candido & Andy Douglas

Cassidy Riley & “Mr. 630” Jerrelle Clark vs. Lance Hoyt & Kid Kash

In the second match of the night, former NWA Tag Team Champions Kid Kash and Lance Hoyt prepared to do battle against the young Cassidy Riley and Jerelle Clark. Kash and Riley got things started off by putting on a wrestling clinic for the fans in attendance. The both of them went back and forth countering each others move with neither man able to take control. The match spilled out to ringside after both Riley and Clark leaped of the top rope, back to back, onto a helpless Hoyt and Kash below.

Soon thereafter, Kash and Hoyt’s experience with each other came into play. Cassidy and Clark mounted a little comeback, but the power of Hoyt and Kash’s technical expertise were just too much for the young combo. The match ended after Clark took a huge choke slam from Lance Hoyt and Kash finished him off with the Moneymaker.

Winner: Kid Kash & Lance Hoyt

America’s Most Wanted & 3 Live Kru vs. Team Canada

What has now become a 3LK tradition, Konnan and BG James go the crowd all riled up on the mic before the match started. When BG exclaimed that the fans were looking at the soon to be NWA Tag Team Champions, their teammates had a difference of opinion. Scott D’Amore then led his Team Canada to the ring with pride on his face. Johnny Devine was unable to compete due to a torn MCL, but fellow Canadian, Allistar took his place.

It was all AMW and 3LK in the early going of the match, but Team Canada got right back in it as all 4 members worked on “Wildcat” Chris Harris. The match went out of control when all eight participants piled into the ring and began to beat the living hell out of each other. D’Amore finally found a chance to get involved and got to the top rope, but was met by K-Dawg who flipped him over and into the ring. With his attention on D’Amore, Konnan was unable to see a running clothesline coming his way from Team Canada’s Bobby Roode. Roode then covered him for the three count and the victory.

Winner: Team Canada (Petey Williams, Eric Young, Bobby Roode, & Allistar

The Naturals' Chase Stevens w/ Candido & Douglas vs. Chris Sabin

The other half of the Naturals, Chase Stevens got his chance to get another victory for the team tonight as he squared off with former X Division Champion, Chris Sabin. The numbers game was against Sabin from the start with both Candido and Andy Douglas at ringside. With both of them getting involved in the affair, it turned out to be almost a 3 on 1 match.

Stevens went for a rollup in the end for the cheap win, but Sabin reversed the move and got the victory. This got the Naturals and Candido irate and they began to put a beat down on Sabin after the bell rang. Thankfully, a masked superstar hit the ring and ran off the Naturals and Candido. Once he pulled Sabin to his feet, the superstar removed his mask to reveal the Shocker, the famous Mexican superstar from the McDonalds commercial!

Winner: Chris Sabin

Raven vs. Dustin Rhodes (Bull Rope Match)

This rivalry has reached its peak in TNA. After losing the last encounter at Against All Odds, Dustin Rhodes wanted a rematch against Raven in a match he is all too familiar with, a bull rope match. Even with this match up favoring Rhodes, Raven was not ready to call it quits with the Big Texan. Steel chairs got involved in the early going with each superstar getting their own shots.

Rhodes experience in this type of encounter factored in when he took control for the majority of the match. Rhodes went for the bulldog finisher early on but Raven countered it. However, Raven was not able to block another bulldog from Rhodes which left his face planted in a steel chair. Dustin then covered Raven for the pin and got the victory, but before he could celebrate, Team Canada w/D’Amore attacked him and started to beat the life out of him until AMW came in for the save.

Winner: Dustin Rhodes

Disciples of Destruction vs. Phi Delta Slam

It was now time for Trinity and Traci to put their respective teams head to head to see who goes on to be Dusty Rhodes personal assistant. Trinity brought her team, Phi Delta Slam to the ring with determination in her eyes, while Traci led her team to the ring through the arena floor where they came in on their choppers. Filling the arena with the noise of their engines, the Disciples of Destruction looked focused on the task at hand as well. More than a half a ton filled the ring as these two huge tag teams geared to do battle. Phi Delta Slam are some big dudes, but they had great agility in the ring.

