WWE House Show Results (3/19/05) - Knoxville, Tennessee

Knoxville, TN
By: Chris Nelson, rajah.com reader

The Civic Colisseum seemed to be very full. I would say it was 90-95% full.

The show started with Tony Chimmel coming to the ring to welcome everyone to the event. Some drunk people in the front row started yelling at Chimmel. He gave it right back to them. Chimmel seemed to get really angry.

Match 1
Kurt Angle vs. Booker T
Angle came out and started saying he was going to beat Michaels at Wrestlemania in two weeks. Booker then came out and the match started. It was a really good match. It ended when Heidenreich came out and cost Booker the match.
Winner: Kurt Angle

Match 2
Scotty 2 Hotty & Funaki vs. Joey Matthews & Johnny Nitro w/ Melina
At one point during the match Matthews & Nitro tried leaving but were thrown back into the ring by Scotty & Funaki. Melina distracted Scotty and Matthews tried hitting him from behind but Scotty moved and he hit Melina. Scotty did the Worm and the match was over.
Winners: Scotty 2 Hotty & Funaki

Match 3
Spike Dudley vs. Bobby Lashley
The match had a funny spot in it where Lashley put Spike on the top turnbuckle facing the crowd. He then slapped Spike’s butt. Spike tried walking out but was Lashley carried him back to the ring on his shoulders. Spike tried a Dudley Dog but Lashley reversed it and did a running powerslam for the win.
Winner: Bobby Lashley

Match 4
Hot Body Contest
Miss Jackie, Michelle McCool, Torrie Wilson
Chimmel said that the crowd would decide the winner. Jackie disrobed, followed by Michelle, then Torrie. After Torrie disrobed Heidenreich stormed the ring. All the divas and Chimmel ran to the back.
Winner: No one

Match 5
Heidenreich vs. Charlie Haas
It was a power match on Heidenreich’s part. Haas tried a crossbody but was unsuccessful the first. He connected the second time but that wasn’t enough to put Heidenreich away. Heidenreich won with some kind of slam.
Winner: Heidenreich

After the match, Booker T came running out to avenge what Heidenreich did earlier. He did a number on Heidenreich then went to the back. After Booker left, Heidenreich took a bucket of popcorn from someone in the front row. He dumped the popcorn out and put the bucket on his head. He then started talking to the ring post.

Match 6
Tag Team Championship
Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio vs. The Bashams
The beginning of the match was funny. Eddie started mimicking every move the Bashams made. He then went to his corner and laid across the top rope. Rey sat on the mat below him. The match was fast paced when it got started. To distract the ref, Eddie started running around the ring, which made the ref chased him. Eddie kept coming in to help Rey and the ref, Brian Hebner, was getting mad that he wasn’t keeping hold of the tag string at the turn buckle. Eddie untied the string and tied it to the rope so he could move further down the ring apron. Eddie was eventually tagged in. He accidentally hit the ref. The Bashams did the switcheroo and rolled Eddie up for the pin. The ref restarted the match when the crowd let him know that Eddie’s foot was on the rope. Rey did a double 619 to the Bashams. Eddie pinned one and Rey pinned the other. The ref counted the 3 count for both of them. After the match, Rey mounted each turnbuckle for the crowd several times and tagged the hands of several fans. Eddie stayed in the ring for the crowd for a while.
Winners: Eddie & Rey

Match 7
France vs. USA
Rene Dupree vs. Mark Jindrak
Lots of USA chants for Jindrak. At one point, he took the French flag and wiped his crotch with it. He won with a stiff punch to Dupree’s jaw.
Winner: Mark Jindrak

Match 8
Akio vs. Paul London
London began mocking Akio by bowing to him and doing the crane stance. When the match started, it was fast paced. It ended abruptly when Akio jumped off the top rope and was caught by the boot of London. It seemed as though the heel of London’s boot caught Akio in the chin. It knocked him out cold.
Winner: Paul London

After the match, a ref, the trainers, and a medic came out. Akio was still out cold. He had to be carried all the to the back.

