Grenier On Hardy-Lita-Edge Saga, Marty Janetty & Batista/Snitsky

Source: Pro Wrestling Torch & Wrestling Observer

Sylvain Grenier said he hadn't heard much about the Matt Hardy-Lita-Edge situation when interviewed by the Calgary Sun last week. The writer, T.J. Madigan, talked about how difficult it is to get more than fluff out of WWE interview subjects. He wrote: "After doing business with WWE for years, I know the conversation must remain firmly in the territory of harmless banter. Delve too far into the subjects of steroids, sex or lawsuits and the voice of God (aka WWE media relations) will come booming over the phone to end the interview and rescue the wrestler from a politically awkward situation. So, with great caution, I attempted to ease Grenier out of his comfort zone and into more controversial territory. It wasn't a success." All Grenier said when asked about the Hardy-Lita-Edge situation was, "I didn't hear much about it. "If you start to get personal with everybody, it just takes a lot of energy and I need my energy for the ring." Grenier did detail how he had tried out for Tough Enough 1, but didn't make it. "I auditioned for the first Tough Enough in 2001 and WWE called me again for the second Tough Enough," he said. "They really liked me but, because I was Canadian, the visa thing didn't work out. So I went down to Florida and trained. After a couple of months, I had a try out and finally got my first contract with WWE." Read the full story here. [Thanks to Jordan for that recap.]

Marty Janetty is scheduled to wrestle on the March 26 Chesterfield, Ind. Superior Championship Wrestling event, with his opponent being Ryan Wrath.

There's a funny story on where if you watch the Tomko/stitches video, and turn the volume pretty loud, you can hear Batista and Gene Snitsky discussing their spots for the RAW match they had.

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