Latest On Edge-Lita-Matt Hardy Situation; Hardy Originally Booked In Ladder Match

Matt Hardy recently attended the Fayetteville, S.C. Raw house show on Saturday. According to sources, he and Edge did not cross paths. The word among wrestlers, though, was that Edge's rental car tires were slashed that night. It wouldn't necessarily be something Hardy did or approved of as fans loyal to Hardy, who is from the area, may have seen a car driven by Edge to the arena and slashed the tires themselves.

In a pre-taped interview that aired on TSN last week, Edge said regarding relationships in pro wrestling, "(The business takes) a toll, but if it's a strong enough relationship, nothing can get in between it."

While Edge was involved with Lita at the time of the interview, it hadn't gone public and Hardy didn't know about it at the time. The other wrestlers are not ostracizing Edge, but there is a discomfort with the subject of Lita.

Those backstage say that Edge & Lita are not hanging out backstage together, in order to avoid drawing attention to themselves. Hardy was actually scheduled to be in Kane’s slot in the WrestleMania ladder match. Whatever his role was scheduled to be before the Edge-Lita situation happened is said to be the same now. One veteran wrestler regarding the Edge-Lita situation says, "Edge broke up a tight, serious relationship. Edge and Matt were good friends. They're all in the business. Even in the regular world you don't do that. You'd have to give it a year or two minimum before moving in on a friend's ex after they break up, but you don't move in a friend's current girlfriend."

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