Every move in the match shook the ring as the 2 teams went to work on each other. Trinity tried to get involved early on when she jumped off the top rope to the outside on Heavy D. However, this quickly backfired as Heavy D caught her and threw her right over the guard rail. Trinity did get revenge later on as she got some kicks to Heavy D’s face on the outside. Big Tilly hit a huge splash from the top rope on Ron, but the referee’s attention was to Bruno on the outside.

Seizing the opportunity, the Harris Boys did the quick switch. Once Tilly went back to cover his opponent again, he was met by a big boot to the face. This gave the DOD the win and Traci the job as Dusty Rhodes only assistant.

Winner: Disciples of Destruction

“The Alpha Male” Monty Brown vs. Trytan

It was not time for the debut of the mysterious Trytan, who had been stalking the Alpha Male Monty Brown for the last couple of weeks. Trytan was definitely going to be a challenge for Monty Brown as he towered over the 6’2” former linebacker. Nobody has ever mad handled the Alpha Male like Trytan did in the early going. It looked as if the newcomer was going to destroy Monty Brown.

He then delivered a viscous choke slam, but that was enough to keep Brown down. The Alpha Male then mounted a comeback and was ready to Pounce his opponent till the lights went off. Nobody knew what was going on, but when the lights came back on, a huge masked man wearing black clothes was in the ring. Brown quickly pounced on this man and covered him for the win, only to learn that his real opponent Trytan was looking on from the top of the ramp.

Winner: The Alpha Male Monty Brown

Jeff Hardy vs. Abyss (Falls Count Anywhere)

This match was definitely not for the weak at heart. This was another rivalry in TNA that had been boiling over for a long time now. It didn’t take long for the action to spill into the crowd and into the parking garage. It was there that Abyss set up two tables to do some damage on his smaller opponent. It turned out to work against him as Hardy beat the monster Abyss senseless and onto the table. From there, the Charismatic Enigma climbed one of the building structures over 15 feet above and did a Swanton Bomb which landed directly on Abyss, sending both through the tables below.

Hardy definitely took high risk to a new level in this match. The action then went back to the ring where the steel chairs were brought into play. Abyss placed a chair on Hardy and hit a splash from the top rope onto a helpless Hardy below. Hardy didn’t stay down too long and quickly went under the ring to grab a ladder. Once the ladder was in the ring Hardy knocked the big man off of it and hit a leg drop off the top of the ladder. Hardy then attempted the Twist of Fate, but Abyss countered and got a two count.

Another table was then set up in the ring. Abyss then power bombed Jeff right through the table. Hardy was able to get back to his feet after another 2 count and hit the Twist of Fate on Abyss, sending the monster’s head right onto the ladder. Hardy then covered him for the victory. Abyss wasn’t done though and he started to work on Hardy some more after the bell had rang. Then Abyss went under the ring to pull out a blue bag full of thumb tacks. He spread the sharp tacks all over the canvas floor. He grabbed Hardy and gave him the Black Hole Slam right on the tacks. Hardy screamed in pain as hundreds of tacks stuck into his bloody back.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Outlaw vs. Kevin Nash (First Blood Match)

Revenge was the only thing on Kevin Nash’s mind heading into this match up after the Outlaw cost him the NWA World Heavyweight Title at last month’s Against All Odds PPV. The Outlaw went for some weapons early on and pulled out a screwdriver from a toolbox that was under the ring. He then tried to use the tool on Big Sexy, but Nash fought it off with all the strength he could muster up. Nash then grabbed a steel chair and swung for the Outlaw’s head, but was hit by a cheap shot to the lower region.

The Outlaw then got a good shot with the chair to Nash’s skull, but fortunately for the big man, it didn’t open him up. The referee was then knocked out with a blow to the head. Nash was able to bounce back by hitting two snake eyes on the Outlaw on an exposed turnbuckle. This cut open the Outlaw who was bleeding in the corner of the ring, but the referee was still down. Just then, Jeff Jarrett came down and hit Nash over the head with the NWA World Title, cutting the big man open.

