Two Huge ECW Stars Come Out of Retirement at OVW Tapings

After last night’s OVW TV tapings, Tommy Dreamer, who was out in OVW scouting WWE talent with Paul Heyman, came out to the ring and said he had an announcement. He started to talk about his role in WWE when suddenly he was interrupted by MNM (Joey Matthews, Johnny Nitro and Melina). They ragged on ECW and said Dreamer was a washed up wrestler, but said that they knew someone who hated Dreamer more than they did. Out came Lance Storm. Lance talked briefly about his history and said he was the one who broke Tommy’s back. Dreamer walked towards the ropes as if he was leaving, but he stopped and made his announcement. He said he was coming out of retirement to wrestle again.

The Dudley Boyz came out, which prompted a six-man tag match under “ECW” rules. Bubba and D-Von got Matthews in the 3D and won the match. After the win MNM and Storm attacked Dreamer and the Dudleyz but Johnny Jeter and Matt Cappotelli came out for the save.

Dreamer and Storm are two major ECW stars and this could all culminate around a Tommy Dreamer vs. Lance Storm match at the One Night Stand pay-per-view.

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[ Source: Pro Wrestling Insider ]