WWE Sunday Night Heat Report (03/20/05) Taped in Atlanta, Georgia

WWE Sunday Night Heat Report-20th March 2005
By Shaun Best-Rajah.Com Reporter
Commentators Todd Grisham & Jonathan Coachman

Welcome back everybody, Heat starts this week with.................

Simon Dean vs Viscera
Yeeeeeeaaahhhhhhhh! Simon Dean is in the house with gym bag and snack bar in hand and he grabs a mic and cuts the following promo:

"Now I know it's getting a little warm outside and that means two things bathing suits. Now I know you people are getting excited about March madness but as I look around this audience it's more like March fatness if you ask me and I know you people need my help because lately I've been so inundated with orders for my patented Simon System that I didn't even get a chance to see who I was wrestling tonight. But it doesn't really matter because I'm sure he's just like all of you, a little bit overweight, an awful lot of ugliness and in desperate need of a spongebath. But I'll help him get into a bathing suit, it doesn't matter if it's a twopiece, a bikini or even a speedo so send out my opponent".

Viscera's music plays and Simon says he doesn't want to see him in a speedo as Viscera waddles down to ringside. Simon looks like he's going to be sick and offers Viscera his snack bar which Viscera slaps away. He wants an all you can eat ticket at McDonald's (LOL). Simon jumps Viscera from behind with punches as he's removing his ring jacket. Simon tries to whip Viscera to the ropes but Viscera doesn't budge and clotheslines Simon down. Viscera slaps Dean's chest, Dean off the ropes, ducks Viscera's clothesline and tries one of his own, Viscera is barely fazed, Dean runs the ropes again and runs into a swing slam by Big Vis. Viscera stands on Dean's chest in the ropes, Dean puts his hands into his gym bag but Viscera stands on both and kicks the bag to the outside. Dean retreats to the corner and tries to kick Viscera away. Simon goes to the second rope but Viscera advances and hoists him up with both hands, Dean escapes with a rake to the face and kicks away at the back of Viscera's legs. Dean off the ropes goes downstairs with a punch that drops Viscera to one knee, Dean with more punches and knees, Dean runs the ropes again right into a rolling heel kick by Viscera. Big Vis comes off the ropes and squishes Dean with a splash and gets the 1-2-3. Simon Dean continues his jobbing streak. Here is Your Winner: VISCERA.

Still to come Victoria & Val Venis vs Molly Holly & Maven.

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Raw UK Wrestlemania Revenge tour promo airs.

Heel Orton runs from The Undertaker on SmackDown! Orton vs Taker Wrestlemania graphic is shown and hyped.


The Wrestlemania card is rundown all except for the Shawn Michaels vs Kurt Angle match which is acknowledged during our next matchup, that being

"The Masterpiece" Chris Masters vs Jimmy Rave
The new age Narcissist Lex Luger comes out and cuts the following promo:

"For those of you who still don't know by now I am The Masterpiece Chris Masters. (Cue boos). It seems like you people don't like me too much, why because I tell the truth that no-one can compare to my power, to my intelligence and to my ability, and no-one in the back has been able to break out of my Masterlock submission, and it's going to be no different tonight so everybody in the back pay attention. Pay attention because the Masterpiece is going to do what he does week in and week out"

Cue generic music and Jimmy Rave from ROH, NWA Wildside and CZW comes out to no doubt get his ass handed to him which he doesn't deserve. Masters takes down Rave with a drop toehold and works into a front facelock before suplexing him and hanging him out on the top rope where Masters clubs Rave back down to the canvas. Masters goes outside and pulls Rave gutfirst into the ringpost before getting back in and kicking him hard in the chest. Masters chokes Rave with his boot in the bottom rope, Rave fights back by kicking Masters away and manages to get to his feet and land a few punches. Rave comes off the ropes and is clocked by a polish hammer before Masters applies the Masterlock and the referee after looking at an unconscious Rave renders the contest over. Here is Your Winner: "THE MASTERPIECE" CHRIS MASTERS.

Still to come Victoria & Val Venis vs Molly Holly & Maven.

Up next Chris Benoit vs Triple H in Pick Your Poison from Raw.

Triple H/Braveheart parody Wrestlemania skit airs.