Then Jarrett’s attorney and a doctor ran down to the ring. The doctor wiped off the Outlaw’s face and patched him back up. Nash was getting back to his feet with a crimson mask while the Outlaw looked unscathed. The referee then saw Nash’s blood and called for the bell giving the Outlaw the victory. A furious Nash got the last laugh after hitting the Jackknife Powerbomb on the Outlaw.

Winner: The Outlaw

“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles vs. “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels vs. Ron “The Truth” Killings vs. “Primetime” Elix Skipper
(Ultimate X Match)

What a match this turned out to be. 2 former World Champions, 3 Former X Division Champions, and 4 former Tag Team Champions in one ring. It started off with Ron “The Truth” Killings teaming with Christopher Daniels against AJ Styles and Primetime. What followed was some of the best X Division action that I have seen to this day. The first to be eliminated was Killings after Primetime hit the Sudden Death to get the 3 count on the former World Champ.

Now it was down to a 3 way dance. Christopher Daniels hit an amazing sitting moonsault on the other two competitors from the middle of the X formed above. Daniels then talked his former Triple X partner into teaming up against the current X Division Champion to get him out of the picture. It turned out to be a double cross as the Fallen Angel turned Primetime around and drove him to the ground with a viscous clothesline.

Primetime was able to get back into the game and hit another Sudden Death on AJ Styles, but before he could go for the pin, he was quickly caught in the Angels Wings by Daniels and eliminated. It was now down to the 2 men whom have had quite a history with each other in the past couple of months. The match quickly turned into another Styles/Daniels classic. The two exchanged moves and took great risks during the rest of the match which caused the crown to break into a “This is Awesome!” chant.

Both had gotten their hands on the belt at one time or another, but was unable to pull it down. The last time they fell off the top of the X they hit the referee, knocking him unconscious to the floor. Styles went back up and grabbed the X title and dropped to the ring below, but the referee didn’t see it. Daniels quickly noticed the opportunity and took it. Daniels then hit the Angels Wings on Styles and grabbed the belt. He fell to the ground as if he just fell with the title in his hands. The referee soon came to consciousness and saw this and had the bell rung, declaring the Fallen Angel the new X Division Champion!

Winner: Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Jeff Jarrett (NWA World Heavyweight Title Match)

Before the match started, The Living Legend Larry Zbysko, 3 Live Kru, The Alpha Male Monty Brown, Candido, and the Naturals came out to circle the ring. The Director of Authority, Dusty Rhodes ordered this to make sure this match went off without any interference or foul play. The early momentum went to DDP as he went right to work on the King of the Mountain. Jarrett was able to counter by locking the Figure 4 on the former World Champion.

It was obvious that Chris Candido and the Naturals were at ringside to help Jarrett retain the title. They became involved early and grabbed DDP from the outside. Jarrett hit the Stroke on Page, but he kicked out at 2. Then a huge fight broke out on the outside of the ring. The Outlaw then ran to ringside and threw Jarrett a guitar. Jarrett was ready to use it on his opponent, but BG James grabbed the guitar. With Konnan holding Jarrett for the guitar shot, James went to smash the musical instrument on the Champ’s head, but instead hit his own partner on accident, due to Jarrett ducking. While this took place, the Outlaw jumped back into the ring and hit the Famouser on DDP. Jarrett went to cover the motionless Page, but he kicked out again. Sean Waltman then ran to the ring and attacked both Jarrett and the Outlaw hitting them both with the bronco buster. The Naturals and Candido came into take out DDP again, but all 3 were met with Diamond Cutters. Jarrett’s attorney hit the ring again to fight off DDP, but was met by The Alpha Male, Monty Brown and he quickly retreated. DDP was ready to go back after Jarrett, but was cut off by the “POUNCE!” Brown had turned his back on DDP and Jarrett quickly covered Page for the 3 count to retain the title. Monty Brown had soled his sole to the devil! The two shook hands at the end. But why???

Winner: Jeff Jarrett