Match 9
John Cena & Big Show vs. JBL & Orlando Jordan
Cena came out and got on the mic. JBL’s music hit and his limo came out. While Cena was looking toward the entrance, the Bashams and Jordan came from behind and attacked him. JBL made his way to the ring then Big Show’s music hit and he came running out. He cleared the ring of everyone except JBL. Show chokeslammed JBL then covered him for the win.
Winners: John Cena & Big Show

Theodore Long came out and said the fans deserved a longer match. JBL said Cena couldn’t touch him unless they were in a sanctioned match. Long sent Big Show after the Bashams and Jordan to make sure they stayed in the back. Long then asked the crowd if they wanted a sanctioned match. Of course we did.

Match 10
JBL vs. John Cena
There was a lot of action outside the ring. The ref got knocked down and JBL pinned Cena. Charles Robinson came in to count for JBL but he only got a 2 count. JBL then proceeded to punch the ref and knocked him to the outside. JBL then got a chair but Cena kicked it into his face. He then did the FU and covered JBL. The original ref counted the 3 count for Cena
Winner: John Cena

John Cena then got on the mic. He said that Knoxville thinks Bradshaw sucks. The crowd started chanting ‘Bradshaw sucks.’ He then said that JBL has a brother named Lance. Cena said that since Lance is related to JBL that Knoxville thinks Lance sucks. The crowd started chanting ‘Lance sucks.’ He was teasing JBL with his belt, keeping it just out of reach. Cena told JBL not to scuff it up because in two weeks at Wrestlemania he was taking it.

Biggest Pops
1. Eddie & Rey
2. John Cena
3. Booker T

Biggest Heat
1. Kurt Angle
2. JBL and his cabinet

Knoxville, Tennessee
Knoxville Civic Coliseum
Smackdown! House Show 3-19-05
Submitted By: Joshua "The Rock" Cameron, rajah.com reader

Match 1: Kurt Angle Invitational- Angle vs. Booker T
Angle comes out and says that this match isn't going to be one of his regular invitational matches because he has requested that a real superstar face him. Out then comes Booker T. Match consisted of alot of technical holds and mat wrestling. Both men looked kinda out of sync. Finally Booker went for a scissor kick, but Heidenreich came down to the ring drawing Bookers attention and Angle rolled him up for the 3 count.

Match 2: Johnny Nitro and Joey Matthews with Melina vs. Scotty 2 Hotty and Funaki
This was a pretty basic match which saw alot of heat on Nitro and Matthews. They came out to the old WCW Monday Nitro music and they put me in sort of put me in mind of Edge and Christian. Match ended with Nitro running into Melina knocking her of the ring apron and Scotty giving him the Worm.

Match 3: Spike Dudley vs. Bobby Leslie
Spike started out the match refusing to wrestle Leslie who looks like the black version of Batista. Leslie looked really good in this match with alot of power moves on Spike. The match ended with Spike going for his signature move but it was reversed into a massive sidewalk slam by Leslie winning him the match.

Match 4: USA vs. France Match- Mark Jindrak vs. Renee Dupree
Dupree received alot of heat from the crowd. Dupree had the upper hand most of the match but Jindrak finally hit his finisher to get the win.

Divas Bikini Contest- Miss Jackie vs. Michelle McCool vs. Torrie Wilson
This contest was what some of us were waiting for the whole night. All the ladies came to the ring dressed in silky robes. Miss Jackie started out showing us her bikini which was a black stringy looking thing that looked great on her, she walk around strutting her stuff and giving us a great look. Michelle then showed her bikini which was your typical bikini with a zebra print on it. They saved the best for last apparently, because Torrie was dressed in this awesome skimpy pink bikini. She was smoking hot and by the look on her face I think she knew it. Right when the crowd started to vote for who they liked Heidenreich hit the ring running the ladies off. I personally wanted to go to the ring and beat the living hell out of Heidenreich but cooler heads prevailed.