Triple H pins Chris Benoit via a Pedigree on Raw to avenge his tap out loss of a year ago at Wrestlemania 20.


Batista beats Snitsky on Raw via DQ. Post match Kane helps Batista fend off Triple H, Flair & Snitsky. Triple H picks Batista's poison as Kane tomorrow on Raw. Triple H vs Batista Wrestlemania graphic is shown and hyped.

John Cena/JBL/ A Few Good Men parody Wrestlemania skit airs.

Val Venis & Victoria vs Maven & Molly Holly
Helllooo Ladies! Victoria helps Val disrobe the towel and they kiss. Victoria's looking hot this week. Maven and Molly come out and Maven gives props to Coach on the entrance ramp. Val and Maven hold both Divas back before Maven attacks Val from behind and drives Val's head into the corner before driving his elbow into Val. Val counters an Irish whip by backelbowing Maven down before delivering a clothesline and suplex. Maven goes outside and drags Val out by the legs no Val manages to swat Maven away. Val comesout and chops Maven before throwing him back inside where Maven pleads for mercy and a timeout. Val blocks Maven's roundhouse attempts instead delivering punches of his own before driving a knee to the gut and unleashing a stinging chop. Val with an Irish whip charges in hitting Maven with a clothesline in the corner. Val lands another chop before hitting Maven with two of his patented running kneelifts in the ropes. Val then hits a side russian legsweep and then we get the gyration followed by mounted punches to Maven's head. Val with another chop, Maven reverses into the ropes surprising Val with a dropkick, Maven tags out. Molly's slap is blocked, Val delivers more gyration, an atomic drop and tags in Victoria who enters and punches Molly down. Victoria delivers battering rams in the corner and scores with a back bodydrop off the ropes. Molly rolls outside, Maven goes over and Victoria nails Maven with a pescado before rolling back in and escaping a pissed off Maven. Victoria brings Molly back in on the apron over the top rope by the hair, Molly reverses into the ropes, Maven hooks Victoria who turns to confront, Molly charges forwrads and Victoria goes behind Molly and rolls her up. The referee turns and registers a two and Molly feigns a time out request by dropping Victoria onto the bottom rope and then kicks Victoria who falls to the outside as we go to a.............................

Triple H/Batista Wrestlemania promo.


Wrestlemania 21 in 2 weeks.

We rejoin the action with Molly getting a one count on Victoria. Molly throws Victoria down by the hair twice then throws her arm down onto the canvas, two count. Molly stretches Victoria's face as Maven taunts, Maven tags in and holds Victoria in a full nelson position leaving her wide open for a Molly boot to the gut. Maven taunts Val with gyration, Val tries to enter and Molly enters with no tag and puts the boots to Victoria in the corner. Molly with a snapmare then drops an elbow and chokes in the second rope with her leg draped over her. Maven chokes from the outside behind the referee's back and Molly covers again but Victoria gets a leg on the bottom rope at two. Maven tags in taunting Victoria and pulling her up before planting a kiss on her and proclaiming she wants him. Victoria slaps Maven who drop toeholds her then drags her away from Val and into his corner where he tags in Molly. Molly stomps the fallen Victoria as Coach defends Maven by saying No means Yes before planting her face down on the canvas and slapping her. Molly whips Victoria off the ropes and a double clothesline takes both Divas down. Both tag out, Val ducks Maven unloads with punches and chops, Maven with a reversal off the ropes gets clotheslined down. Val follows up with a backelbow, another clothesline, a chop, Maven is shot off the ropes into a back bodydrop followed by a neckbreaker by Val into a cover but Maven kicks out at two. Maven kicks Val, attempts a suplex, Val slips behind clubs Maven in the back and hits a swing out slam/reverse sitdown powerbomb 1-2-no Maven kicks out. Molly throws Victoria back in the ring and she rolls into Val who nearly loses his footing and he turns round and as the referee sees to Victoria, Maven nails Val with a low blow and rolls him up and gets the three count. 1-2-3. Maven has Val's number and goes at least 3-0 up in their recent head-to-head stakes. Here Are Your Winners: MAVEN & MOLLY HOLLY.

Grisham signs off and thanks us for watching. End of show. I'll be back next week, it's Easter Yeah!! Until then take care and have a good week. Later Shaun.

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