Trish Stratus Spokesperson, JBL-Linda McMahon Notes, Batista

Trish Stratus is working as a spokesperson for "TAG Body Spray for men in Canada". She will, as the press release goes, be "available for photo opportunities and short interviews and a spokesperson from TAG will be able to discuss the booming body spray category in Canada."

Thanks to David Leavitt for the following report:

I was listening/watching the Imus in the Morning program this morning on MSNBC and syndicated nationally threw Westwood One Radio. The Dow Jones report was sponsored by Dow Jones at 7:15am est. Imus then said that Linda McMachon and JBL will be ringing the bell this morning at 7:30am mst/9:30am est. Imus then cut a short promo about Wrestlemania saying it was the "Pop Culture Extravaganza of the Year". Imus then moved on with no further comment.

As a reminder, Batista will be the guest on tonight's edition of Byte This over at The show kicks off at 8 pm ET.

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[ Source: PWInsider.Com ]