Match 5: Heidenreich vs. Charlie Haas
I can't believe WWE lets Heidenreich wrestle. Haas pretty much carried him the whole match. Heidenreich finally got Haas down but when he went to pin him Booker T hit the ring giving Heidenreich the scissor kick. We were then treated to the spinaroony which looks great live. Haas got the cover and won the match. Heidenreich then got a popcorn bucket and put it on his head and left the ring.

Match 6: Tag Team Championship- Eddie and Rey vs. The Bashams
This match was supposed to be kind of funny at the first with Eddie and Rey making fun of the Bashams but after ten minutes of no wrestling it got kind of old. They finally got to the point with Eddie and Rey working on Danny's leg for about five minutes and then Doug's leg for about the same amount of time. Doug finally got some momentum and started working on Rey. This is were things started getting funny and ridiculous. When both Bashams had Rey secluded in their corner Eddie went to help but the Ref would not let him in, that Ref chased Eddie all around the ring four or five times refusing to let him in while Rey was being beat into a pulp. Eddie finally got the tag but he got pinned and the Ref counted to three and called the match for the Bashams but Eddie's leg was on the rope when he counted so they restarted the match and Rey gave the 619 to both of them retaining the titles.

Match 7: Paul London vs. Akio
This match was a great cruiserweight match. Both guys gave a great performance with alot of high flying moves. London won the match by KO when Akio went to the top rope to do a move and London drop kicked him when he jumped hitting him in the face. You could hear the pop from that kick all over the place.

Match 8: John Cena and Big Show vs. JBL and Orlando Jordan
Cena came out first to a huge pop. Then out came JBL and his cabinet in their limousine. They hit the ring and beat down Cena, but then the Big Shows music hits and he clears the ring with headbutts to all. Show then Chokeslams JBL and Cena covers him for the win. JBL and company head for the back when Teddy Long comes out and tells the cabinet to get to the back and for Big Show to keep them back there. JBL says that he does not have to have another match with Cena so he is leaving. He then says that he hates being in Knoxville or where ever the hell he is and he wants to leave. He wants to get away from Al Gores home state and get away from the city where Pat Summit and her lesbian basketball team plays. This really got the crowd pissed off because everybody loves Lady Vols Head Coach Pat Summit and her team because they are the greatest womens college team in the country, but no one really cared about the Al Gore statement because not too many people in Tennessee like Gore anyways. Long then said that he has to do what the people want and if the people want JBL vs. Cena then give him a HOLLA, HOLLA, HOLLA. So JBL is forced by Long to wrestle Cena.

Match 9: Cena vs. JBL
Cena started out having the upper hand but the ref got knocked out and JBL took over the match. JBL went for a pin but only got a 2 count, then another pin and only a 2 count. He then punched out the second ref. Cena then got to his feet and gave JBL the FU. The ref gave Cena the 3 count and Cena began to celebrate. As Cena walked up the ramp JBL got on the mic and said that he was willing to stay for a while after the show so that everyone in Knoxville could kiss his ass. Cena then came back and gave him another FU and left JBL laying in the ring. Cena came out into the crowd as people started to leave and was giving everyone high fives and letting folks take their picture with him. He started out on the first level and worked his way all the way up to the second balcony. The ring announcer then got on the mic as JBL was leaving and said that even though JBL was tired and beaten that he was still willing to stay so everyone could kiss his ass. Thats when the show ended.

Biggest Pops- 1. John Cena (by far)
2. Eddie and Rey
3. Booker T (for kicking Heidenreichs ass after interfering in his match and
the divas bikini contest)

Biggest Heat- 1. JBL and Cabinet
2. Heidenreich (for interfering in the bikini contest)
3. Tie between Angle and Matthews and Nitro

This was a pretty good show overall. It was the first time in two years that WWE had been to Knoxville so the place was packed. Some guy sitting near me said that the Coliseum can hold 6,000 for an event like this and by the looks of it every seat was taken. The last time WWE was in Knoxville was for a Monday Night Raw but they did not sell out Thompson Boling Arena, but it was a great show nonetheless. I think that the low attendance was the reason that they took so long to come back. Even though I liked this Smackdown! brand house show, it still does not beat a live televised event put on by WWE.